28 Sep 2017

Nino: Ask about Aria's life before she came to the monster world.

  • Nino: Hey so, I'm a little curious...
  • Nino: I hope this isn't intruding on your business or anything.
  • Nino: But I was wondering, how did you used to live before coming to this world?
  • Aria: Ahaha well, I've always been living in the monster world with my family.
  • Aria: I didn't really "come" here, I was always in this world.
  • Nino: Huh? But...
  • Nino: How come?
  • Nino: Monsters hate humans!
  • Nino: There's no way you could just... Live with monsters like that!
  • Aria: Um... Nino, what are you talking about?
  • Aria: Don't you know all of this already?
  • Aria: Monsters and humans used to be able to live together.
  • Aria: You know, before the war and all that??

  • Nino: ...War?

  • Aria: Okay, something is definitely wrong with you.
  • Nino: Hey, that's rude!
  • Aria: How could you suddenly not remember anything about the war?
  • Aria: Considering, um, your previous reaction to it...
  • Aria: Did you not have enough sleep?
  • Nino: ...Maybe not...
  • Nino: Everything in my head feels fuzzy when I try to remember anything about that.
  • Aria: That's probably it! You're too fatigued to focus.
  • Aria: I suppose I could help freshen up your memories as well as answer your question then!
  • Aria: It's a bit of a long history, but I'll try to summarize it as much as I can.
  • Nino: I'll be counting on you.
  • Aria: Okay! So, listen closely...
Nino: Listen attentively to the story... but be too hungry to have any strong reaction to it. Also the tea is... mediocre to say the least, but at least act like you like it for Aria's sake.
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5 years ago

Nino also has hallucinations, as seen by eating the art supplies. He is definitely malnourished.

2 months ago

tl;dr: Nino asks how Aria ended up in the monster world, but she explains she was always living in it. This confuses Nino, as he points out monsters hate humans. This in turn confuzzles Aria, as she says that living together was fine before the war, which Nino doesn't know about (and thankfully doesn't get a ptsd attack over again). Everyone is confused, Aria assumes Nino is braindamaged, and decides to catch him up on recent history.