27 Sep 2017

Nino: Say yes.

Fucking bring it on.

You DRAMATICALLY make a swift grab for a stray blue crayon.

It's time to show this cocky small child who's the TRUE artmaster here.

With the force of one thousand burning suns multiplied by a hundred, you furiously ETCH your lines on the paper. Hotblooded action music would be playing right now if this were a scene in one of your favorite ANIME shows, no doubt. You're already imagining it in your head.

Soon enough, you slow down the sheer force you're pulling into your strokes, stopping your movement before the paper rips apart.

Nino: draw a muffin.

You've finished your masterpiece.

This is the best fucking drawing anyone's ever done.

...Okay, maybe not, maybe that's just the RUSH in your FLEETING ARTISTIC HEART making it seem good... But it's not like, thaaaaat bad, right?

You guess you'll let Five be the judge.

Nino: Realize you can't draw.

Unfortunately, she's one tough crowd to please. Five nods in disapproval at your drawing.

Okay fine, maybe you'll admit it now.

You SUCK at art!! It's so hard!!

How does ANYONE do it, You ponder this deep question every day of your life. Surely, the answer couldn't be something as simple as... "practice", now, could it? Art creation probably, probably, PROBABLY involves either witchcraft, or corpses, or portals to bewitching alien dimensions. You're 90% sure it involves at least one of those.

Oh well, you may not be an artist, but you know what would appeal to someone like Five. You're not giving up yet.

Nino: Draw some scenes from the human world. May as well make it a full cultural exchange.

You draw your earliest memory, a colorful garden from the human world. This is a good and respectful gesture of cultural-exchange-but-not-really-ish!

Double emphasis on "colorful".

You use every bright crayon you get your hands on. These colors are so bright, so loud, so annoying, and piercing your eyeballs. You can't even keep your eyes on it.


As you expected, Five loves your drawing! How predictable.

She appears to be too dazzled by the bright not-really-a-rainbow of colors to notice how shoddy the drawing is. Success.

Nino: -sniff- is that... -sniff- TEA????

It is tea! And more importantly, the muffins! Looks like Aria finally finished preparing everything. The aroma is irresistible.

You set up the table with Aria, and take your share of tea and muffin.

A nostalgic homelike, comfortable mood sets as everyone busies themselves with the treats. You kind of missed not feeling danger lurking from every corner around you, safety sure is nice.

This seems like the perfect time to ask Aria or Five about anything on your mind...

What should you talk about, and with whom?

Nino: Ask about Aria's life before she came to the monster world.
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5 years ago

Five is truly an incredible artist and art critic. I aspire to her level of expertise.

5 years ago
Reply to  OpsCat


1 year ago

five is the best artist

7 months ago

tl;dr: Nino goes full Death Note on drawing what... seems to be a muffin, and Five is not pleased. Nino realizes he's a terrible artist, and tries again, making an excessively colorful but marginally better drawing Five actually seems to like. Nino realizes Aria finished the tea and he can now eat peacefully, and also get a few questions answered.