31 Oct 2023

The Cat's Cradle.

Nyahahaha! It's finally time... for the FINAL BOSS to appear!

Did you use your thinking time wisely? I sure hope so! 'cause now's the time to answer the witch, you know?
You remember the riddle, don't you?

Twelve guests, and twelve treats. Which treat belongs to whom? Right now, only the witch knows the answer!

Wait, don't tell me you need more hints? But you had so much time to think...
Well, I COULD tell you what I know if you really want me to. But this really is the end!
After we're done here, you must answer the witch, so listen carefully to my WISDOM.

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#1: The Vendors

"Rumor has it that a hardworking, ruthless businesswoman was present in the mansion, attempting to sell as many GALACTIC BISCUIS OF LOVE as possible. But even though she's the creator of said biscuit, she does not like her own product all that much!"

#2: The SECRET Treat

"Remember those coffee beans? Actually, they're made from chocolate shaped like beans!!! They're really SWEET and have never been BITTER."

#3: The Actual Objective Best Candy

"...Is gummykitties. Specifically the pink ones. You're STUPID if you like the red gummies, or any animal that isn't an ADORABLE kitty."

Didya listen well? You got all of that? Great! Because, ehehe...
One of the three "facts" I gave you is actually a total lie! Mwahahahahahameow!
Good luck figuring out which one that is! Meoweeeehehehehe!

Five: Prepare to answer.

Uwah... Five got a trick, not a treat! But it's okay... not everything was lie, right?

Actually, Five feels really confident! Definitely, can answer correctly now! Let's go tell the witch!

And then... everyone will get treats together! No more tricks!

Are you ready? Respond to the witch in the comment section to submit your FINAL answer. <-

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1 month ago

#2 Is the lie. It is the only one that contradicts what the witch said, and The Final Boss's praising of the pink kitties shows her favoring them. She does not seem to be like The Guy who believes in properly using the terms "Objectively" and "Literally" in the correct fashion. We have not seen that skeleton enjoy her biscuits, and she does not seem to be as hardworking as the mime. May this be the righteous and just truth, shown by the blessing of Divine Providence.

1 month ago

1. Little Sweetie: Five
2. Salted Caramel Toffee: Five
3. Galactic Biscuit of Love: Five
4. Moonie Rolls: Five
5. Seasaltwater Taffy: Five
6. Straightforward Wafers: Five
7. Candyunicorn: Five
8. Monday Lollipop: Five
9. Peanut Delight: Five
10. Gummykittens: Five
11. Coffee Beans: Five
12. Luxury Black Licorice: Five

I hate aria for lying about how many bitter treats there were. Also for letting kotori shoot and kill me. FUCK you aria im giving five all the candy 🖕👻

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29 days ago

By the way, I'd just like to say how so so excited I am for this reveal!

This whole event has been a blast for me, so thank you to everyone who had a hand in creating it and thank you to all the other commenters for making the party so lively!

Also, Kaji's outfit was the most adorable thing I've ever seen. (I love you Kaji)

29 days ago

comment image

comment image

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comment image

> Knight: Cut yourself free with your sword!

comment image

You're now free from the mouse's grasp. And, it seems like she's so focused on her murderous quest that she didn't even notice!

It's too bad your NAIL is completely fake. Otherwise you could've done this sooner.

The mime has gone off to inspect the other people in the room. It looks like that hallway just ended up leading back to the same room everyone else went to! What kind of nonsense mansion is this, anyway?

comment image

Whatever. You get the feeling the mouse will come back for you when she realizes the agent isn't here. You need to find someplace to hide, and fast.

Where could you - Oh!

comment image

There's a CAT sitting in that doorway over there.

This must be a good omen! You're sure this path will lead to safety.

comment image

Before you leave, you take a second to leave your old nail back where the sword was. Hopefully that shady merchant will consider this as payment. You really don't need another angry guest after you.

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