07 Apr 2024

Reed: Don't panic. Focus.

  • Aria: R-Reed, you've been...
  • Reed: ...It's fine.
  • Reed: This much is nothing if I can still move.
  • Reed: It doesn't matter what happens to me,
  • Reed: But you need to stand back and keep yourself safe, no matter what.

A soul so vital, that you'd even trade yours for it...
Really, have you gone mad?

Shut the fuck up already. It doesn't matter now.
You're not touching a single hair on her as long as I'm around.

I suppose you've never been one to value your own life in the first place.

Go screw yourself.

Aria: Try to calm Reed down.

  • Aria: Reed, focus on my voice.
  • Aria: Don't listen to anything else...
  • Aria: That's just the spirit purposefully trying to get a rise out of you.
  • Reed: ...Ugh.

  • Reed: Listen.
  • Reed: You have your ways to navigate an illusory hellscape like this, don't you?
  • Reed: So hurry and get the hell out while I hold the spirit back.


  • Aria: ...Leave you behind...?

  • Aria: ...No! Absolutely not!
  • Aria: I'm not doing that again, never!

Aria: Step forth.

  • Aria: Just leave this to me.
  • Aria: I will get us out of here, I promise!
She's gonna do what? Oh, no, no.
The last thing you need is her deciding to play hero now of all times.

Please, what's that confident face for? Can't she recognize the weight of the situation?
You're so baffled that you can't even respond properly.

Not to mention... that throbbing pain travelling down your arms.

  • Reed: No! Don't you get it!?
  • Reed: You, you can't just... you shouldn't have even, ugh...
  • Reed: Why are you being so stubborn!?

Aria: Because inaction has never once helped the ones I love!

Aria swings her axe wildly, tearing the illusion surrounding her to shreds and stopping the concealed spirit's thorns. But, it feels like she's aiming her fury at something beyond the obvious foe.

There's certainly no getting through to her now.


  • Spirit: What's wrong, intruders?
  • Spirit: Have you not realized that you're supremely outclassed yet?
  • Spirit: You became too proud, simply because you've dealt with a few of us before...
  • Spirit: And now, you suffer for that false confidence!
  • Spirit: Don't underestimate us.
  • Spirit: There are spirits capable of things you could never imagine.

  • Spirit: ...Aha, so the other one finally recognizes that fact, too.
  • Spirit: But struggle as you might, it is futile!

Aria: Call its bluff.

  • Aria: ...You are also struggling, are you not?
  • Aria: It's very sad to see you trying so hard like that,
  • Aria: Even though your master has already abandoned you.

  • Spirit: ...H-huh!?
  • Aria: What, you didn't know?
  • Spirit: No... that's impossible...

  • Reed: Aria, what are you...
  • Spirit: Ah... now that's a clever trick, girl.
  • Spirit: But your bluff won't work here.
  • Aria: Even a spirit finds it hard to accept the truth if it's harsh enough, I see.
  • Spirit: ...No. You're lying, simply pretending to know anything.
  • Aria: It's true that you have been completely discarded, though!
  • Aria: The other spirits have all realized it already.
  • Aria: You're the only one left, still trying to fight us.
  • Spirit: Ha! As if I'd fall for tricks like these!
  • Spirit: You know that I can see your memories like an open book, don't you?
  • Spirit: Indeed, the lies you tell about her are nowhere there!

  • Aria: ...T-that's, uh...
  • Spirit: Ha! Hahahahah!
  • Spirit: You know nothing, after all!
  • Spirit: I am extremely valuable, human.
  • Spirit: Even among spirits, I'm the best of the best!
  • Spirit: I could never be discarded so easily, never!

  • Spirit: Witness this infinite power!
  • Spirit: Have you ever seen such an expansive illusion before!?
  • Spirit: Be honored, for this false forest shall now become your grave!


Illusion: Engulf.
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3 months ago

yayy ocf update :D

3 months ago

this comic is actually so good oml