28 Jul 2017

Nino: Well, do you remember?

Remember? Remember what?

This doesn't feel right. Nothing feels right.

Someone is gripping your shoulders, talking to you, shaking you, but you can't seem to focus on them anymore.

You can't even hear them.

You can barely formulate any thoughts right now.

Nino: Remember, remember, everything that you didn't want to.

What are you supposed to remember? Your home? Your world? The war? It's all foggy details in your head. Scary, vague details of awful, awful memories.

How would you even do that? You can't just force yourself to remember. At least, you think that you can't.

You sure as hell don't want to try to remember any more anyway.

You don't know.

You don't know anything. And it is so, so frustratingly scary to be this lost.

You're starting to lose your vision of your surroundings.

Can you hear me.

It's best if you don't remember.
What? Who is talking to you?

Be brave.

For you must face your own death.

Get out, get out, gET OUT, GET OUT! GET OUT!!!

But you-- You don't want to die!

You might die once again. And again. Time after time.


But it's okay.
Heroes die.
But their legends live.
Legends never die.

The voice begins fading from your head.

Your mind is filled with questions.

Hundreds, thousands, millions of them.

But there is no sound anymore.

Just silence.

Oh god, are you dead?


You still are feeling something.

The feeling of fear.

A dead person would not feel anything anymore.

The realization slowly replaces your fear with hope.

Maybe you can force yourself awake.

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5 years ago

Nino's awakening may be based on helping people, awakenings are stated to be brought on by will so he probably wanted to save everyone who was dead.

2 years ago
Reply to  anonymous

Reads to me more like desperately wanting to keep himself alive.

5 years ago

If Nino was a hero I wonder how cool he was?

4 years ago

That got dark fast

3 years ago

*legends never die plays*

1 year ago

tl;dr: Nino can't remember anything and can't focus. Red voice reaches out and says he has to face his death but it's okay actually. Then silence. Nino thinks he's dead for a sec, but realizes he's alive.