13 Jul 2018


  • Corona: Are we fuckin' done here, did you have all your needed lengthy tearful farewells yet??

Everyone: Enough yapping about friendship and heroic sacrifices.

  • Corona: I'm getting tired! You'd better be aware of how rude it is to just ignore someone like me!!
  • Nino: ...Right, this was happening.
  • Aria: O-oh dear.

Nino: if your intent is to buy time, you should probably keep her talking as long as possible. Mention the bet.

  • Nino: So, I gathered you bet with someone on capturing us?
  • Nino: Who could that be?
  • Corona: None of your fuckin' business is who.
  • Corona: Hmm, but this reminds me.
  • Corona: We were never told there's more than one mosquito. Interesting....
  • Corona: I wonder if it's a mistake on someone's part, or if I should be assuming malicious intents.
  • Nino: Sounds like you should ABSOLUTELY assume the former!
  • Nino: You know, just to be safe!
  • Corona: Hey, I said that's none of your business, you're not getting in my head.
  • Corona: Anyway! Check this out instead: Bingo, I'm indeed here to fuckin' kill ya!
  • Corona: You were right about all that! I do like someone who understands what kinda deep shit they're in. Soooo....
  • Corona: You two plan to die horribly here and desert your friends?
  • Corona: That's sooo cute, it's like you're suuuper suicidal except you're calling it a heroic sacrifice!!
  • Corona: Hey, tell me, what do you think will happen if the little monster kid runs away, and comes back only to find two mangled corpses here?
  • Corona: That's gotta be a really pretty scene waiting for your small friend!
  • Corona: Don't say I didn't warn you when that happens!!!!
  • Nino: Hey. Shut up for a second.
  • Nino: Who said we'd lose to you in the first place.
  • Corona: .
  • Corona: ...
  • Corona: .....................

  • Corona: You've got a lot of nerve to say that to me.

  • Corona: You know what my least favorite thing is?
  • Corona: Well, second least favorite. I hate people who don't know their place.
  • Corona: Cheerful, ignorant kids like you, who think they can take on the world and come out with a few scratches.
  • Corona: Buuuut, I see now! Challenging me means you prefer dying horribly more than normal flavored dying.

{S} Decimate.
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5 years ago

Nino can go full eyes even when human. In other news. GO BLUE-EYES NINO DRAGON.