26 Jul 2023

Mei: Question this "Nino".

  • Meimona: ...Wait, wait! Umm...
  • Meimona: How did you know that... that person was a spirit?
  • Nino: ...He was hurting you, wasn't he?
  • Nino: I couldn't just stand by and let that happen as a leader!
  • Meimona: No, I mean, he... umm, it...
  • Meimona: It looked like a normal winged.
  • Nino: And I was protecting you, Mei! Don't overthink it.
  • Nino: Now let me heal you, alright?
  • Meimona: S-so you just took a chance?
  • Meimona: Aiming to kill, no matter who or what it could've been...
  • Meimona: That was fine by you?
  • Nino: ...Yes? What's wrong?
  • Nino: It turned out to be the right move after all, didn't it?
  • Meimona: ...
  • Nino: It feels like you're interrogating me or something now!
  • Nino: But really, I just wanted to protect you again, Mei.
  • Meimona: No, I just...
  • Nino: Your wound's not going to get any better if you delay this...
  • Nino: Seeing you so hurt, that hurts me too.
  • Nino: Come on, let me heal it. I promise I'll treat you gently.
  • Meimona: ...What!? Ew!


  • Meimona: Stay back! Don't touch me!
  • Meimona: And don't you dare move a step closer!
  • Nino: W-what's wrong, Mei?
  • Meimona: You're... you're not him... are you?
  • Meimona: You're just another stinkin' spirit!
  • Nino: What!? That's not true!
  • Nino: Why would you even think that, you idiot?
  • Meimona: 'cause you talk all weird!
  • Nino: What do you mean weird? Aren't I being nice!?
  • Meimona: No! That made me feel... um, uh...
  • Meimona: W-whatever! I don't have to explain why, but you're WEIRD, okay!
  • Meimona: How DARE you make me hear Nino say WEIRD things!
  • Nino: Oh, come on, Mei!
  • Nino: Would a spirit really kill another spirit?
  • Nino: You're being way too paranoid.
  • Meimona: No! I don't care for logic right now,
  • Meimona: I need proof that you're real before anything else!
  • Meimona: I-I gotta be careful! My life's important!
  • Meimona: No offense, okay!?
  • Nino: Ugh, what the hell... fine, then.
  • Nino: Ask me something that only I would know, how about that?
  • Meimona: ...
  • Nino: Well?


  • Meimona: ...Um. Okay.
  • Meimona: What's black, white, and red all over?
  • Nino: ...Huh? Uh...


  • Nino: An embarrassed panda?


  • Nino: Ow- what the hell?
  • Meimona: Go away, you stupid fraud!
  • Nino: Fraud!?
  • Nino: I answered you correctly, didn't I!?
  • Nino: What gives, you moron!
  • Meimona: That's precisely why you're not Nino,
  • Meimona: And you'll never be, stupid!

Mei: Run for it.

  • Meimona: So you can read my mind, huh?
  • Meimona: Then read this:
  • Meimona: I'm thinking about how much you SUCK right now, idiot!
  • Nino?: Oh, you little prick.
  • Meimona: Bleeeeeeh!
  • Nino?: ...Hah. Why am I letting such childish acts get to me?
  • Nino?: Very well, little winged. Go, run.
  • Nino?: If you can manage the same trick again with your injury, that is.


Running away is the only thing you can do now.
You do your best to withstand the pain, and dash as fast as you can.

It hurts, but not as badly as before now that you're moving downhill... huh?

  • Spirit: Looks like that idiot failed, huh.
  • Spirit: So much for an impromptu ruse plan!
  • Meimona: W-wuh!?
  • Spirit: You really are lucky to have survived this far, you know?
  • Spirit: But that won't matter now.
Oh, crap, what is this!? The other spirit pretended to die!?
So they've planned everything here together!?

What the heck! Aria and Reed never warned you about this!

You can barely move, but... but you have to survive!

Meimona: Keep running!

  • Nino?: Cut that out, you halfwit.
  • Spirit: What, you want me to just let her escape?
  • Nino?: Does it look like she actually can?
  • Nino?: Plus, you went overboard.
  • Spirit: Huh!? This is MY catch!
  • Spirit: I'll deal with her however I want!
  • Nino?: Did you forget what you're here for?
  • Nino?: ... .... . never wanted -.. . .- - ....
  • Nino?: As long as the - .. . ... expire, our job is done.
  • Nino?: The flying was just perfect...
  • Nino?: But you sure got carried away, didn't you.
  • Spirit: Guh...! S-shut UP!
  • Nino?: That's what you should be telling yourself.
  • Nino?: I had to step in and fix this whole mess,
  • Nino?: So be quiet and don't defy your predecessors.
  • Spirit: ...FINE.
  • Spirit: ... .... . sees something in you, so I have no choice.
  • Spirit: But ... .... . trusted me with this too!
  • Spirit: I'm not about to give up now.
  • Nino?: Then you'd better succeed this time.
  • Nino?: It would be a waste of energy if I had to put you down.
  • Spirit: Psssh, one little winged is nothing! Just watch, I'll prove it!
Spirits: Pursue target.
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11 months ago

Morse translated:

Nino?: SHE never wanted DEATH
Nino?: As long as the TIES expire, our job is done.

Spirit: SHE sees something in you, so I have no choice.
Spirit: But SHE trusted me with this too!

11 months ago

It's interesting how all of the Nino spirits keep Nino's identity after being revealed. The Nino spirit is "Nino?" but the Yuness spirit is just "Spirit," possibly because of how many "Ninos" there are.

11 months ago
Reply to  Lunk

Alternate take: Nino is actually a spirit and all spirits are actually Nino