21 Sep 2017

Nino: Absolutely RAVISH the muffins.

  • Nino: Holy shit.
  • Aria: You're probably wondering how you got here!
  • Aria: I made Ludwig carry you along the way.
  • Aria: We got some weird looks but nobody really bothered enough to intrude and ask anything, thankfully.
  • Aria: I wouldn't know what to say if anyone stopped me to question what I'm doing with an unconscious boy on a dog!
  • Nino: Yeah, yeah sure, awkward, so about those MUFFI-
  • Aria: Oh!! I almost forgot that Kotori asked me something earlier!
  • Aria: She said she wants to talk to you about something in private.
  • Aria: I haven't the slightest clue as to what it might be though!
  • Nino: Sure sure sure I'll do whatever, anyway the muf-
  • Aria: But I'm sure it's nothing bad, there's no need to be nervous...
  • Aria: I mean, you don't look nervous so that's good!
  • Nino: YEAH I'm PERFECTLY fine I just want-
  • Aria: You know how intimidating Kotori is, she always looks angry.
  • Aria: But deep down she's a nice person!
  • Nino: Aria plea-
  • Aria: Plus, my disguise fooled her earlier, so I'm sure it'll all go smoothly!
  • Nino: ARIA!!
  • Aria: W-what is it??? Don't shout!
  • Nino: I'LL DO THE THING!
  • Nino: BUT FIRST,
  • Nino: THE MUFFINS!

Aria: Nino is frothing from the mouth due to those muffins! Prepare for muffin based combat.

  • Aria: You're drooling.
  • Aria: You also forgot the magic wooord...
  • Nino: OKAY FINE sorry for shouting!!
  • Nino: PLEASE, please, can I have just ONE muffin.
  • Nino: I said the magic word TWICE, SEE.
  • Aria: Well...
  • Aria: No!
  • Nino: What!!!
  • Nino: Why not!
  • Nino: I'm really hungry, c'mon!
  • Aria: Nobody can eat these muffins yet.
  • Aria: Not yet. Not unless...
  • Nino: Not unless...??

  • Aria: Not unless I prepare tea to go along with them!
  • Nino: ...
  • Nino: That is...
  • Nino: Absolutely...
  • Nino: The MOST pointless thing I've heard today.
  • Aria: It isn't pointless!
  • Aria: Muffins go fabulously with a warm cup of tea in this chilly weather!
  • Nino: Have you no HEART, Aria.
  • Nino: I SWEAR I haven't eaten in DAYS!
  • Nino: OKAY well actually to be honest I don't exactly know how long it's been,
  • Nino: BUT the point is that it FEELS like days!
  • Aria: If you've waited for that long, then you can stand to wait for a few more minutes.
  • Aria: It won't take me long to prepare us three fresh cups.
  • Aria: Besides, it'll be like a fun little tea party for Five!
  • Aria: There is absolutely no changing my mind, eating muffins without tea is a SIN.
  • Aria: So just wait patiently for a little bit more you doofus!
  • Nino: HHHHRMGH.
  • Aria: You'll thank me later because the taste of muffins with a cup of tea is incredible.
  • Aria: I'm doing you a favor here, you just don't see it!
  • Nino: AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaagh fine! You win!!

Disregarding your pathetic numerous attempts at pleading, Aria merrily skips off to prepare the tea, leaving you in the dust with a growling stomach and an aching head.

Absolutely ridiculous.

This is SO unfair, but you GUESS you just have to put up with it, for the sake of Five's tea party. She deserves it after what she's been through! And also you guess tea sounds pretty nice right about now.

Speaking of Five, you wonder what she's up to?

Nino: check on Five.

You stumble out of Aria's bed in quite a messy drunken manner, which won't be illustrated for the sake of saving what little dignity you have left, and finally you wobble over to where Five is. Man, you should've slept some more.

Five looks like she's drawing something.

Nino: Eat the drawing due to extreme hunger.
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4 years ago

Nino may be malnourished due to the war, he may also be in the war because he hated monsters due to them killing everyone.

6 months ago

tl;dr: Aria explains how she took Nino to her house and how Kotori wants to meet with him, but Nino is too focused going feral for muffins to really care. Nino begs for a muffin, but Aria cruelly denies him one on the basis it'll be better with tea. Nino reluctantly allows this and drunkenesquely saunters over to Five drawing.