31 Jul 2017



What happened last night.

You slowly open your eyes. How long have you been asleep for?
The last thing you remember was the distinct horrible stench of smoke and a lot of running.
Where are you now? What happened to you? Why does it smell like cake???

So many questions!! But the most important question of all presents itself now.

Just what the hell are you looking at??

You're starting to see triples, ugh. You close your eyes and shake your head a little, letting out a small groan of pain.

Your head. It feels like absolute chaos in your head.
It's like your brain went out drinking all night, puked on the couch and stepped in dog shit while running away from the cops because it committed some sort of felony, finally ending up naked with an insane hangover in jail the next morning.

You clearly aren't exaggerating a single bit with this metaphor. But seriously, ouch.

And just WHAT is that assholish thing above. It's emitting light directly into your eyes and worsening the headache now. Who the hell do you think you're messing with here?

You're going to figure out what the fuck this thing is, and what that delicious aroma around you is, and fuck them both up for making you hurt and hunger more, respectively.

You try to focus on what you're looking at again to distract yourself from the pain.

It's getting a bit clearer now...


It's a fucking ceiling lamp. Great.

Hey, wait--

Where are you?

Nino: take this time to reflect on how weird names are. Aria is synonymous with song, does she even sing? and then there's the little girl who is literally named the number five. and you. your name means child in Spanish. descriptive until you grow out of it.
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6 months ago

tl;dr: Nino deals with a hangover and gets pissed at a lamp. He proceeds to realize he has no idea where he is.