Lost kid.
Nino wakes up in a world not his own with an odd case of amnesia, and seeks the way back to his world.

Aria Elwyn

Lonely archer.
Despite being a human, Aria lives in the world of monsters, where she's never felt a sense of belonging.

Meimona Corvus

Lucky winged thief.
Mei swears she'll return to her winged home some day! She's just gonna steal cool human stuff until then.

Reed Lumen

A secretive human.
Very resourceful, capable, and rude. Secretly travels to the monster world often, for unknown reasons.

Prince Suvillan IV

Ruler of monsterkind.
He promised his people that they will never be harmed by humans again. He's slightly scary when upset.

Corona Andromede

Head of monsterkind's royal guards. Although she is a winged who deserted her kind, she is beloved by monsters in her new home.



Red Tulip Town's guard.
Kotori appears as a tough monster, but she's quite a loner. It doesn't help how cryptic she tends to be.

Solis Ardor

Tactician with a temper.
An easily-annoyed monster who secretly cares too much about others. The fact that he cares also annoys him.

Prince Ruit

Ruler of humankind.
Deeply protective of who he holds dear, to a fault. Seems ruthless, but is secretly a huge worrywart.

Lune Umbra

Head of humankind's royal guards. Prince Ruit's best ally. She vows to use her murderous Umbran tendencies only for his wellbeing.

Kaji Pyxis

Sea patrol leader.
A winged who once amounted to something, but is now just a sailor who swears a lot. Not that he minds!


Selene Venus

A killer beauty, with killer charms. Literally. Chaotically annoying, but full of love. Loves to tell the story of her success.


Mysterious child.
Even though Five really is a monster, that world is not a home for Five... but it won't make Five sad!


AKA: Ludwig Grimm von Phantomhound. Aria's pet.
A ghost-dog who is a very good boy! And a very strange choice for a pet.


A strangely-named cat. Meimona's property!
Though Boyfriend is Mei's pet, he often runs away in fear of his chaotic owner.

Diana A. Xayasith

"Everyone's sis".
A nurse who was once good friends with Solis, and maybe more. Named herself a "big sister" to everyone.

Princess Cleu

Ruler of the winged.
She and her world stand far from monster and human conflicts, yet her legacy still reaches their ears.

Princess Ruta

Former ruler of humankind. Prince Ruit's late mother. Said to have been ruthless to everyone, except her dearly beloved child.

Prince Suvillan III

Former ruler of monsterkind. Suvillan IV's late father. Few things made him smile, but he'd cackle mad on battlefields.

Prince Nile

Former ruler of the winged. The predecessor of Princess Cleu. His biggest wish was for monsters and humans to get along someday.

The Queen

Ruler of rulers.
The one who stands at the peak of the hierarchy of worlds, illuminated by a light of total dominance.