18 Oct 2017

Nino: Drop some money on the wishing well and wish for a winged to bring you more money. Also, make a wish that your disguise stays unbroken.

You don't think your disguise is in any danger of being broken; Aria seemed confident in that, and you trust her. Also, you don't believe in wishes coming true this way at all, people should work for what they want and not wait for it to magically happen!

But you admit, this looks fun and you want to try it out. You totally DO NOT believe in it though!!!

Since you have no money to use, you'll have to make do with what you have in your inventory. Boy that's a lot of crap there.

You pluck out one flower from Five's old flower crown.

You close your eyes and wish for your disguise not to fail. Also, you wish to go home and not to die here. And also, you want more money.

AND ALSO, you wish Aria will be in a better mood and never be sad or angry again.

With that, you drop the flower into the pool. This will surely never matter again to you.

Nino: just find Kotori.

Okay, sure, you'll find her, but there's a fucking library over here. There is no way you're not going to check this place out, at least just for a few minutes.

God DAMN you love reading. Kotori can wait one more minute, it's no big deal.

Nino: Check out the library. Maybe read a book while you're there.

Nino: Read up on more mysterious lore.

You check out the first row, and notice an open book on the top of it. Did someone forget to put this back?

You reach for it and flip to the cover.

You open to the middle of the book. It's written in a language you don't recognize, must be some branch of monsterfolk speak. You guess all you can do is look at the pictures.

You recognize the figure on the left as the human prince. Hey, this must be some sort of history book then! The right figure is probably the monster prince, in that case!

You'll pat your own back later for having incredible deducing skills.

Who the shit is this. A human?

It's getting boring just looking at pictures like this.

You love to read, not browse for cryptic images! This is kind of a waste of time, you'd rather look at another book. You put this book back where it was.

You check out the second row. Looks like a bunch of research books on abilities, "natural weapons", and night sight.

You pick a random book and read an excerpt from it.

"...Naturally, a monster's ability is stronger than a human's, but weaker than a winged. Unlike the winged, monsters can not awaken more than one ability under any circumstance. Though they may push their abilities to the harshest boundaries and recover faster than any other race afterwards."

You check out the third row.

It contains books on botany! You remember really liking gardening back at your home, though it's all extremely foggy memories of playing around flower fields by yourself.

You pick the first book your eyes fall on, and read an excerpt from it.

"...Red tulips are the most malleable of flowers in the highlands. The natural red pigment of a red tulip is useful in halting claw decay, clearing skin pores, and makes a good replacement for blood as food coloring."

You approach the shelves beneath the Librarian's desk, but he shoots you a stinky look.

Haven't you learned that monsters don't like to be bothered yet?? But that's cool, you did not want to read those amazing books on constellations under him that caught your attention, not at all! Goddammit!!!

Instead you'll just go look at this.

Looks like someone was doing an essay here. The subject is on... Uh... The benefits and ethics of blood consumption in food.

You will now not look at this anymore.

Nino: Cease your hooliganry at once, you should find Kotori before she finds YOU.

Okay, yeah, fuck the library forever, you're going to stop messing around and find Kotori now. She's likely to either be in this cafe, or up there at Reds' Inn, and you're gonna check out the cafe first.

The Inn kinda off-puts you, you'd rather delay it to the last possible minute.

Nino: Go to the Heavenly Cafe.

Dear god the moment you step in your nostrils are attacked by a plethora of baked goods' scents, all at once. You just ate muffins, and now you're hungry again!

You really wish you had some money right now.

Nino: Might want to figure out a cover story. You're a new "monster" in town people might ask where you're from.
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4 years ago

"The battle between Human and Monster
shall never end. Ever since their creation
the two races have battle forever over
who rules the midworld. Monster are
naturally stronger and more capable then
Humans, harboring strong natural weapons
and abilities. Humans though hold the
higher ground in on technology and artificial

4 years ago

Wonder if we'll have ways to gain money to help Nino. Also pat your own back later? Foreshadowing. Plus, oshen? sounds like ocean. May be important later. I will pat myself on the back for coming up with a theory. Nino's eyes have a weird tendancy to turn fully red? How is that possible! Aria was never seen doing that! Everyboy's eyes have white spaces whille Nino seems to be an outlier. Again, HOW!