16 Oct 2017


  • Nino: Thanks for the meal!
  • Nino: I guess you were right about tea and muffins going well together.
  • Aria: No problem! I'm glad you enjoyed it.
  • Aria: I've gotta wash these now...
  • Aria: Is it weird that I'm... happy, to have more dishes to wash this time?
  • Aria: I've never had to wash anything more than one cup for myself for years!
  • Aria: It's a weirdly nice feeling not to be alone for once.
  • Nino: This is the first time I've seen someone happy about having MORE chores to do!
  • Aria: Ehehe.
  • Nino: I think I never liked doing any work back at home.
  • Aria: Ah... Speaking of that.
  • Aria: Can I ask you something?
  • Nino: Go ahead!

  • Aria: What are you planning to do now?
  • Nino: Huh?
  • Aria: I mean now that you're no longer being followed by Kotori or anyone.
  • Aria: You finally have your freedom, so...
  • Aria: What are you going to do?
  • Nino: Oh...
  • Nino: I guess I'm... going to try and find my way back to my home!
  • Nino: I'm not sure how I'll be doing that though, but I can't stay here forever.
  • Nino: I'm sure I'll figure it out somehow!
  • Aria: ...

  • Nino: What? Aria, are you alrigh-
  • Aria: I'm fine!! I'm sorry for talking so much and busying you.
  • Aria: We probably made Kotori wait too long.
  • Aria: So just, get going!

  • Nino: O-okay but why are you saying this suddenly? And you know I can't go out there withou-- Oh-- Okay, I--

  • Nino: I don- I don't know where to go and--
  • Nino: Okay, no, I'm getting ahead of myself here.
  • Nino: Aria, are you really alright?
  • Aria: I said I'm fine.
  • Nino: Did I say something wrong? I'm sorry if I did!
  • Aria: Everything is fine.
  • Aria: It's safe outside if you have the disguise on, so go.
  • Aria: Just go.
  • Aria: Please.
  • Nino: O...kay. I'll go, if you really want me to.
  • Nino: I'm sorry if I made you upset, I can't tell what's going on.
  • Aria: Nothing is going on, everything is fine.
  • Aria: Now go.
  • Aria: Don't make me repeat myself.

You guess... You guess you're gonna go?

Did you say something bad? Did you mess up? God, why are you so clueless, you probably misspoke without realizing it and upset Aria. She's kind of scary when she's upset.

She's got a point though, you shouldn't make Kotori wait anymore.

But you don't want to leave Aria alone, she seemed happy to have some company with her... This gives you an idea.

  • Nino: Hey, Five.
  • Nino: I have to go and find Kotori now.
  • Nino: I don't want to leave Aria alone, but she'll be more upset if I don't go now.
  • Nino: So I want you to stay here in my place!
  • Five: Aria... troubled?
  • Nino: Yeeeah, and I don't know what's up.
  • Nino: It doesn't look like I can do much to help if she's refusing to talk to me.
  • Five: When Five is sad... Five draw to feel better!
  • Five: Five wants Aria to draw!! Aria... feel better too!
  • Nino: That's a decent idea, sure!

You tell Aria and Five you'll see them soon, and receive a small wave from Five.

No response from Aria, although.

She probably really wants you gone now. That's fine, hurts a little but it's fine, you'll take the hint and go face whatever resides outside. Everything should all be fine as long as you have the disguise on, right...?

You hope that's true. Everything is going to be fine.

It's not fine. It's not fine at all.

The moment you step outside, you're struck with an eyeful of scenery to process!

Welcome to Red Tulip Town.

There's not many people around. This place is quite lovely, despite being in a fruitless barren land. The only vegetation around seems to be red tulips, you guess that's what earned the town its name. Good job, Sherlock.

Alright, time to find Kotori! She could be anywhere here!

Nino: Ask the nearest cute monster for where Kotori is. Maybe flirt too.
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4 years ago

if Nino still wants to flirt then i'm impressed.

1 year ago

the way the scenery is drewn reminds me of undertale and old pokemon games

2 days ago

tl;dr: Nino says he is happy for the food and tea, and Aria says she is happy for more dishes to wash. When asked, Nino says his plan is to find a way back to the human world since he can't say. The mood suddenly changes, as Aria says he should go meet with Kotori. Immediately. Nino is concerned, but Aria insists she's fine and that Nino should go. Nino doesn't buy it, but figures he won't be able to do much, so he asks Five to keep her company while he's gone. As he leaves, Aria is revealed to be crying. Sadge.

Meanwhile, Nino now sees all of Red Tulip Town, and resolves to find Kotori.