30 Jul 2017


  • Kotori: Your highness.

  • Prince: Ah. There you are.
  • Prince: Never takes any time for you to arrive! Lovely.
  • Prince: I always wonder what intriguing little tricks you have up your sleeve.
  • Prince: I mean holy, didn't take you more than a minute to get here!
  • Kotori: ...Please.
  • Prince: Hey, don't make that face at me!
  • Prince: That's not cute at all!
  • Kotori: Ugh.
  • Kotori: Pardon the language, your highness,
  • Kotori: But would you kindly cut to the chase already.
  • Prince: Ahhhh. Impatient, aren't we.

  • Kotori: Why was I summoned.
  • Kotori: And why are those two here.
  • Prince: You're no fun.
  • Kotori: I believe I'm justified in questioning what's out of the "ordinary".

  • Prince: Well, I'll grant your wish.
  • Prince: Please, take a seat.
  • Prince: It's nothing but a small request I've called you for.
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5 years ago

The prince's ability to notice humans is probably because he hates them so much he wants to get rid of them.

4 years ago
Reply to  anonymous

he didn't know of Aria until Nino appeared, which flared up his spidey senses. I think that might be because of her abilities, of maybe Nino is like some Magic(tm) beacon.

7 months ago

tl;dr: Kotori heads into the Monster Prince's throne room and doesn't allow him to converse much before demanding to know what's what. She asks about it and the reason for the presence of two figures, a monster and a winged person with orange eyes (hmmm), but the page ends before the Prince can explain it to her.

3 months ago

prince looks a lot like nino