01 Oct 2017

Nino: If there is the barrier, how did you cross over to the Monster World? Also, also ask what the dome is made out of.

  • Nino: This is a bit specific, but...
  • Nino: You said that crossing between worlds is impossible, because of the barrier.
  • Nino: So I started wondering how I crossed over to here myself...
  • Aria: Oh, actually!
  • Aria: At the time the divide was created, it was very strong.
  • Aria: But as years went by, it started thinning out.
  • Aria: There are rumors about multiple secret openings in it...
  • Aria: You probably passed through one of them!
  • Aria: Well, those rumors are nothing for certain, but that's the only explanation I can think of.
  • Nino: Hmmh, I see.
  • Nino: I guess it's the most plausible.
  • Nino: Oh, what is the barrier made of?
  • Nino: And the dome?
  • Aria: It's not made of anything tangible.
  • Aria: If that makes any sense... Ahaha...
  • Nino: Not really, I'm extremely confused now!
  • Aria: Ah... I'll try to explain it to the best of my ability!
  • Aria: You see, the barrier was made by a person's ability.
  • Aria: When the previous monster prince died, the human warrior who killed him used their powers.
  • Aria: They created a divide between the worlds, and the dome you see above you every day.
  • Aria: But because they overexerted their power...
  • Aria: Their body couldn't handle it, and they died.
  • Aria: Because the barrier is made out of their ability, it's never been affected by any means people have tried to break it with.
  • Aria: The only thing that affects it is time.
  • Aria: Its power is slowly losing its effects and falling apart, although it is an extremely slow process that could take decades.
  • Nino: That's interesting, and also a little terrifying.
  • Nino: To think that everyone is trapped until the ability's power is drained...
  • Aria: I still can't believe you don't know any of this!
  • Aria: I was so sure this would already be in history books and taught in schools in the human world, like it is here!
  • Nino: No, I just... I think it's just that I'm unable to remember anything.
  • Nino: I'm sure I just need some time to recover, being in this world is a real damn change of pace that I'm not used to.

Nino: Ask about how Aria knows Kotori.

  • Nino: I hope this isn't too intrusive of a question,
  • Nino: How did you meet Kotori?
  • Nino: She's an interesting person... Intimidating and scary, but interesting.
  • Nino: I'm curious as to how you know her.
  • Aria: Ehehe, that's what everyone says!
  • Aria: She's very mysterious; even though I'm her friend, I know next to nothing about her.
  • Nino: That sort of makes me anxious to talk to her about... Whatever she needs me for.
  • Aria: No, no! She's nice, don't be anxious about her!
  • Aria: You asked how I met her, didn't you?
  • Aria: It's a fun tale, you'll probably find Kotori even more interesting after you hear it!
  • Nino: O-oh, okay.
  • Nino: I'm all ears.
  • Aria: About six years ago, when I used my disguising powers for the first time...
  • Aria: I escaped the human extermination period, and left my old town behind.
  • Aria: I knew I had to move to somewhere else, other than where I used to live in.
  • Aria: If anyone had seen me there, they would recognize me as human and my disguise cover would be blown!
  • Aria: To fully blend in as a fellow not-suspicious monster, I had to act like one, in a place where nobody would know of the human me.
  • Aria: So I prepared myself, and made my way to a faraway village during the hours of darkness.
  • Aria: Up until that moment, I survived everything that came my way.
  • Aria: Along my travels I encountered troublesome things.
  • Aria: Like highwaymen, thieves and bandits, wild beasts, the list goes on.
  • Aria: I was almost discovered as a human multiple times, even!
  • Nino: Oh sheesh, must've been hellish.
  • Aria: It was extremely heck-ish indeed, don't swear in front of Five.
  • Nino: (Whoops :I)
  • Aria: But I survived it!
  • Aria: I survived all of that, barely, but none of it could have prepared me...
  • Aria: Nothing could have prepared me for the hardest trial to overcome.
  • Aria: Filling legal papers.
  • Nino: ........
  • Nino: ........
  • Nino: What.
  • Aria: Be thankful you've never been through something like that.

  • Aria: It's very nerve-wracking.
  • Aria: The endless barrage of questions they ask you there...
  • Aria: Carelessly, they intrude on your privacy, and give you no time to collect your response.
  • Aria: Just this one thing... This was the only thing left to overcome!
  • Aria: So I'd finally have the safe life I dreamt off in a new town!
  • Aria: But alas... Dream as much as I want, I couldn't pull off any convincing acts to save my goddamn life. My specialty lies only in appearances.
  • Nino: Is...Is it really that bad.
  • Aria: Nino.
  • Aria: I'm not exaggerating when I say, none of the horrors I've seen compare to the utter look of suspicious disappointment from a paralegal worker's eyes.
  • Aria: And I've seen someone get their intestines pulled out once.
  • Nino: Oh my god.

  • Aria: It felt like time stopped for the entirety of the questioning.
  • Aria: I was so sure I already got my cover blown.
  • Aria: I was already lacking plenty of legally required information, so getting sweaty and stutter-y just served to make it all more suspicious.
  • Aria: I started fumbling my words, trying to say anything to erase the suspicion off of me, until the paralegal questioning me gave a final look of doubt.
  • Aria: That's when I knew it was all over.
  • Aria: I would be either rejected from entering the town and sent out with no place to live in,
  • Aria: Or reported to the authorities and get found out as a human.
  • Aria: And what would be after either of those?
  • Aria: Nothing other than highly probable death, caused by either harsh wilderness, or harsh authority?

  • Aria: But, at that moment...
  • Aria: Kotori interrupted the questioning.

  • Aria: She just took the papers from the worker, and said she would handle it, so he left for his break.
  • Aria: I was expecting more heavy questionings, but Kotori just let me fill out some basic details.
  • Aria: Like age, gender, date of birth, and what have you.
  • Aria: It was like being saved by a literal angel!
  • Aria: And ever since she helped me move into this town, we've been friends.
  • Nino: Wow.
  • Nino: That's quite a story...
  • Nino: I can't say you were wrong about piquing my interest earlier.
  • Aria: I told you so!
  • Aria: It's kind of strange, but Kotori always seems to show up in the toughest of situations to change everything greatly.
  • Aria: I'm really grateful to be her friend.
  • Aria: And, I'm sure it'll be easy for you to befriend her too!
  • Nino: You think so...
  • Aria: Yup!
  • Aria: I mean, she's already tried to kill you, so there's basically no ice left to break between you two! There's nothing to worry about, just roll with it!
  • Aria: Ah right, is there anything more you want to ask about?
  • Nino: Hmm... Well, I was wondering...

Nino: Ask why do you have this seemingly "magic" healing ability.

  • Nino: Why do I have this seemingly "magic" healing ability?
  • Nino: My ability is to heal wounds and scars in myself and others, and it really seems like magic!
  • Nino: But, um, magic isn't real of course, so... What is it exactly?
  • Aria: Lots of people's abilities seem magical, take mine for example!
  • Aria: But they aren't literal magic, they're just a manifestation!
  • Aria: It's a strong manifestation of emotion and thought that comes deep from the person's soul, and it is tied to their existence!
  • Aria: Abilities have confines and restrictions specific to them.
  • Aria: The more you use your ability and experiment with it, the more you'll know about it.
  • Aria: They might seem magical for a moment, but everything an ability does is explainable!
  • Aria: My ability, for example, is just a trick on the eyes.
  • Aria: People looking at me while using it will just see my disguised appearance, but if you looked in a mirror while disguised, you'll see your real self!
  • Aria: Because mirrors show reality, while my ability just muddles and obscures it for other people's eyes.
  • Aria: It's like wearing an aura of distortion around you to trick people into seeing what you want them to see.
  • Nino: Oh! That actually makes a good amount of sense!
  • Nino: I completely thought your ability was something else, it's so... magical.
  • Nino: This kinda gets me wondering, why is my ability specifically healing? And why is yours specifically mirage?
  • Aria: I guess you're... just not remembering again, are you?
  • Nino: I-I think so, sorry that's probably getting really annoying by now.
  • Aria: It's okay, I don't mind explaining!
  • Aria: You see, every person will have a certain moment in their life where they feel an emotion very strongly. That moment is called an awakening.
  • Aria: They would experience an emotion so intensely, forcing their souls to produce incredible energy, and that very moment is what decides the nature of their ability.
  • Aria: Depending on what emotion you were feeling, and what you were thinking, your soul awakens an ability to suit these factors.
  • Aria: That's how it was with my ability!
  • Aria: To sum it up, I was in a tough spot, feeling extreme distress, and all I could think of was "If only I were someone else."
  • Aria: You must have had a moment in your life like that before, where all the factors lead to you manifesting your healing ability!
  • Aria: And I'm sure it seems like magic on the surface only, you should use it more to figure out what it exactly is.
  • Nino: I see... An awakening.
  • Nino: I don't remember anything like that though.
  • Nino: And I can't think of any reasons I would want to have a healing touch at all!
  • Nino: It's so uncool...
  • Aria: Hey, that's not true!
  • Aria: I think it's helpful! Maybe a little lame, but very helpful!
  • Nino: Meeh. I would rather have like, FIREBREATHING!
  • Nino: Or LASER EYES!!
  • Aria: That's too literal! You have to think about it practically you know--
  • Nino: Or flying! Flying is so cool.
  • Aria: You're not listening, are you.

Nino: Attempt to discuss Kotori's cuteness.

You think this is about time you stopped chatting. And also time to stop thinking of weird things.

You mean, why would you ever find someone who tried to kill you cute?

Yeah, no way. You freak.

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4 years ago

As evidenced by the fact that Nino only takes Aria's word for it that legal stuff is torture Nino is very powerful considering he would have to do the same thing alone. Nino is worthy of our respect.

1 year ago

Only the OGs will remember when the last suggestion was "Nino: Discuss Ariass."

1 year ago

gonna put my reactions here (first time reading, dont spoil)

this orange girl with the headband looks like the same one in five's drawing! huh

2 days ago

tl;dr: Nino wonders how he was able to get into the monster world if the barrier blocks everything, but Aria says it's weakening with time, which led to rumors of tears allowing people to get through. Nino wonders what it's made out of, and Aria says it was the product of an ability by a human warrior who died making it.

Nino moves on to asking how she met Kotori. Aria tells the story of how she had to move into Red Tulip so nobody who knew her would out her, but she had to file legal papers while getting traumatically questioned by a paralegal (relatable). She was certain she was screwed until Kotori showed up and said she'd take care of it while he went on break. She let most of the harder questions slide, and they were friends ever since. Aria is also confident that he'll be able to befriend Kotori, since they're already close enough for her to want to murder him (relatable).

Next, he wonders what his ability is and why it's not magic. Aria explains (how many times have i typed this?) that abilities are just manifestations of strong emotions that come from the soul, but aren't all-powerful and have limits. For example, Aria's disguise is just a trick on the eyes, and mirrors don't work since there's nothing to trick. She goes on by elaborating that everyone will experience an "awakening," a moment of strong emotion that leads them to develop their ability based on what they're feeling. Aria wanted to be someone else, so she got illusions. Nino stops listening briefly to wish he could have something cooler than healing.

He then fails to bring up Kotori being cute, which the narration calls him a freak for thinking of. Harsh.