17 Oct 2017

Nino: Ask the nearest cute monster for where Kotori is. Maybe flirt too.

Nino: Approach the person near the boxes.

Nino: Set the library on fire.

You make an attempt, but unfortunately your ability is healing, not fire, so you just heal the shit out of the library's wall. Hell yeah, that did absolutely nothing!!! What an amazing ability!!!

The person with the flowers asks what the heck you're doing.

Nino: Take a flower for Aria.

Nino: You'd better go find Kotor—holy heck there's a cat over there go pet it right NOW

Nino: Take a swim in that pool next to the purple-haired girl.

Nino: Drop some money on the wishing well and wish for a winged to bring you more money. Also, make a wish that your disguise stays unbroken.
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5 years ago

Nino commented on us giving him thoughts? odd. Life-types? I suppose there might be different types of abilities. Also reds' inn? Nino you fool we thought you had learned from the sign.. YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE! WE TRUSTED YOU!

1 month ago

tl;dr: A prompter tries to make Nino flirt with a child (*Sirens Blaring*), but he refuses and tries to talk to them normally, which results in the child politely telling him to fuck off. He tries going to a guy by some boxes, but he thinks Nino is trying to confess his love for Kotori and says she'd never accept. Nino tries to explain, but box guy refuses to listen. Nino proceeds to heal a wall trying to set it on fire, which grabs the attention of a flower guy. Nino is given a flower by flower guy for Aria for free. Nino also wonders how they're still so healthy, to which flower guy says his healing ability can keep them fresh.

Next, he goes to a hat guy, who says Kotori is usually by a cafe called "Heavenly Treats". He also gets offended when Nino asks how he keeps his horn under his hat. He tries to jump into some water, but a monster lady (not Kotori) stops him from jumping into what's supposed to be a wishing well for winged wishes. She also says Kotori may be at Reds' Inn, but she's just being forced to advertise.