30 Jul 2023

Spirits: Pursue target.

  • Spirit: Hey hey, where are you looking?
  • Meimona: U-ugh!
  • Spirit: Seriously, where's the "fortune" in someone like you?
  • Nino?: Right, getting lost while crossing is quite unfortunate, if you ask me.
  • Spirit: And she's immediately struggling at the first sign of trouble!
  • Spirit: Haha, what a joke!
Somehow, you have to get away...
Or you'll never get the chance to see the real Nino or your family again!

You try to flap your wings and fly, but your apprehensiveness about the whole thing stops you. Spending your divinity undoubtedly means giving up on going home, and this fear is not easy to fight off a second time.

But in order to avoid more injuries, or something worse...

Meimona: Your only option here should be a no-brainer.

  • Nino?: At this point...
  • Nino?: Even the real deal would be annoyed with her incompetence.
It hurts... it hurts so much! Not just the injury, but, but...

Even though you know it's not really Nino or Yuness, to hear all of this being said in those voices... you had no idea it would hurt you this badly.

You need to get away from all of this right now!

Meimona: Fly.

  • Nino: Don't use your wings!


  • Nino?: What the- AAA.- .- .-. .-.RGH!
  • Spirit: General!?
  • Nino?: A-Augh, who dares...!?

Meimona: Look down.

  • Nino: Hey, bastard!
  • Nino: Who said you could just walk around looking like that?
  • Nino?: THE H...HUMAN!? AGRH...


  • Nino: Keep dreaming, you're too ugly to be me!
Nino...? It's Nino!?
He definitely sounds very Ninoish!

But is it really him this time, or is this just another attempt to trick you? You can't let your guard down, and just assume that he's not also a... huh?

You suddenly feel your strength doubling. No, quadrupling, even.

Fortune: Recover.

The familiar power of belief surges through your heart.

It is a lovely feeling that originates only from the bonds you've formed with others, and a reminder of the trust that they currently place in you. Which means that this is totally, absolutely, without question... him.

  • Meimona: ...Oh, my god, Nino!
  • Meimona: It's you, for real!
  • Nino: What...?
  • Nino: Wait, no, more importantly, STOP flying!
  • Nino: You can't waste your divinity, remember?
  • Nino: Come down here!

Meimona: Rejoin party.

  • Meimona: ...Yes!!!
Without thinking, you drop down like a stone.
These are the very words you've wanted to believe in, after all. Gosh, you're so indescribably happy that this stupid human boy is finally here!

Yes, this right here is your Nino!

Oh, and the dumbo doesn't know anything about what's happening here, does he? You need to warn him about those spirits right away!

Nino: Heal Mei's injury.

  • Meimona: Nino, watch out for... ow!
  • Nino: Whoa! What happened to your legs!
  • Meimona: I-it's a long story, but...
  • Nino: Was it this faker's fault?
  • Meimona: Um... that, and the other one.
  • Nino: Here. That'll do for now.
  • Nino: Should be more bearable, at least.
  • Meimona: ...Oh! Thanks...
  • Nino: Stay behind me.
  • Nino: I'll deal with these two.
Whoa! That nasty wound is slowly closing up!
So that's what his healing is like?

Somehow, it feels warm.


You can stand up properly again! Can't move it too much, though, since there is some lingering pain... but this is already a whole lot better than before! All things considered, you might be able to help Nino fight.

No, actually, with the power of belief... you WILL be able to help!


  • Spirit: Heh, the original was here, after all?
  • Spirit: I suppose that saves us some trouble.
  • Spirit: Stand back! I'll handle this.
  • Spirit: ...No.
  • Spirit: What!? How can a --. . -. . .-. .- .-.. lead the front?
  • Spirit: Forget the lessons of .-- .- .-.
  • Spirit: Order of battle is a concept only for the .-.. .. ...- .. -. --.
  • Spirit: Two against two should be fine.

Finally, actually be Nino again.

You are now Nino.
The original, that no imitation can ever hope to match, of course.

You woke up in this empty desert a little while ago.

Your body was resting under the shade of some palm trees atop a sandy hill by the barrier. There were no signs of life around when you woke up from that exhausting dream, but almost immediately... you heard something not too far away.

It was the sound of Mei's ear-piercing shouts.

Of course then, you spared no time in rushing over to the source.
Thank god she's good at being loud.

Nino: For now, focus on fighting.

  • Meimona: Nino! These are spirits we're dealing with here, be careful!
  • Nino: Oh, the things Aria and Reed mentioned...?
  • Meimona: Yes! Right now, they're disguised, but they're both bad enemies!
  • Nino: So that's how they trick people, huh.
Alright, what did Aria and Reed say again?

Be careful, because spirits assume the form of a person... and they do that by reading people's memories, and using them for their tricks.

From the look of things, these spirits had successfully tricked Mei, huh?

You don't know who the other one is disguised like, but one of them clearly tried to pull a fast one on her by daring to imitate YOUR PERFECT SELF.

For that, it must pay severely.

Nino: Prepare to fight.
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10 months ago

"YOUR PERFECT SELF" Shut yo bitch ass up, RG but no B lookin ass, you just waiting for the blue LEDs to finally finish the colour combo?

10 months ago

Morse translations:

Nino?: What the- AAAAARRRGH!

Spirit: What!? How can a GENERAL lead the front?

Spirit (red): Forget the lessons of WAR
Spirit (red): Order of battle is a concept only for the LIVING

10 months ago

Mei seing Nino again fills me with joy

10 months ago

Nino: Show these fakers why they'll never be the real deal.
Mei: Eviscerate.

10 months ago

Nino: Remember to keep your disguise safe.