05 Aug 2023

Nino: Prepare to fight.

Spirits don't exactly have a physical body, huh?
No wonder this one's still standing after that surprise attack, and no wonder slicing it with your sword wasn't anything like cutting through flesh.

Not that you know what that's like.

To defeat these things, Aria and Reed said you needed to strike them strongly enough to dissipate their smokey bodies completely. That should be plenty possible for you!

You've just got to angle your attacks better this time.


  • Nino: ...A sword? That's an illusion, isn't it?
  • Nino: I figure it's a waste of time to try and make sense of why you'd bother using your powers like that, but... Why do such a thing, anyway?
  • Spirit: I thought it was only right to show respect to an opponent like you.
  • Spirit: So let's go with something familiar and have an honorable duel, shall we?
  • Nino: Honorable? With a sneaky bastard like you?
  • Spirit: Ah, well. You don't have to accept it. But after seeing another swordsman...
  • Spirit: I just can't help but want a good fight, you know.
  • Spirit: Who's your master, human?
  • Nino: My... what?
  • Spirit: The one who taught you to dance with a blade like that.
  • Spirit: I can't find any such person in your memories,
  • Spirit: But you definitely aren't a master in your own right just yet.
Ugh, what's this thing even on?
And why does it have to pretend to be you while saying all of this nonsense?

You're kind of sick of your own face today, to be honest.

Come to think of it, this might be a good chance to test out the fortification side of your ability. Right... you don't need to be fair in a fight like this anyway.

Meimona: Eviscerate.

  • Nino: Cut the crap. I'm not entertaining a coward like you with a response.
  • Spirit: ...Coward? You dare call me that?
  • Nino: Is it wrong to call trash "trash"?
  • Nino: I mean, look at your buddy over there and compare.


  • Spirit: H-how did you intercept my attack this time!? That's impossible!
  • Meimona: Hu, are you implying that I'm weak or something!?
  • Spirit: Well, of course!
  • Spirit: You were crying for help seconds ago... so how?
  • Meimona: N-no I wasn't! Shut up about that!
  • Meimona: And, and... remove that disguise already!

Nino: Fortify arms.

  • Nino: In a fair fight, my buddy's capable of holding her own and more.
  • Nino: Clearly, you had to trick her in order to get the upper hand in advance.
  • Nino: So yes, you guys are nothing but cowards.
  • Spirit: Hah! You dared to say it again...
  • Spirit: What do children like you who haven't seen a day of war even know!?

Spirit: Attack again.

  • Spirit: You have never had to turn a blind eye to a comrade's death,
  • Spirit: And willfully walk towards your own!
  • Nino: Augh...! Back off!
  • Nino: What are you even going on about!?
  • Spirit: Yes, I am brave...
  • Spirit: I am braver than anyone else!
  • Spirit: Because I am still the last man standing!

Nino: Show this faker why he'll never be the real deal.

  • Nino: Give me a break, you lunatic! You attacked an innocent winged!
  • Nino: I bet you felt real good saying all that bullshit,
  • Nino: As if it justifies what you did here at all!
  • Spirit: GAH... you, YOU do NOT get to judge us!
  • Spirit: What do you even know, a clueless child like you...!
  • Nino: I know that I've heard enough of your crying by now.
  • Spirit: .- .- .- .- .- .- .- .-aargh...!


Even after the delicate balance of one's being is irreversibly disrupted, they may still attempt to hold on to the mortal world. However, defying the rules is costly.

Bit by bit, something precious is lost from the desperate mind.

Slowly, even the laws of thought will fail to describe such an existence, as the waters of the Lethe gradually swallow it whole.

  • No, no, no... not again, no...
And that precious thing is... oh, ho?
Dear little lost soul, it seems that you have finally realized it for yourself.


Yes, what did your own face look like?
Why, you just can't seem to remember what the mirrors had once reflected.

  • No, please! Even though I was a disgraceful, cowardly general...
  • I still want to .-. . -- . -- -... . .-. that .-.. .. ..-. .!
  • Please... I don't want to .-.. --- ... . any more of it!
How very curious, indeed.

Nino: End this nonsense here.

Perhaps you could stop that precious thing from vanishing any more if you tried long enough for it to matter. Fortunately, time is limited for everything here.

You have realized that as well, have you not?

  • No, no, no, NO, NO, N--- -. --- -. --- -. --- -. --- -. --- -. --- -. --- -. --- -. --- -. --- -. --- -. --- -. --- -. --- -. --- -. --- -. --- -. --- -. ---

After all...

  • -. --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- -.-.--
You certainly were quick to recognize the toll of the bell.

Nino: Feel refreshed after getting to hit one of your copycats.
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10 months ago

No, please! Even though I was a disgraceful, cowardly general...I still want to REMEMBER that LIFE!Please... I don't want to LOSE any more of it!No, no, no, NO, NO, NONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONO

10 months ago
Reply to  nevermind3476

forgot the first line but the morse code there is just AAAAA

10 months ago

No way, spirits are actual ghosts, no way!!!

10 months ago
Reply to  BlueBunnySkull

Notably, we've seen at least one two-horned spirit, corresponding to neither monsters nor humans. At least, one on page 126, and possibly another on page 111 (see the last panel; somewhat less clear, since it looks more human in the other pictures on that page).

10 months ago

The reference to bells at the end reminds me of Kaji's dream from the last chapter, where he heard the ringing of bells as he searched for the Queen. Here, the "toll of the bell" seems to refer to death, so it might have had a similar meaning in Kaji's dream. (It could also have just been representing his phone ringing, though.)

10 months ago
Reply to  Lunk

this is the most kaji thing of all time lamo, it could either be incredibly important to the function of the universe, or he could just be sleepy lamo

10 months ago
Reply to  Egglegg

eh, same thing.

10 months ago

I think Oceanfalls is teaching me morse code.

10 months ago
Reply to  MildTrash

Happened to me with Homestuck

10 months ago

Nino: Feel refreshed after getting to hit one of your copycats
Mei: Take down the other fake!
Remaining Spirit: Beg for mercy