30 Oct 2023

The Witch's Challenge - Third Night.

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Ashenchromatic, who is a ghost, attempts something: "Now that I'm dead I use my spirit powers to divine lune's favorite snack."

You float spookily in the corner, doing your best to figure out this mime mouse's taste... and then you realize that she hasn't ever acknowledged your presence for the past however minutes you've been there.

Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that she isn't even seeing you in the first place. This is because GHOSTS are not SPIRITS, and GHOSTS are INVISIBLE, unlike SPIRITS. Get it right, stupid!!!

Ghosts cannot be seen by NORMAL people. Their only power is that their voices can be heard sometimes, but even then, whatever you might say is unlikely to reach her in this state. Because...

Can't you see that she's taking a very important phone call right now?

pikarai said: "Cheesed to meet you!"

kainé said: "Hello mouse woman. Why are you at boxes and not mingling with the other partygoers? Don't fancy the atmosphere?"

nevermind3476 greets.

You've received x4 the waves for donning such a lovely costume. It is only proper to honor the host's wishes, after all.

Wight asked:

"Hi, so me and my friends have been arguing about something and we'd love if you could solve this debate once and for all: How many Lunes does it take to screw in a lightbulb?"

It's kind of crowded in here. Not because of people, but all the boxes of unknown treats. It's kind of difficult to hold a conversation in a storage room... with a nonverbal partygoer, to boot.

Meanwhile, in another room, Wight approached the agent: "Oh thank god you're here! I'd like to report a crime. I saw a small child dressed as a ghost shoot one of the party attendants."

Then, zeph interrupted: "Yes hello officer, I would like to counter-report this guy for being a massive snitch. Life in prison shall do."

Yet again, Ashenchromatic interrupted the interruption: "I would like to counter-counter report this guy for not having cool sunglasses like everyone else present in this conversation. Death sentence seems appropriate."

Finally, Hans interrupted the interruption's interruption: "Counter-counter-counter-report. This guy just painted their normal glasses lenses black. Solitary confinement is the only answer."

All the while, Pun Lord attempted mime-to-mime communication: *Gesticulations asking if she wouldn't mind ratting out her and her pack's taste in treats... and maybe a few boxes*.

Pun Lord replied, no longer miming: "Understandable... Though I believe someone may have called these packages as C.U. ...Though I lack the knowledge on the agent granting said knowledge."

Congratulations! It looks like you've activated the mime's hidden Killing Function somehow.

You feel like said agent's life might be in danger, and maybe your own too if you don't direct her to where that agent is. Preferably as soon as possible.

And then, just when it seemed like the rowdy antics were about to fully distract everyone from the objective...

"Hi, everyone!"
A familiar voice suddenly grabbed everyone's attention.

"Five found... detective!"
"Detective will help everyone think!"

Wow, look at that costume, it speaks volumes!

Looks like you've finally got some competent help on your side. You could ask him anything... Now would be a good time as any to clear up any misunderstandings you have, and maybe make sure everyone's on the same page.

Or you can just say hi if you prefer!

Quick on the draw, pikarai immediately asked: "Evening, detective. We're on a very special case right now... Your services would be greatly appreciated."

"We need to figure out everyone's favorite treats, and fast."

"First things first - What do you know on the topic already? I'm particularly interested in hearing about your friends, and more specifically Captain Lune."

"Very well, buddypal! Good on ya for workin' so hard to help this lil' kid."

"My own buddypals are simple. First one's a hard worker, second one's got a damn unexpected sweet-tooth, and the third one... well, she just don't like sweets."

"As for me... heh, I don't think I need to tell ya anythin' about my taste. Now, don't think me weird, but I been watchin' for a while... and I gotta say, yer detective work's not half-bad. Y'all can trust yer instinct there."

"Now that that's outta the way, lemme correct somethin' for ya."

"The Doctor's Note is useful, but not if ya take it the way as he thinks ya should. Way I see it... he's focusin' on the wrong thing. Boy's kind of a numbnuts, see!"

Kaji then points out one detail out to you:

A treat's origin does not mean that only people from that very place can enjoy it. In fact, he thinks it's better if you don't put all of the weight solely on the place of origin alone.

"See, the doctor's describin' personalities and preferences more than anythin' else, without realizin' it himself. I'll bet some humans might like monsters' treats more than their own, or the other way 'round, just 'cause of how they are as people an' what they like."

He thinks you'll reach the answer if you judge by the appeal each world's philosophy might have on different personalities, as well as the nature of each treat, rather than only considering where those guests originated from.

"Seems like a tall task, don't it? But no worries. Ya brilliant buncha detectives are actually just a hair away from crackin' this case wide open, ya know!"

"Plus, I'm here to help if ya need it, see? Just say the word!"


Suddenly, a VAMPIRE steals the spotlight from the wimpy agent - which wasn't even THAT much of a spotlight to begin with, but this guy certainly managed to take it and spin it into something far more illuminating.

"I've been watching your antics since the start, and let me just say - you're such brilliant entertainers! So dedicated to the job you'll even die for the joke! Oh, Solis here could learn a thing or two from you."

You manage to catch a single faint, barely audible defeated sigh from the agent, just moments before the count continues speaking over it.

"Now I could've just kept enjoying this entertainment for free, but I had actually decided that you're worthy of a reward of your very own, especially since the witch's planning to hand out treats for her distinguished guests only."

"Wouldn't it be a shame if there's nothing for you hardworking extras? So rejoice! I've indeed decided to reward you myself. There is... one small problem, though."

"Some bastard took all the stock I had, and left not a single candy behind."

The count presents... something.

"Sooo... you only have to catch that guy and beat him within an inch of his life, or maybe a little beyond that, and get your rightfully deserved reward back! All it takes is a little investment of your time."

"This little illustration, courtesy of my dedicated undead henchwoman, will surely aid you in identifying him! Oh, he is just Some Guy, so don't worry about dealing with him. No one would care if he was punched a little, and maybe slightly slaughtered. All in good fun!"

"Simple, right? Especially since I hear you're detectives on a mission and all. It shouldn't be too difficult to find The Guy for you, eh? Go on, pick up a weapon and get to work!"

"And remember - he's taking what's yours, so you can be as violent as you want to!"

The Cat's Cradle.
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