02 Apr 2023

Be Meimona.

You are now Meimona.
You have no idea where you are.

Meimona: What do you see?


A sea of pale gold, stretching as far as the eye can see.
It is reminiscent of the overworld, of...

Your home.


But that can't be where you are!
After all, you can still make out the lining of the barrier.

Unfortunately, it seems that you remain a caged bird.

But in which part of the cage did you end up...?

Meimona: Can you tell where you are?

That sandy mountain you tumbled from... that's where the rift was.
It is as if you crossed over from an unintended direction.

Maybe this is a place in the monster world, then?

The sunlight here is certainly brighter than anywhere you've been to in the human world. In fact, it's so bright that it nearly masks the lining of the dome.

Yes, for just a brief moment...
You glimpsed what it's like to be free once more.

Boy, what a cruel prankster of a phenomenon this is!

Meimona: What do you remember?

The last thing you recall in the rift was succumbing to the pressure, and falling with the wind. But just before you shut your eyes, you think you saw Nino!

And then... that was followed by blinding light.

But wherever you are, Nino, Boyfriend, and the others are nowhere in sight.
It seems that you've ended up all alone.

You wonder where everyone else is. Are they looking for you right now?
Would it benefit them to do so...?


...Calm down! It's fine!
Not the first time you've been by yourself!

Right now, you gotta put all your thinking energy into survival.

A desert like this is probably super unbearable for humans and monsters, right? That means your friends must be looking for shelter out here!
Therefore, in order to survive... they'd probably look for an oasis.

By that logic, you'll surely run into them if you seek one yourself.

See? No need to panic at all!

Meimona: Check inventory.

Yep, all your stuff made it with you.
With your precious riches and COOL disguise, you're unstoppable!

It's a bit worrying that you don't have any food. Not that you're hungry, but it's certainly one more reason to look for an oasis while you still have your energy.

To do that, you've just gotta traverse this place carefully.
Searching around a big desert... yeah, no biggie.

Meimona: Look for the others.

  • Meimona: Nino? Ninoooo?
  • Meimona: Boyfrieeend! Pspspspsps?
  • Meimona: Uh... Aria? Hey?
  • Meimona: Five...? Umm... Reed?
You call out to your friends, but receive no response...

Meimona: SCREAM at the top of your lungs.

  • Meimona: HEY, IDIOT! STUUUPID!
  • Meimona: Come DEFEND yourself!
No response... not even after shouting all of that!?
Unbelievable!!!!!! >:[

If Nino was nearby, there's NO WAY his ego would've let him ignore you.
Maybe he's not within earshot... so then, you just need to shout even harder...!

Wait, no, no! Scratch that horrendous idea!

Meimona: Take a breather.

You pause to catch your breath, and slowly realize that ALL your ideas have been BAD. The first thing anyone should do in a desert is conserve their energy, stupid!!!

You admit you kind of got carried away back there.

It's not your fault that mocking Nino is really fun! It could be funnier if he was here to react to it, though... but on the bright side, at least he's not here to call you stupid for wasting your breath!

So, instead, you just imagine him doing it... wait, what? No!
That somehow feels even worse! Augh!!! >:[[


How do people navigate a desert again...? Could you do it like a sailor, using the stars in the sky? That's something someone like Kaji would do, you think!

But it's morning right now, and it doesn't look like it will be nightfall soon.
Will you simply have to wait it out until then? But even so, since you don't really know what any star's position might indicate...

You wouldn't understand what the night sky communicates.

Man, what a hassle. Reed's little map thingy would be really useful right now.
Err... but... but you're fine on your own! You're fine!

Meimona: No you're not, stupid!!!

Ugh, fine, fine! You get it! You'll admit it, okay?!
You admit that right now, you, you...

You may actually be lost.

In fact, you may have just been getting yourself even more lost by wandering around all along. But it's fine! It's totally super duper fine, you know!? Because you actually know what to do when you're lost! After all...

Everyone in your family was great at finding their way back home!

You just have to think back to their valuable advice.

Meimona: Flashback.
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7 months ago

Mei: Head for the trees. Plants mean potential water or food.

7 months ago

Mei: Climb tree and look around. Maybe grab a coconut or whatever potential food may be in the tree. (wait why would coconuts be in the desert?)

Mei: Is it the right time to be Nino yet?

Last edited 7 months ago by VB.Rainer
7 months ago

Meimona: Flashback

Meimona: Try and remember any details from reed's map - which way were you supposed to be travelling again?

Nino: Be weird

7 months ago

goombario would be pissed

7 months ago

Meimona: Equip disguise. Sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat will help protect you from the sun.