Lost kid.

Aria Elwyn

Lonely archer.


Red Tulip guard.


AKA: Ludwig Grimm von Phantomhound. Aria's pet.

Solis Ardor

Tactician with a temper.


Mysterious child.

Corona Andromede

Head of the monster royal guards.

Prince Suvillan

Monster ruler.

Red-Inn Maids

Innocent hard workers.

Prince Ruit

Human ruler.

Lune Umbra

Head of the human royal guards.


Everyone's sis.

Selene Venus

A killer beauty, with killer charms. Literally.

Kaji Pyxis

Sea patrol leader.

Sea Patrol

Guardians of the humans' sea.

Reed Lumen

A secretive human.

Meimona Corvus

Winged thief.


A cat with a strange name. Meimona's property!

Princess Cleu

Winged ruler.

The Queen

Ruler of rulers.

Princess Ruta

Former human ruler.

Prince Suvillan III

Former monster ruler.

Prince Nile

Former winged ruler.