23 Sep 2017

Nino: Eat the drawing due to extreme hunger.

Ok sure you're just going to stuff this piece of paper down the hatch, get it all nice and snug down there, delicious, best meal of your goddamn life.

Nino: Start eating a crayon too because you're just that hungry.

Oh yeah shove that too down your trap you garbage boy. You disgusting person. Nothing in this world will survive your immense hunger. Truly, such fearful craving knows no bounds. What a horrifying sight.

Just kidding, no way in hell you'd do any of that.

Although, those colorful scented crayons are looking real slick. That mandarin orange, the blueberry blue...

Lemonade yellow, brownie brown, strawberry pink...

You struggle to restrain yourself for a fraction of a second.

This situation is not dire enough for crayon consumption. Not yet, you tell yourself.

Nino: Look and comment at the art.

  • Nino: Hey Five!
  • Nino: What are you up to?
  • Five: Nino!
  • Five: Nino... Feeling better?
  • Nino: Yeah! Although insanely hungry, but I'll manage.
  • Nino: What's that you got there?
  • Five: Aria gave Five... Present!
  • Five: Present is... Crayons!
  • Nino: That's nice!
  • Five: Five was drawing... waiting for Nino to wake up.
  • Five: Five wants Nino to see drawings!

Nino: Compliment Five's drawing.

Five shows you the first drawing she has.

It appears to be a drawing of a regular fully grown golden flywer!

But that's strange, you're sure flywers only grow in the winged overworld and the human world. You briefly wonder how Five knows about them, but your thought is interrupted as she looks at you expectantly. You tell her that her drawing is very pretty.

She grins and shows you the other drawing.

Nino: Look at the art.

This is...

It's a drawing of people you don't think you recognize.

You try to think about who these people might be, but you're again interrupted, this time by Five pulling away the drawing. She passes a clean piece of paper towards you and asks if you want to take a turn drawing with her.

Nino: Say yes.
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4 years ago

The scientist was human, they may have once been truly at peace. it may also explain why five knows what flywers are. Also, you might be able to publish a book on everything is oceanfalls like flywers.

6 months ago

tl;dr: Nino imagines eating Five's drawing and crayons for a second, and is tempted, but ultimately resists his instincts. Five shows him some very noice drawings and invites him to draw with her.