26 Oct 2017

Aria: Are you, baby-sitting?

No... Not really, it's more like the baby is sitting YOU.

What a sad miserable person you are, you've already let Nino down, and now you're letting a small child down too. She REALLY wants you to try drawing something with her to feel better, but you REALLY don't want to do anything except shrivel up and die right now.

You briefly wonder what Nino's up to? Probably talking with Kotori, you guess.

You regret driving him out so much.

Five: Encourage Aria to draw something nice.

  • Aria: ...Do you really want me to draw?
  • Five: Yes!!
  • Five: Aria... Feel better after!
  • Aria: Well, fine.
  • Aria: But I don't know what to draw.
  • Aria: I don't really want to do anything right now.
  • Five: Oh...
  • Five: ...When Five is sad... Five draws... happy things!
  • Five: Five draws... Friends! Family! Home!
  • Five: Aria... try to draw home, to feel happy?
  • Aria: I guess I can try, if you really want me to.
  • Aria: I don't think of my home as a happy thing, though.
  • Five: Aria... do you... like home?
  • Aria: Do I...?
  • Aria: I don't really... love it here, but I don't exactly hate it.
  • Aria: I think it's nice that I feel safe here, but...
  • Aria: I've never been able to trust anyone I know.
  • Aria: Since I'm human, I've always had to keep some distance from others.
  • Aria: It was... very lonely.
  • Aria: I don't want to feel that same loneliness again.
  • Aria: ...Sorry Five, I'm just... dumping all of this on you aren't I.
  • Aria: I'll stop now, let's draw if you want to!
  • Five: No, no... Five... Five thinks...
  • Five: ...If Aria doesn't like this home... Then this isn't Aria's home!

Aria: Just take some deep breaths, and vent.

  • Five: Five knows! Nino told Five before! Home is where you belong!
  • Five: Aria... belong here?
  • Aria: Oh.
  • Aria: I guess I don't... Belong in this world, after all.
  • Aria: I'm just pretending that I do, every day.
  • Aria: There's no way out, really...
  • Five: But Aria, happy with friends?
  • Five: Happy with... Nino?
  • Aria: ...Sigh, yes...
  • Aria: I'm much happier when I can be myself with him, and he's a really kind person too!
  • Aria: This brief time I've spent with you and him is valuable to me.
  • Aria: No matter how small it may be, I really treasure it.
  • Aria: I don't want to say goodbye, but he has to return to his home eventually...
  • Five: Aria, it's okay!!
  • Five: Five knows that home can be... friends too! Not just place!
  • Five: So... If Aria is happy with friends... then friends are Aria's home!
  • Five: Aria, come with Nino and Five to be happy!!
  • Aria: F-Five, I can't trouble Nino like that!
  • Aria: I'd just be a nuisance...
  • Five: That's... not true!
  • Five: ...Nino... Happy with Aria, and Five loves Aria!
  • Five: Nino said Nino will help Five... find home again...
  • Five: So... Nino doesn't mind... helping Aria, too!
  • Aria: I... I don't know...
  • Aria: But... Five, is this world not where you belong?
  • Aria: You're a monster, not a human, isn't this your home?
  • Five: No!
  • Five: Even though... Five is a monster, Five doesn't want to be here!
  • Five: Five wants... to find Five's friends, again.
  • Five: ...Five's home... is with friends!
  • Five: If friends aren't here, then this isn't home!

Aria: Ask Five what she's drawing.

  • Five: Nino told Five... Nino will find Five's Friends for Five.
  • Five: That's why... Five will go with Nino.
  • Aria: Your friends...
  • Aria: Is that what you're drawing?
  • Five: Yes!! Five drew friends, here!!
  • Aria: Oh my, these are all your friends?
  • Aria: You had both human and monster friends...
  • Aria: I guess... the human world is accepting to both?
  • Aria: It sounds much better than here...
  • Five: Yes!! Five's friends are...
  • Five: Big sis... Prince... Friend... And guard!
  • Aria: :o
  • Aria: A Prince...
  • Aria: ...And a sister?
  • Five: Five thinks... no!
  • Five: Sis is... caretaker...
  • Five: Five's nurse and friend, not real sister!!
  • Five: Sis, just a nickname!
  • Aria: Huh...
  • Aria: She's a nurse? Were you in a hospital or something?
  • Aria: Oh, is that why you drew yourself on a wheelchair?
  • Five: Yes!! Ummm... Five remembers...

  • Five: Five was... very sick...
  • Five: ...And weak.
  • Five: Everything was dark... and grey...

  • Five: But, one day...
  • Five: Someone... came to take Five.
Five: Tell story.
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4 years ago

They definitely coexisted in peace as pointed out by decoder in his notes.