14 Apr 2024

Illusion: Engulf.

The dark forest rumbles, answering the call of its master.
A prison of countless vines rises, caging in all that it approaches.

Its master is now simultaneously nowhere, yet ever-present in every vine, every thorn, every rose. Perfectly imperceptible, so long as you remain ensnared within her trap.

What an interesting sort of helplessness this is!
Just yesterday, this experience would've probably frightened you into total inaction.

...But things are different now.

  • Aria: ...
  • Aria: Oh, bummer! I've been bested!
  • Aria: Whatever shall I do now?
  • Spirit: ...Huh...?
  • Spirit: What's... with your attitude.
  • Spirit: Weren't you trembling with fear just now...?
  • Aria: I guess I was.
  • Aria: But not anymore.


After all, how could you be worried when you can see its edges so clearly?

Everything that seemed to blur and meld together was a false sight.

Yet, it persists because of the will of its maker, reflecting a chosen someone's continuous, subconscious fear of the unknown. Naturally, it only grows stronger the more anxious its prey becomes.

Still, an illusion is nothing but a trick on the mind, and that's all it will ever be.

A polished mirror has been set, waiting to reflect a certain image...
Which means it could be subsumed by another, even if no energy is spent.

Surely, if you're submerged in the very heart of the illusion like this...
There must be a way to make its reflection yours, no?

Thus, a new possibility is born from limitations...

  • Aria: I wonder what thought you had while casting your illusion?
  • Aria: "Hide me, and frighten him..."
  • Aria: Maybe something along those lines?
  • Aria: Well, my desire happens to be a little different from that.

  • Aria: Reed, don't trust your eyes.
  • Aria: Listen to your body instead.
  • Aria: Remember what this place looked like outside of the illusion,
  • Aria: And try to move according to that.

For limits only fuel the imagination.

  • Aria: But first, how about I make things here less gloomy for you?
  • Reed: ...?
  • Aria: You could use a little light to try to find your footing properly,
  • Aria: And charge your weapon up as much as you can, too.

  • Aria: Soon enough, your target should become clear.

Aria: Hijack.

  • Spirit: ...Wha... huh... m-my illusion?
  • Spirit: What, what is this!?
  • Aria: I've heard what I needed to know from you,
  • Aria: So thanks, that'll be all.

Stitch back.

  • Spirit: Ah, ah, what is this!?
  • Spirit: My illusion has not broken! So how, how could you...
  • Spirit: ...No, just what did you do, invader!?
  • Aria: Now's your chance, Reed!
  • Spirit: No! Stay back, you WENCH!

Reed: Take the shot.

You must be careful, C███████.
I'm aware of your natural, strong desire to be self sufficient, but there comes a point where survival becomes more important than an angel's pride.


Soldiers in war are extremely vicious.
They definitely won't think much of killing spirits.

~ ~ / ~ ~ >

If you need aid flying, then you must depend on your Valkyrie sisters.

If you can't succeed alone, then don't hesitate to summon your fellow spirits for help. So, please remember, no matter what happens...

Value your own survival before following orders.

Valkyrie: Remember.
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1 month ago

Reed & Aria: Do the griddy on the spirt.

1 month ago

Valkyrie: Retreat.

Valkyrie: Remember.

Aria: Dispel illusion.


The purple text is the same as Herja's in her "Chatter" section on the new characters page, and red text is the same as Kotori's. (My theory was defeated in a single update...) They both have distinct classes in the site's source, but neither seems to be used on this page. We also see that this spirit's name is 8 letters long and starts with the letter C, so, if we assume this is her constellation, then the only NASA-recognized constellation that fits is Circinus, the Compass. If former constellations are allowed, she could be Cerberus as well. Neither of these fit this spirit's thorn theme, and it seems to be considered rude to refer to a winged by their constellation, so it seems likely that "C" is her given name, not her constellation.

1 month ago

Nice background transition!

1 month ago

might just be me but the link to the next page isnt working