Introduce Oceanfalls.

Oceanfalls is a webcomic following the story of a lost kid caught between the conflict of two worlds at the verge of war.

The webcomic employs an interactive experience in the form of reader-submitted commands that drive characters' actions between every update. Anyone can submit such commands through the comment section of the latest update! Oceanfalls also has some interactive pages with playable game-like segments, and animated movies set to neat accompanying music. These interactive pages contain an {S} in the title to indicate "sound".

Oceanfalls has a colorful cast of varied entertaining characters, belonging to various major factions involved in the central conflict. You can learn more about the characters and their roles in the characters page.

The story map page provides an overview of each story chapter and intermission.
The archive page lists all story pages in chronological order.

Oceanfalls currently updates every Saturday!

If this all sounds fun to you, you can start reading Oceanfalls here.

Introduce self.

Hi I'm Nights! I'm the author of Oceanfalls.

I love to draw and write about my many original characters, and I make this webcomic in my spare time between university work as a computer science major. I plan to work on Oceanfalls full-time upon graduation.

If you'd like to contact me with questions or comments, you can email at
You can also follow me on Twitter for various posts and artworks related to Oceanfalls.

Give special thanks.

To these indispensable people who've helped me over the years, and continue to help in the lifetime of Oceanfalls.

Bambosh - Cool coding guy.
Animated {S} Decimate and {S} Nino: Proceed. Coded {S} Icicle Bay Getaway.

Hadronus - Amazing animator, artist, and 3D modeler.
Animated {S} Shatter, assisted with game UI and CSS design.

Difarem - Literally a mage of code!
Created this entire website!!!

The Music Team - Made soundtracks for Oceanfalls! How cool is that!
Each track on the Bandcamp albums contains individual musician & cover artist credit.


If you'd like to offer some kind of support for Oceanfalls, Patreon is an option.

Patreon-exclusive posts include monthly behind-the-scenes content, such as character design breakdowns. I'm open to suggestions from Patrons on what to include in these posts.

Subscription tier rewards include the option to request a drawing every month from me.

Other than monetary support, I'm happy to receive any reader comments on comic pages, feedback, and interactions with my Oceanfalls work on any platform!