03 Aug 2017

Nino: take this time to reflect on how weird names are. Aria is synonymous with song, does she even sing? and then there's the little girl who is literally named the number five. and you. your name means child in Spanish. descriptive until you grow out of it.

This is a ridiculously long command suggestion!

And who the hell are those people?

Who are you talking about? Aria? Song? Five? Nino? What?
Okay well, you suddenly remembered that the last name is yours. Duh, you are Nino.

Who are those other names supposed to be now? Whose bed are you on?

Why are you in someone else's bed?

Nino: Ponder on why the picture frame on the nightstand is pointed at your direction.

Okay, anyway, you'd rather not theorize about the mostly weird reasons you could be in someone else's bed right now. Quick, picture frame distraction go!

Whoever this bed belongs to must sleep every night looking at this, seeing as it is pointed towards this direction.

Nino: What do you remember?

You take a closer look at the frame.

It seems to hold a family portrait of what you think is a mother and her daughter. It is heavily reminiscent of those old outdated autochrome types of photographs. This must be a really old picture! Is that Aria? Oh... wait!

Aria! Aria, Ludwig and Five!

Now you remember, your new friends!

Some hours ago, you woke up in a dark forest, helped a monster kid, met up with a dog, then the dog's owner, and almost had a guard murder you, and then went to a graveyard, then had a crazy dream, and woke up here. You remember everything now.

But, wait, where is "here"? Where are yo--

  • Aria: Nino! You're awake!

Nino: talk to Aria

  • Nino: Aria?
  • Aria: I'm glad you're awake!
  • Nino: Hey! Uhhhh... Am I in your bed?
  • Aria: Yup, but--
  • Aria: Nonono, it's fine, really!
  • Aria: It's no big deal, I don't mind!
  • Aria: You seemed really tired, so I thought I'd let you get some rest.
  • Nino: ...Thanks for that.

  • Aria: Then I thought all of that adventuring must've made you insanely hungry,
  • Aria: So I made us all some muffins!
  • Nino: Wait.


Nino: Absolutely RAVISH the muffins.
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