09 Jul 2018

Nino: Use STEALTH. Act like you surrender, wait for her to get close, then SUCKER PUNCH AND BOOK IT LIKE A LIBRARY?

  • Aria: And even then, a fight with her is probably impossible to win.
  • Corona: That's exactly right!! See, she knows what's up. I like that.
  • Corona: Oh, and let me say, you better not think about pretending to surrender here.
  • Corona: You wouldn't be the first ones to try and fail with that briiight trick on me!!
  • Nino: (O-oh, so much for that idea...)
  • Aria: ...Maybe there's still another way.
  • Nino: You mean, besides fighting?
  • Aria: Not quite, but it's better than outright giving up.
  • Aria: Nino, you take Five and Ludwig and go.
  • Aria: Beyond here should be a long path that extends to somewhere safer, way out of the forest.
  • Nino: Wait, what?
  • Nino: But what about you??
  • Aria: ...I'll stay back here and stall for time.
  • Nino: W-what?
  • Nino: But didn't you just say there's no chance for us to beat her??
  • Aria: ...Yeah.
  • Aria: But this way, if I hold her back, you three can survive at least.
  • Five: N-no!!

  • Five: Five... doesn't want to leave Aria behind!
  • Five: Everyone leave... Together!
  • Aria: I-I'm sorry! But this really is the only way!
  • Aria: Someone has to stay back and stall.
  • Aria: And I'm not letting anyone besides me do that.
  • Five: But Five wants...N-No one left behind!
  • Aria: I'm afraid that just isn't possible anymore.
  • Aria: Nino, please take her and go.
  • Five: N-no!
  • Five: Aria has to come! Everyone... has to!
  • Nino: ...No, it's okay, Five.

Nino: Do something stupid(?).

  • Aria: N-Nino! what are you doing??
  • Nino: Five, you and Ludwig go.
  • Nino: Aria and I will follow you soon.
  • Aria: What??
  • Aria: Nino, they'll be in danger alone!
  • Aria: One of us has to go with them!!
  • Aria: So please, take them--
  • Nino: No, Aria.
  • Nino: They'll be safer without us.
  • Aria: H-huh?
  • Nino: Because this guard isn't after them.
  • Nino: She's only after us humans.

Nino: Always counter a Taunt Attack with Ignore, or Witty Remark.

  • Nino: Isn't that right, Corona.
  • Corona: Oooh my, you addressed me with my name!
  • Corona: No formal titles? Already on first name basis with a winged?? How bold!!!
  • Corona: You'd better not start begging for your life later, because you've made quite the shitty impression for your cause just then.
  • Corona: Aaaanyway!
  • Corona: What are you acting all-sure for.
  • Corona: I could be here to kill all of you instead of just the humans, for all you know.
  • Corona: More is merrier, as your folk say! Riiiiigh--
  • Nino: Nah!!
  • Nino: It's really not that hard to tell why you're here, actually!
  • Corona: ...
  • Corona: Is it now.
  • Nino: Yup!!
  • Nino: Aria, I think if one of us left, she'd follow suit immediately.
  • Nino: Because earlier when she attacked, she aimed first at us humans.
  • Nino: And just then, she was telling only us humans to surrender.
  • Aria: Oh, you're right...!
  • Nino: Yeah. This isn't a fight that either of us can run away from.
  • Nino: Is it, Corona?
  • Corona: ...
  • Corona: ...Man!!
  • Corona: You reeeeally like to disrespect your superiors, kid!!

Aria: tell Ludwig to get Five out of there!!

  • Nino: So, Aria! The path out of here should lead to a safe place, right?
  • Aria: Ah- Yeah.
  • Nino: Five, Ludwig, you two can go now.
  • Nino: Me and Aria will be right behind you soon!
  • Five: ....Nino... Nino, sure...?
  • Nino: Yeah!
  • Nino: Nobody will be left behind, I promise.
  • Aria: ...Make sure you stay on the path.
  • Aria: Ludwig... take care of Five!
  • Aria: As long as you two don't stray off the path, it'll be all fine!
  • Five: O...Okay!
  • Five: Five... Understands!
  • Five: Five trusts Nino and Aria... So Five will go. Ludwig, too!
  • Five: Nino, Aria...
  • Five: ...See you later!
  • Nino: ....Yeah.
  • Nino: See you later, Five.

Nino and Aria: Buy some time.

Five and Ludwig leave, with you and Aria on the defense.

Deep inside, you admit you know it won't all go well.

You've lied at least a little bit to ease Five and Aria's worries, and those lies might cost you a lot. Aria looks convinced about this being a tough fight, and seemingly wasn't counting on surviving herself, but there's no way you're letting that happen.

For your friends' sakes, you know you have no choice but to make it go well enough so that nobody is left behind.

It's a promise, after all.

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5 years ago

Nino is being merciful do not make him truly mad. He is smarter than he looks.

3 years ago