29 Oct 2023

The Doctor's Note.

Halt! This is the costume judgement zone! Let's see, who do we have here...

Little Red Riding Hood, eh?
Perfect! You may pass!
Only people with suitable costumes can hang out at this party, according to the witch. Man, imagine NOT dressing up for the holidays!

Anyway... you remember her riddle, don't you?
"Of the twelve who will be present in the dining hall tonight, which treat belongs to whom?" ...or something along those lines.

I hope you've been making good progress! There's still some time left before the deadline, so I'll help you out a little.
The witch's treats are super varied, but not all of them are easy to obtain. Apparently, some were only available in certain places!
Take a look at this!
It might prove useful to you.

View info about treat origins.

#1: The Human World

This is our turf, and you know how we are! We love our media, and the media loves its ADS.

Products from the human world have a perfectly polished image, and sometimes come with an entire elaborate backstory, courtesy of... whatever marketing department was assigned to handle it.

So to be into treats from the human world, you have to be somewhat accepting of the inherent dishonesty behind most of them.

#2: The Monster World

Monsters really value their traditions.

Apparently, products stay for a long time in the public's mind across generations there. They don't let go of the "classics" as easily as we do in our fast-paced, competitive world.

I guess a lot of people do prefer it if a product is exactly what it says on the package, no more, no less.

#3: The Winged Overworld

It's really hard to get stuff up there!

But that's not an issue, because the winged kind of don't care about candy in the first place. They're more concerned with making a profit, and not in the same way we humans would! They're obsessed with status symbols, and being "the best of the best", so I think...

Even their candy choices will be biased.

The witch complained about having to deal with vendors from all over the place to gather her treats. She's so dedicated to catering!
I can't say any more than this though, since I don't know what treats she actually bought. Oh, no- don't tell me anything about that!
She wants to surprise her guests, you know? And I DO want to be surprised! It'd be a shame if you went and ruined that for anyone here.

Five: Give him your thanks!

Five understands a lot better now! Thanks for helping, Nino!

Five is getting close to the correct answer... everyone think so too, right? But, still need to think some more...

So, let's talk to guests again! This time, Five will find new people... to ask new questions to!

The Cat's Cradle.
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3 months ago

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3 months ago

New information to help us on the Candy Debacle! Here's what we know:
1. Human world sweets are heavily branded for public image, and have an air of dishonesty.

2. Monsters appreciate tradition, preferring classic or simple treats.

3. Winged care more for the status or prestige of their candy than its taste.

Let's see how the existing sweets fit into these categories:

1. Little Sweetie: Monster
2. Salted Caramel Toffee: Winged
3. Galactic Biscuit of Love: Human
4. Moonie Rolls: Monster
5. Seasaltwater Taffy: Human
6. Straightforward Wafers: Monster
7. Candyunicorn: ??? Maybe Human.
8. Monday Lollipop: Human
9. Peanut Delight: Winged
10. Gummykitties: Human
11. Coffeebeans: Monster
12. Luxury Black Licorice: ???

Thinking about how characters would pick - It might be a better play to decide based more on where they live rather than their race. For example, I'm still thinking Kaji for Seasaltwater taffy, despite it giving human vibes from its description.

Also, thinking about the Mei/Corona thing with Peanut delight, i've decided to switch my choice to Corona.

So, here is my updated list:

1. Little Sweetie: Kotori
2. Salted Caramel Toffee: Meimona
3. Galactic Biscuit of Love: Nino
4. Moonie Rolls: Aria?
5. Seasaltwater Taffy: Kaji
6. Straightforward Wafers: Solis
7. Candyunicorn: Ruit
8. Monday Lollipop: Reed
9. Peanut Delight: Corona
10. Gummykitties: Selene
11. Coffeebeans: Suvillan
12. Luxury Black Licorice: Lune?

I'm super mega confident about sweetie kotori, and wafer solis.
The rest can probably be moved around as new information arises, but this is my current list.

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3 months ago

Due to Nino's strict adherence to a dress code, I think it's best if I change into my DEEP SEA DIVER costume that I brought with me. I'd never leave home without it (and all my other possessions.

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3 months ago

A certain SMALL KNIGHT enters the room. They had just been talking to a cute friendly ghost when she suddenly shot someone and ran off! How rude.

The knight is certain they saw her run off in this direction, but she's nowhere to be found. Strange.

Well, it seems that a bunch of other people have ended up here as well. Might as well ask around a bit. There's still candy to be won, after all.

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(this happens chronologically before anything else i do on this page, of course)

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3 months ago

Good to see Nino is not a twisted bicycle path or whatever.

Anyways, my guesses.

  1. Ghostie
  2. Hot Single Skeleton
  3. The Doctor
  4. The Good Witch
  5. Private One-Eye
  6. The Secret Service
  7. Man Who Specifically Kills Monster Vampires
  8. Mime Mouse
  9. Resurrected Winged
  10. Cheshire The Cat & The Cat
  11. The Guy
  12. Count Vampire