Oceanfalls is an interactive fantasy RPG webcomic following the story of a lost kid caught between the conflict of two worlds at the verge of war. Currently, it updates every Saturday!

Originally an unfinished game project, Oceanfalls employs an interactive experience even in its webcomic form.

Any reader can submit commands that drive characters' actions between every update through the comment section! Oceanfalls also has some interactive pages with fully playable game segments, and animated movies set to neat accompanying music specially made by the Oceanfalls music team.

If this all sounds fun to you, you can start reading Oceanfalls here.

You can learn more about the characters and their roles in the characters page, get an overview of each story chapter and intermission through the story map page, and view all story pages in chronological order through the archive page.

The author.

Hi, I'm Nights! I'm the author of Oceanfalls.

I love to draw and write about my many original characters, and I work on this webcomic in my spare time every day. I started Oceanfalls as an overtly ambitious game project years ago, and eventually converted it to its current webcomic form. I began publishing Oceanfalls in 2016.

If you'd like to contact me with questions or comments, you can email at oceanfallsdotnet@gmail.com.
I also have a Twitter and Tumblr with various posts and artworks related to Oceanfalls.

Special thanks.

To the people who've helped me over the years, and continue to help in the lifetime of Oceanfalls.

Bambosh - Programming and animation.
Hadronus - Animation and UI/CSS design.
Difarem - Created the basis of this website.
The Music Team - Made a soundtrack for Oceanfalls!
Seymour - Fully updated Oceanfalls' mirror on MSPFA.


If you'd like to offer support for Oceanfalls and myself, Patreon is an option.

Patreon-exclusive posts include behind-the-scenes content, as well as world-building writeups and illustrations pertaining to Oceanfalls.

Subscription tier rewards include the option to request a drawing every month from me.
I also accept regular art commission on occasion. Contact me if you're interested!

Fanwork policy.

I heavily encourage creative fanworks of all types for any of my works!
This means art, music, videos, fan characters, games, fan pages, online blogs, and so on!
Fanworks can be of Oceanfalls, or of anything else featured on this website about my other original creations.

However, when you create and distribute something based on my work, please mind the following points.

  • 1- Please credit the original work and myself in the fanwork.
  • 2- Please indicate that the fanwork is strictly unofficial.
  • 3- You can create and promote any fanwork without my permission!
  • 4- You can use and alter materials from my own work if proper credit is included.
  • 5- Please do not sell or license fanworks based on any of my works in any way.
  • 6- Your fanwork must be free to view without any type of payment gateway.
  • 7- Receiving donations and ad-revenue is not a problem.
To sum it up: credit the source, share freely for everyone to enjoy equally, and have fun!