31 Oct 2023

The Witch's Challenge - Fourth Night.

Read the prelude here.

The Count, eager to have more manpower on his side, begins approaching various guests.

A spooky Ashenchromatic ghost tried to haunt the Count by speaking in a most unsettling, spooky ghost voice: "he is going to LEVITATE you out of your JORTS bro!"

"You know, I might be one of the only people who can actually see ghosts here. You're fooling nobody."

"I've had my eyes on a couple entertaining oddballs around here, including you... if you're going to be this way forever, would you perhaps like to make a living out of it?"

"I think your corpse would make a brilliant mantel decor for one of the rooms back at my residence. Come to think of it, there was also a weird frog here, whom I could use as a centerpiece for one of our dining tables. And that pumpkin-headed fellow who was lurking around here... now that would make for a fine court jester."

"I could give you all cushy jobs and pay you extremely handsomely, so long as you make the place sufficiently spooky and endlessly entertaining for me and my henchwomen!"

"Here, I'll even provide you some entertainment of your very own to keep things fair."


"This is a local 'Solis' that you'll get to interact with on the daily, if that's somehow a selling point for you. Oh, wait... do you not know what a Solis is?"

"It's this kind of man-shaped object, sort of fleshy, kind of Solisy. See?"

"It's also really good at spitting facts. Watch this..."

Demonstrate the usefulness of a Solis.

"Great, right? You can even invite more of your friends to join us in the mansion if you'd like to! Tonight's the only chance I'll get to meet this many new faces, so anyone who wants in - speak up now!"

A troubled FluxicEnk approached the Agent: "Hey, yeah dude, I'm so sorry to bother you, but I got my head stuck In this pumpkin and I can't get out, I've been here for hours, and you look official, please help me."

The Count shoves the Agent aside and proceeds to recruit you... without waiting for a response. It looks like you have no say here, you're simply coming along now.

And then, out of nowhere, Shadow The Hedgehog commanded: "Hey Solis count how many sand there is."

SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG appears and joins the Count's side. Solis is enamored by the presence of someone as great as this being.

He will count all the sand in the world posthaste.

nevermind3476 said: "Now HANG ON HERE! This Solis is dressed COMPLETELY differently from the one we were looking at not a moment ago! This isn't the REAL Solis! Are you trying to swindle us?"

It looks like there is a whole population of Solii in the area. What manner of cloning technology could these monsters possess!?

Surely not a question you'll receive an answer to.

Perhaps the AGENT Solis is simply the count's personal copy, and the rest of his followers only get one of the GENERIC Solii.

Meanwhile, Wight approached the detective with an offering: "I have some Captain Morgan Pumpkin Spiced Rum if you'd like to try some."

Golly! You've brought such joy to the detective with both your incredible choice of an offering AND your nautically themed outfit. Cheers!

Lunk also approached the detective: "Wow, Mr. Detective, I'm a huge fan! I drew this masterpiece as an offering for you. What do you think?"

He's ABSOLUTELY DAZZLED by this present, and is even more CHUFFED to have bumped into a fellow artist. It's the first time he's received such a thing in his life.

This definitely has to be framed and hung somewhere on his bedroom's walls, he says!

nevermind3476 politely inquired: "Would you consider licorice bitter?"

The detective finally manages to tear his attention away from the presents he'd just received for long enough to answer you.


Somewhere in the mansion, a door bursts off of its hinges.

The MAN WHO SPECIFICALLY KILLS MONSTER VAMPIRES has entered the premise. He was likely alerted by the presence of a MONSTER VAMPIRE, whom he is SPECIFICALLY here to KILL.

Loudly, he announces:

"I'm going to kill the MONSTER VAMPIRE. Anyone who wants to do the same, get your weapons and join me NOW."

His purpose is clear, and his message, simple.

A concerned Mysteriousmaverick approached the man:

"I doubt the hostess witch will allow that, good hunter, but some of us can still be convinced to fight anyways due to our strange proclivities. Please inform us as to what sorts of candy you and the people around you would prefer."

A nervous robot, Lay's Chips, spoke up:

"But mister... wouldn't you get in trouble with the witch for that? Vampire monster prince sir is another guest..."

pikarai enthusiastically cheered: "HE'S OVER THERE LET'S GET HIM"

Then, the frog Reader attempted to KEEP the PEACE:
"FREEZE, CRIMINAL!" *intimidating ribbit* "We've had ONE murder already, NO MORE party-goers will die tonight!"

You BRAVELY confront the MAN.
Unfortunately, you're too tiny to be seen, and too froggy to be understood.

Your short life as a frog flashes before your eyes. It is full of heartwarming froggy moments. Like the one time you croaked... and the one time you got gifted a crown... and the one time you tried to stand up to a criminal and got stepped on.

Yep, that was a life well spent.

Pass on.

You are DEAD and have become a FROG GHOST.
Which is just like a normal ghost, but slightly cooler.

A cheerful Hans cheered as the newly-formed party took off: "RAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"

The VAMPIRE HUNTER leaves alongside a very... interesting entourage of enthusiastic supporters. It is time to find the VAMPIRE.


The Mime, now on Killing Mode, was still waiting for an answer.

nevermind3476, thinking fast, cleverly tried to misdirect the mime: "I point the suddenly terrifying mouse in the direction of a nearby hallway, then run off as soon as she leaves. Hopefully that'll distract her for a while."

Your quick thinking succeeds in redirecting the Mouse Mime (Killing Mode Version).


For some reason, you too are taken along before you could run off.

Meanwhile, the ghost Ashenchromatic, stuck in a moral dilemma, eloquently expressed his struggle: "Getting Kinda Fucking Bodied By This Choice Right Now."

Your hesitation forces the Count's hand.

It looks like you don't have a say in the matter anymore. You've simply been taken in to join a very... colorful entourage, for the lack of a better word.


A booming voice dominated the halls.
You hear the witch's voice. Though you cannot identify it's source, it equally reaches every individual within the mansion, and pulls all attention towards it.

It was finally about time to answer.

"These are the twelve who will feast in the dining hall tonight.
Tell me, to whom does each treat belong?"

But while the witch was waiting for everyone's answers...

The partygoers' antics hadn't ended quite yet.
Hallow's Eve.
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