26 Oct 2023

The Witch's Challenge.

Greetings, little one. Welcome to my banquet.
You are the thirteenth guest of the night.

Before you are a variety of treats, collected from far and wide.
Some are salty, some sweet, and one... bitter.

Why are they so different in nature? It's simple, me and my invitees have all sorts of tastes, and we must cater to each one equally!
This is a wonderful space, overflowing with treats. But in order to obtain your own share, you must first answer my question.

These are the twelve who will feast in the dining hall tonight.
Tell me, to whom does each treat belong?
You have until the night of hallows to deliver a complete answer, child!

View list of treats.

#1: Little Sweetie

A sugar candy sold at a very cheap price in the midworld. Rumor has it their tiny size justifies their high-sugar content.

#2: Salted Caramel Toffee

A mouthwatering combo of sweet & salty, often overlooked by those with childish tastes (who would actually love it) due to the name. Only those privy to fine-dining gourmet trends could recognize the value of this treat.

#3: Galactic Biscuit of Love

A FAMOUS trademark. According to TV ads, eating it makes you more attractive, healthy, fit, handsome, opulent, moneyed, and orthodox. No, really, just trust the TV on this one!

#4: Moonie Rolls

An old-fashioned cocoa-flavored candy. For some reason, old ladies really love handing these out, and kids love grumbling about receiving them even more.

#5: Seasaltwater Taffy

A variation of soft taffy local to the midworld that contains peculiar ingredients within it. A favorite for tourists.

#6: Straightforward Wafers

It's just wafers. Perfectly uniform, generic, and most importantly, tastes 100% like wafers. You need anything more?

#7: Candyunicorn

A small, waxy, extremely sugary candy intended to evoke the image of a monster's horn. It doesn't do it's job very well... and is actually despised by many for its taste. There IS such a thing as too sweet, you know!

#8: Monday Lollipop

A human once said "most candies are marketed to kids, so what about us adults?" and the rest was history. These lovely lollies are perfectly engineered to put a smile on any employee's face. Children are BANNED from purchasing any.

#9: Peanut Delight

The most sought-after treat on the market, beloved by people of all ages from every world. Because of how limited the quantity is, one might have to actually fight others to the death for one box around this time of year.

#10: Gummykitties

A fresh spin on a new candy craze within the midworld. There are colorful gummy candies shaped like various animals, but some claim that different color and animal types taste better than others. Lately, word has it that "PINK kittens taste the best".

#11: Coffeebeans

"This isn't a candy", yes, yes, I hear you. So why is it here, you ask? To some people, this is what constitutes a perfect snack. If treats are supposed to be energizing, then raw coffee might as well be the same thing.

#12: Luxury Black Licorice

A treat that contains an intense mix of flavors - sweet, fruity, earthy, smokey - much like a fine wine. It is an acquired taste, only liked by a select few - whose dedication keeps the market going.

Five: Plan out what to do.

Twelve treats... twelve people... Five must connect them together!

Five will think about it carefully... and everyone must think, too! Answer together... and get candies!

If Five asks the guests good questions, maybe it will help... but be careful with words, or the witch might play a mean trick on everyone!

The Doctor's Note.
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1 month ago

First thoughts:
The selene biscuit is obviously Nino's. Obviously.
Coffee is probably Solis.
The gummy kittens seem obviously linked to Selene. Perhaps TOO obviously. Maybe a red herring.

1 month ago

Here's my first impressions:

Seasaltwater Taffy feels very Kaji. it says "A favourite for tourists" of the midworld, so it's probably for a winged. And kaji loves the sea

Straightforward wafers feel solis. He's a plain guy, with his wardrobe full of orange shirts

Coffeebeans feels like Reed. Because sleep deprivation, and he's the kind of guy to like Bitter.

Luxury black licorice feels suvi-pilled, since he's the most likely to be a Wine Guy out of everyone

Little Sweetie is So Ruit.

Moonie Rolls' "Old Ladies" quote makes me think who's the most Old-Lady-pilled character. My mind jumps to lune, for some reason.

Also, we should sort the candies into the 3 flavour groups, considering the answers from the characters would probably mention the groups rather than individual treats.

Anway, let's see what conversing with the arriving guests has to tell us about their tastes, first...

1 month ago

Ōshenfāruzu No Naku Koro Ni

1 month ago

Going by typecasting, intuition, and Kotori's answers:
#1: Kotori? (she's short and seems the type to have a sweet tooth)
#2: Aria??
#3: Meimona? (wild claims about effects + cat-themed)
#4: Lune?? (moon-themed)
#5: Kaji. Almost too obvious, Nights might be throwing us for a loop here.
#6: Solis (Kotori's response)
#7: Ruit?? (outward image of refinement but more casual/immature around friends)
#8: Corona? (cares most about seeming grown-up)
#9: Nino??
#10: Selene (clean fit for her TV persona)
#11: Suvillan (Kotori's response)
#12: Reed??

One question mark is some uncertainty, two question marks is a wild guess.

Last edited 1 month ago by redaer
1 month ago

After much scientific deliberation I have come to my (highly variable) conclusion as to whom each treat belongs!

#1: Meimona. She is quite short and full of energy, just like the candy. She was also very broke back in Icicle Bay, meaning that the Little Sweetie would be the only candy she could afford.
#2: Prince Ruit. Being a prince, I feel like he is a major candidate for someone who would know his way around fine dining. I also feel like his taste in candy (and manga) would be quite childish, so while he may think he is being very adult with this choice, the Salted Caramel Toffee is actually quite suited to his childish taste.
#3: Nino. This treat just screams Nino to me. We already know he has quite the affinity for the Galactic Princess Selene show, and I feel like he would be a total sucker for the over the top advertising insisting it will make him more handsome.
#4: Kotori. The moon designs on the candy lead me to believe this treat is for her, though it could be a total red herring.
#5: Kaji. I feel like this one seems like an easy one. Unless that's what the witch wants me to think? Anyways, it says that the Seasaltwater Taffy is popular among tourists, and Kaji isn't native to Icicle Bay, so that's another reason it could be him.
#6: Solis. Kotori says that Solis is a boring guy. A boring choice for a boring guy. Seems fitting enough!
#7: Aria. The fact that it's shaped like a monster's horn leads me to believe that it's something you could only find in the monster world. Now, I don't believe that any of the monster guests would choose this treat, especially since it's apparently despised by many. That's why I think Aria is the most likely candidate, since she is native to the monster world, but may not have the same tastes typical of a monster.
#8: Lune. I feel like Lune definitely strikes me as the most "adult" among the guests. The Monday Lollipop is also said to bring smiles to the faces of any employee's face. I think this may be a clue, since Lune is an employee of Prince Ruit. The smiling part may also allude to the fact that Lune has a serious demeanor and is rarely seen smiling.
#9: Corona. The fight to the death part seems to heavily imply Corona, as she seems like the one who would be most eager to fight. It also says that it is sought after by people from every world, which would of course include both the winged overworld and the monster world.
#10: Selene. I don't have a super intricate reason I believe this is her, I just saw the "PINK" and thought of her.
#11: Reed. I feel Reed would be the guest most in need of energy. We have also seen him before saying that he would need "a gallon of coffee".
#12: Prince Suvillan. I feel like he would be the only one with a taste refined enough to enjoy this treat. The Luxury Black Licorice is also compared to a fine wine, and Suvillan is shown holding a wine glass in his costume. Kotori also said he likes bitter candy, and after a illuminating Google search I've found that black licorice can be bitter. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure if that's true, but it's good enough for me.

Last edited 1 month ago by Phoebeufford
1 month ago

Ask this entrepreneur if she has any market research on the tastes of the partygoers.

1 month ago

#1 Little Sweetie: Aria. Who else is full of sugar?
#2 Salted Caramel Toffee: Suvillan. Sophisticated luxury.
#3 Galactic Biscuit of Love: Meimona. It is the most out there sweet.
#4 Moonie Rolls: Reed. Would probably insist that he doesn't need to justify liking them.
#5 Seasaltwater Taffy: Kaji. Fits him like a cliché.
#6 Straightforward Wafers: Solis. Why overcomplicate your sweets?
#7 Candiunicorn: Kotori. Smol and too sweet.
#8 Monday Lollipop: Nino. It is adult candy, so he can like it if he wants to.
#9 Peanut Delight: Corona. Would fight anyone for it.
#10 Gummykitties: Selene. Of course pink is best.
#11 Coffeebeans: Ruit. Workaholic.
#12 Luxury Black Liquorice: Lune. Dedicated.

1 month ago

very late but hopefully i still can participate |−・;)

from everything i read so far and most of candy descriptions give me :-

#1 cheshire "final boss" the cat -- meimona
#2 the "good" plague doctor -- nino
#3 monster vampire hunter -- ruit
#4 the good witch -- aria
#5 private one-eye -- kaji
#6 the secret service -- solis
#7 ghostie -- kotori
#8 mime mouse -- lune
#9 resurrected winged
#10 hot single skeleton -- selene
#11 the guy -- reed
#12 count vampire -- suvillan

other than a few that i'm certain of, the rest are based on vibes d(>_< )