29 Oct 2023

The Witch's Challenge - Second Night.

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Wight said: "Hi! I'm a huge fan of your work! can I get your autograph? I'll take it in frosting on a biscuit if I have to"

Wight, wearing the glasses, excitedly replies: "I've never been so excited to not be able to see!"

pikarai said: "Hey, what is this?! You're clearly bootlegging my patented Interdimensial Cookies of Passion! I'm gonna need some royalties... Don't worry, I can settle out of court."

The HOT SKELETON suddenly makes an impromptu phone call.

Uh oh.

Reader said, attempting to trick the SKELETON:

"Hey, look! Over there, a man holding a stack of gold coins!" *Scribbles 'FREE' on her sign with black marker while she's looking away* "Guess he's gone. Oh cool, is this a treat giveaway? Can I have one?"

She is UNFAZED by tricks this simple.
The ominous phone call continues...

Meanwhile, kainé approached the GHOST and presented a gift: "Hey bestie!! I managed to fetch this biscuit - last of its kind, seemingly? You want it?"

nevermind3476 asked: "What do you think about our host?"

Then, Lunk approached the GHOST and asked: "What's your favorite book?"

Then, after having made fun of the GHOST before, Ashenchromatic attempted to placate her:

"I am terrified of our host, I am So Sorry For Everything please do not involve her. Then again, I'm not sure someone wont rat you out for the FIREARM in your possession! (not me I'm still terrified of our host) But I can get rid of it for you if you want, though."

You suddenly realize that bringing up the gun to someone who does not even know what that is may have been unwise idea.


You are now DEAD and have become a GHOST.

Ashenchromatic's corpse does one last thing, before his life fades away: "Look I can straight up do magic, watch!"

She's astonished at the way this corpse is posed.
It almost looks like a thumb came off. Wow.

Hey, no spooky party's complete without a couple of corpses, right? You should feel PROUD about your valuable contribution, and start enjoying your new life as a GHOST.

Meanwhile, Reader continued an attempt at bullying the SHORT GHOST, ignoring the warnings:

*Pats her on the head "There there, little one. Where are your parents?""

You hear a loud voice echoing through the halls. Somehow, its source is indiscernible, and it also feels as if you are the only one who hears this voice.


The witch casts a curse on you.

You have been turned into a frog.
You now move at a speed of two hops per second, are extremely short, and have an innate, deep understanding of all things amphibian.

But wait, that's not all.

From the corner of your froggy eye, you notice a BAR OF HEALTH floating. Even when you turn your gaze, it moves with your vision. And then, you realize that your health is DANGEROUSLY LOW.

Hey, don't worry about it, it's probably not a permanent curse or anything, right? In fact, it'll probably go away by the end of the party!

If you survive until then, that is.

Then, unaware of what had unfolded mere seconds ago, Lunk returned to the GHOST with an offering: "Wow, sounds impressive! If you're that great of a reader, you should try reading this!!"

Even though it looks like she's suddenly extremely in a hurry to leave, she makes sure to graciously accepts this gift first before departing.

It is a wonderful choice for a present.
If you suspect that the little ghost might not be able to appreciate it in full, rest assured that the host of this party definitely will.


An AGENT has entered the building. Er... sort of.

IS that a costume, or is he really some sort of security guard?

It looks like there was an attempt to call for someone who could monitor the place earlier, but... with a single glance, you can see that this guy's probably just another guest. If not, then he's definitely not a good guard.

He looks so nervous, you can't help but wonder if you should approach him at all.

And in another corner, there is...

. . .
The Witch's Challenge - Third Night.
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8 months ago

Why oh why did Ashenchromatic have to die! He was but an innocent child, likely only a bit older than my own son! He could've been the best man at my wedding! He helped us solve this case, and this is the thanks that he gets?! WHY LORD!? WHYYYY?!?!