20 Oct 2017

Nino: Might want to figure out a cover story. You're a new "monster" in town people might ask where you're from.

Nino: Flirt with some of the customers.

You miserably fail at flirting, before you even begin any attempts to flirt.

Nino: Keep fuckin' around. Steal that pudding on the table with the empty seats.

Looks like somebody took a bite out of this pudding and threw it right back. Ew.

That customer was probably right about the food being bad, there's no way you're taking any of it with you.


You pet the dog. It is a good dog.

You have a feeling that dogs are the only good citizens in this town.

His owner shoots you a weird look. You guess you've gotta stop now.

Nino: Talk to the edgy looking dude in front of that "G.E.M" building.

Kotori is nowhere in sight out here. The G.E.M. shop and the Inn are your last hope.

You try to ask the worker outside the shop if he's seen Kotori, but he just groans, points at the boxes, and shoos you away.

Oh well, you're going inside. You wonder what the shop's name could stand for...

Nino: Is it like a GYM? But maybe it's an initialism, and the letters mean something.

This place looks like a toilet stall after a unicorn left it. Seems like it's a gem-dealing shop.

Nino: look in Reds' Inn for Kotori, that must be where all the red-haired people are.

Okay, this leaves only the Inn, the last place Kotori could be in. You hope she's here.

Everything you've heard about this place really unsettles you, you'd rather make this a quick visit, no dilly dallying around.

Also, you're sure the red part of the name comes from the tulips, not people's hairs! It could also come from blood, which is the worse alternative to flowers that you do not want to consider.

Nino: Go to the inn.

You suddenly feel like coming here was a terrible idea.

Nino: Be Aria.


Aria: What are you doing?

You're just... sitting.

Aria: Are you, baby-sitting?
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5 years ago

Was Nino royalty? Some people seem to think so. Considering his clothes are luxorious as said by that customer.

3 years ago

I just feel bad for nino lol

1 month ago

tl;dr: A customer notes that Nino looks rather wealthy, which he goes along with, only for her to advertise as well. Nino almost flirts with a customer with a crush on the winged cashier, but decides against it. Another one warns him to not eat anything, because he legally agreed to not sue for food poisoning and basically everything edible gives you it. He considers some pudding, but figures to heed the warning. Just before moving on, he pets a non-ghost doggo.

He decides to check the GEM shop the customer advertised next, where the store owner says he just missed Kotori again. She also detects the disguise around Nino, which he thinks means he got busted, but she mistakes it for a protective shield, and warns him to not get hurt lest it break.

He heads off to Reds' Inn due to being out of options, which the advertising lady from earlier is annoyed by, hoping she'd weirded him out enough not to come. Several loud maids come down the stairs, and Nino realizes this was a bad idea, but we cut to Aria and Five sitting at a table before we see what happens.