11 Mar 2024

Hallow's Eve.

It is time, little red!
Having studied everyone so carefully... do you now understand them enough to pass this little challenge?

It might seem like a silly game, but it is actually an important test. I must see if you are a worthy successor.
After all, only those who can give a complete answer are deserving of the host's seat.

Now, little red. The basket is yours. Show me, to whom does each treat belong?

Five: Hand out the treats.

First, Five will give Little Sweetie to the little Ghostie!
As a commoner who could not afford much, her tastes were predictably easy to sate. Anything that reminded her of home was more than enough.


Then, Five will give the Salted Caramel Toffee to Frankenstein!
The boy, who was unexpectedly privy to high society as a child, had picked up a thing or two from it. While most other trends weren't to his liking, food is non-offensive and therefore an acceptable exception.


Very good! Let's also return his stolen treats too, shall we?
Oh, she knows what you're going to say next - "weren't those biscuits destroyed?"
That may be, but it is nothing a little magic cannot fix.

She is a rule-breaking witch for tonight, after all!

Witch: Restore treats.

Oh! That was big problem for Five... but witch solved it! Thank you, witch!
With the trademark biscuits back, some can be spared and given to the "Good" Doctor - who is extremely excited to receive such a valuable treat!

So excited, he might end up preserving it forever and never actually eating it.


Now, it's witch's turn! Five will give witch, Moonie Rolls!
Having lived a life with little to no ambitious dreams, this sort of old-fashioned classic suits the witch's disposition just fine.


Next, Seasaltwater Taffy for the Detective! Hehe, thank you for helping everyone!
Of course, this one's love for the sea and all things nautical hasn't gone unnoticed by anyone in attendance. A perfect match, wouldn't you say?


This Straightforward Wafer goes to... Agent!
...And the perfectly honest Agent wouldn't want it any other way.

People are better in his book if they take off their masks and wear their hearts on their sleeves - and the same goes for his favored treat.


Now, this Candyunicorn... is for Mister Vampire Hunter!
Naturally, it went to the one with the most insatiable sweet-tooth of all.

That might come off as unexpected to some in attendance - but that's only because it's his best-kept secret.

After all, not only is it quite embarrassing for a noble to have the tastes of a toddler in food... but to also enjoy a decisively monster-themed candy as a human? Why, this fact must be kept safely behind a vault for all eternity!

Little did he know that the harder you try to hide something, the more obvious it becomes to attentive observers.


Monday Lollipop! This one is for... Skeleton Lady!
Would she ever give herself time off the clock?
She was still attempting to sell her products even at a party, after all!

She became an entertainer to put a smile on people's faces, and tirelessly works to do so at every waking hour. Some relief is required posthaste, and this is the perfect treat for the job.


Uhmmm... Peanut Delight? Is for... Undead Winged!
...Who couldn't be happier to receive the most coveted treat around.

This treat is incredibly appealing for someone seeking the highest profits in the most direct way possible, who is the type to simply look at demand, and not worry about how supply affects it at all.


Now, for Miss Kitty... it's the Gummykitties! In pink!
A little bias from growing up Winged remains in this one's heart, who believes in whimsical, fun tall tales, such as a color and a shape affecting taste.

Maybe the power of belief does make a change here for once, though!


Coffeebean... is not candy. But coffeebean is also... not normal to eat. Five thinks... Coffeebean is for Miss Mime!
The only one detached enough to come to such a conclusion - that it's best to eat coffee beans raw to save both time and effort - is the Mime Mouse.

Efficient and optimized as usual, and just odd enough to not particularly care for properly brewing coffee like an ordinary person would.


Finally... Black Licorice! It's for Mr. Vampire Count!
And the only one with enough of an open mind, who could appreciate something so complex for every single flavor it contains, is someone with an image as well-put-together as the Count.

Wrap up the party.

So... how did Five do, Ms. witch?
Amazing! You get a perfect score! Well done!

Now that everyone has received their treats... is it Five's turn?
Of course! It is only right to reward you for a job well done.

Witch: Give reward.

In return, Five got...



...Gazillion candies of every color and shape imaginable.

Woah! Yay! Five did it! And... it's thanks to everyone for helping Five too!
Hmm, indeed, those guests proved quite useful despite their rowdiness, did they not?
My master said we can only see them on nights like these... when the veils are so thin that pollutants can pass right through.


Now that the treats are fully distributed, it was time to feast.

And with the challenge successfully completed...
It is time for you to leave.

Don't forget to thank all of our guests properly, little witch.

Bye bye! Thank you for helping Five, again! And happy Hallow's Eve, everyone!
Perhaps you will speak again on another night!
When the moon is bright enough to part the clouds once more.
The Witch's Challenge - Fifth Night.
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1 month ago

It's a shame that y'all're dead but at least Oceanfalls isn't.