25 Mar 2023

Be Nino.

You fail to be Nino. Try as you might, you simply cannot.
For you see, it's still not the right time for that.

So instead, you go back to being Reed.

There's no escaping this situation just yet.

Reed: Engage in COMBAT.

  • Five: Reed!
  • Five: R-Reed's bleeding!
  • Reed: I'm fine.
  • Reed: Stay behind me.
Of all times to run into a goddamn beast.
The sly thing crept up on you.

It must've been stalking for a while, just looking for an opening to strike.

No matter. You'll take care of this swiftly.

Reed: Attack.

Your wind cannon barely does anything to stop this thing.
This calls for more destructive measures...

Rimehound: Attack.

Even though you wouldn't want to risk alerting any monsters nearby with something loud, you've left with no other choice.

Reed: Use a stronger attack.

Keeping Five safe is more important.


  • Aria: Huh? That noise...
  • Ludwig: Bark! Bork!
  • Boyfriend: M-meow!
  • Aria: Whoa, it's okay, don't worry...
  • Aria: Stay by my side, alright?
  • Aria: I'll keep us safe.
  • Boyfriend: ...Meooow...
What a fidgety cat Boyfriend is!

But more importantly, that distant noise...
Somehow, you feel like you've heard it somewhere before.

Encounter: End.

Damn thing needs to be put on a leash.
You didn't come this far to get lost to a wild animal.


  • Five: R-Reed...!
  • Five: Reed was bleeding...! Reed, hurts?
  • Reed: It's fine, it's fine.
  • Reed: This is nothing that I can't deal with.
  • Five: H-how can Five help?
  • Five: Five doesn't have, bandaid... or healing...
  • Reed: You don't have to do anything.
  • Reed: Just keep yourself safe.
  • Five: But... everyone always gets hurt for Five.
  • Five: Five doesn't like it...
  • Reed: ...
  • Reed: It's an adult's job to do that.
  • Reed: We'd be failures if we ever let you near danger.
  • Reed: You understand?
  • Five: Not... really...
  • Reed: Staying safe really is the best way to repay me here, Five.
  • Five: ...

Reed: Check your wound.

...Eh. You've had worse.
It's an annoyance at best, and only because blood is hard to wash off.

Besides, there's a certain someone who said he can just heal all of this away. It means you just have to find him and make him do that, right?

No need to make a big deal out of it at all.

More importantly, you've got to book it outta here, stat.

  • Aria: Reed!
Or else, you might run into more... huh?

Aria: Reach Reed.

  • Aria: Are you alright!?
  • Five: Aria...!
Well, would you look at that.
Not the worst consequence your noisiness could've had.

In fact, it accomplished the best thing you could have hoped for.


  • Reed: ...I'm fine.
  • Aria: You... you're wounded, though!
  • Reed: Oh, that?
  • Reed: That's nothing to worry about.
  • Reed: More importantly, Five's here.
  • Reed: But... only Five.
  • Reed: Are you with anyone else?
  • Five: Aria... Ludwig and Boyfriend followed Aria!
  • Five: Did Aria find friends?
  • Aria: Oh... yes, Five!
  • Aria: They're waiting back there for us.


  • Reed: You... left them behind?
  • Aria: I-I had to!
  • Aria: I figured you needed back up, when I heard the sounds of a struggle...
  • Aria: But seeing the aftermath, it looks like I was a little too late.
  • Aria: I'm glad you survived that, still!
  • Reed: ...
  • Reed: One beast isn't difficult to deal with.
  • Aria: Here, I still have the first aid kit from the Sea Patrol's ship...
  • Aria: It'll help with your wound.
  • Aria: So let me take a look at it.
  • Reed: ...It's not that serious.
  • Reed: Save that for when we really need it.
  • Aria: Please, Reed!
  • Aria: It's the least I could do...
  • Aria: Everybody else always does so much for me,
  • Aria: And gets hurt for my sake.
  • Reed: ...
  • Aria: I can't bear that.
  • Aria: It's like I have no use at all.

Five: Cheer Aria up!

  • Five: No way! Aria, not correct!
  • Five: Aria's disguise helps everyone be safe, in monster world!
  • Five: Aria, very important!
  • Five: No good to say bad things like that...
  • Aria: Oh.
  • Aria: Five.
  • Aria: ...Aww. You're so sweet.
  • Aria: Thank you.
  • Reed: ...Aren't you upset?
  • Aria: Huh?
  • Reed: About what I did in the rift.
  • Reed: You didn't seem to like it.
  • Aria: Oh, that...
  • Aria: It was for the best, wasn't it?
  • Aria: I thought about it, and I realized...
  • Aria: You're always thinking of how to help, aren't you?
  • Aria: To be so kind to someone like me, I...
  • Aria: I could never be angry at that.
She sounds... sad.
A nervous wreck, with nary a shred of confidence.

To be honest, it's not the best sight for Five to see under such uncertain circumstances. The two of you should appear reliable, no matter what.

But here she is, making Five reassure her instead.

Aria: Treat injury.

  • Aria: It's because of your kindness that I could make it this far.
  • Aria: So, please...
  • Aria: Let me repay you.

Reed: Flinch.

  • Aria: O-oh! What's wrong?
  • Aria: Did I hurt you by accident?
  • Aria: I'm sorry!
  • Reed: Uh.
  • Reed: That was... just my reflexes.
  • Reed: Don't touch me without warning.
  • Aria: Oh! Sorry...
  • Aria: I guess you aren't used to that?
  • Aria: Then... may I, Reed?
  • Aria: I would like to put a bandage on your arm!
  • Aria: I'll be more careful...
  • Aria: And I'll do it right this time, so...
  • Reed: ...
Jeez. Has she ever been this kind to you before?
It's more surprising than you'd expect. But why...?

It's not like you can't treat your own wounds or anything...

Are you just being too wary?


Well... maybe you are.
It's just like her to worry this much over a little injury, after all.

  • Reed: Here.
  • Aria: ...Thank you.
  • Aria: I can finally do something for someone else now.
  • Aria: Reed...
  • Aria: I'm so happy.
  • Reed: ...Happy?
  • Reed: What makes you happy to be doing any of this?
  • Aria: Because, I finally have a use, don't I?
  • Aria: I won't be dead weight this time around.
  • Reed: You're a miserable existence, you know that?


  • Aria: ...Huh?
  • Aria: W-what are you saying, Reed...?
  • Reed: Actually, I don't even need to say it.
  • Reed: You know damn well how despicable you are.
  • Aria: Did... did I say something wrong...?
  • Aria: I-I'm sorry...
  • Reed: Shut it.
  • Reed: Enacting a poor imitation of that girl is what makes you happy?


  • Reed: Acting this stupid while using her face is a death sentence.
...Or that's just what it wants you to think.

Reed: Shoot.

  • Aria?: ...Hehehehe.
  • Aria?: Hehehehehehehehe.

Aria: Follow the source of the sound.

You stop in your tracks, and turn back.

You had began moving towards where Ludwig and Boyfriend arrived from, but the sound echoed from the opposite direction.

That's something worth investigating, just in case!


But suddenly, a familiar voice calls your name.

  • Reed: ...Yo.
  • Reed: Finally found you.

Reed: Reach Aria.

  • Aria: No way... Reed! It's you!
  • Aria: You made it safely!
  • Reed: Of course I did.
  • Aria: W-wait, you... you're injured!

Aria: Retrieve first-aid kit.

  • Aria: Who dared do this to you!?
  • Reed: I just ran into a wild beast.
  • Reed: But I'm fine.
  • Reed: Picked up a few scratches to show for it is all.
  • Aria: Ah, gosh! Don't talk that way about an injury!


  • Aria: There's... so much I want to say.
  • Aria: But, well, seeing your state...
  • Aria: I'm just glad you're safe.
  • Reed: Really?
  • Reed: You underestimate me a little too much to think I can't handle this.
  • Aria: An injury is an injury!
  • Aria: You have to treat those carefully.
  • Aria: I've got the first aid here, so...

Aria: Notice.

  • Aria: ...
  • Reed: Yeah, can I have that?


  • Aria: ...N-no.
  • Reed: Huh? Why not?
  • Aria: You're... you're not Reed.
  • Aria: Step back.
  • Reed: What are you on about?


  • Reed: Who else would I even be, if not myself.
  • Reed: Aria, you're being too paranoi-


  • Aria: I won't hesitate if you get any closer.
  • Reed: ...Huh.


  • Reed?: And here I thought I was convincing enough.

Spirit: Shed off USELESS disguise.

  • Five: W-whoa...!
  • Five: It's, it's... a spirit?
  • Reed: Be careful, Five.
  • Reed: Stay behind me at all times.
  • Spirit: Hehehehehehehehehehehehehe!
  • Spirit: Even though that copy was one of my finest works...
  • Spirit: How did you know, human?
  • Reed: Because you spirits are idiots.
  • Spirit: ...
  • Spirit: A perfect copy can't be based on imperfect thoughts...
  • Spirit: And the brains of the living are never perfect.
  • Spirit: Is that it? .. -. - . .-. . ... - .. -. --.


  • Spirit: That's weird.
  • Spirit: What tipped you off so quickly?
  • Spirit: It couldn't have been the actions...
  • Spirit: Because that was a perfect copy in every way.
  • Spirit: Are you simply that perceptive?
  • Spirit: How unusual for a .... ..- -- .- -.
  • Aria: I have nothing to say to you!
  • Spirit: Oh well.
  • Spirit: I can't do much if my cover's blown.


  • Spirit: Even though you know that you have your own expectations of how that girl acts... do you also expect them to be defied?
  • Spirit: Ahh, I've met this .--. .- .-. .- -.. --- -..- before.
  • Spirit: That the living are simultaneously predictable, yet too complex to predict.
  • Spirit: "There are many words I could use to describe her".
  • Spirit: But 'coward' isn't one of them".
  • Spirit: So that was my mistake, I see.
  • Reed: Shut your trap.
  • Spirit: Seems like I should've taken a different approach,
  • Spirit: But it's too late for a retrial now!


  • .. .----. .-.. .-.. / . -. -.. / - .... .. ... / .-- .. - .... --- ..- - / .- -. -.-- / - .-. .. -.-. -.- . .-. -.-- --..-- / .... ..- -- .- -.

Reed: Try to attack spirit.

Shit, it moves way too fast!
You've landed a few hits in, but none seem to have been lethal enough...

This bastard can absorb a lot of damage, huh?

Then you'll just have to dish out even more of it.

Reed: Charge up LEVEL 03 - HEATSTORM.

That's enough bullshit illusory nonsense from this thing.
This is where you'll end it.

Spirit: Attack the kid.

Trying to go for an easier target, are we?
Fat chance. No way in hell you'd give it an opening.

Reed: Defend.

  • --. .- .- .- .... -.-.--


  • It, it burns... this firey thing! What crazy advancements have you humans made since the ...- .. -... .-. .- -. - .----. ... reign!?
  • But it doesn't matter! None of this does!
  • Fire your little .-- . .- .--. --- -. ... as much as you like,
  • It won't make a difference!
  • As soon as the fragrance of my .--. . - .- .-.. ... fills the air...


  • -. --- - / . ...- . -. / .- / -.-. . .-.. . ... - .. .- .-.. / -.-. .- -. / ... - --- .--. / .. - -.-.--

Hero: Slaughter.

  • .- .- .- .- .- .- .- .- .- .- .- .- .- .- .- .- .- .- .- .- .- .- .- .- .- .- .- .- .-

Spirit: Fall.

  • Five: N... Nino!
  • Reed: ...Holy crap.
  • Nino: Hey! You okay?

Encounter: End.

It's the leader, in the flesh.
So he's made it too, after all that?

Huh. You're almost glad to see him again. Almost.

  • Reed: ...Yeah... yeah, I'm fine.
  • Nino: Jeez, that scared the hell out of me!
  • Nino: Seeing you fighting with what looked like Aria...
  • Nino: So that's what a spirit can do?
  • Reed: Yeah.
  • Nino: Damn, that's advanced...
  • Nino: Have you run into the real Aria?
  • Reed: ...
  • Five: No...
  • Five: Reed and Five, looking for Aria!
  • Five: But instead, bad spirit showed up...
  • Nino: Oh man! That's awful.
  • Nino: This place is just crawling with danger, huh...
  • Nino: But don't worry, guys.
  • Nino: I think I actually know where Aria is.
  • Five: Oh...! really!?
  • Nino: Yeah!
  • Nino: She probably ended up south from here.
  • Nino: If we move in that direction, we should run into her...
  • Nino: Or at the very least, see if she's left behind any tracks.
  • Nino: She probably won't stay in one spot, would she?
  • Nino: Means we can't waste any time dawdling around.
  • Reed: Wait, wait, Nino...
  • Reed: Where's Meimona?

Reed: ...Almost, because he's got a lot to answer for first.

  • Nino: Huh? Why are you asking about that now...
  • Reed: I thought she might have been with you.
  • Five: Nino, go after Mei!
  • Five: Did Nino find Mei...?
  • Nino: Oh, ugh... no.
  • Nino: I tried to follow her, but no dice.
  • Nino: We went through a rift somehow...
  • Nino: Then next thing I know, I found myself in this snowy place.
  • Nino: I was looking around to see if she was nearby...
  • Nino: Then I heard a loud noise.
  • Nino: When I came to check it out, I found you guys!
  • Five: Oh...
  • Reed: ...I see.
  • Nino: Yeah, but either way...
  • Nino: None of that matters now.
  • Reed: ...
  • Nino: We need to go find Aria.
  • Nino: The three of us should group up as soon as we can.
  • Nino: Let's get going!
{S} Be Lacia.
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1 year ago

Morse translations:
"Is that it? INTERESTING."
"How unusual for a HUMAN."
"Ahh, I've met this PARADOX before"
"the VIBRANT'S reign!?"
"Fire your little WEAPONS as much as you like,"
"As soon as the fragrance of my PETALS fills the air..."

1 year ago

Reed and Five: Don't let your guard down. It could be another elaborate trick.

Reed: Be Mei?

Aria: Dispatch spirit.

Nino: You seem oddly cheery considering the situation. Anything up with you?

Mei: Mei, just where the hell are you?

Last edited 1 year ago by VB.rainer
1 year ago

Reed: The three of us?

Reed: Question.

Aria: Engage.

Meimona: Get lucky.

1 year ago
Reply to  pikarai

Reed: Nino back at the barrier let go to get Mei back. Why would he dismiss her now, when she could be in terrible danger?

1 year ago

Reed: Be incredibly suspicious

Aria and Ludwig: Fight!

Nino: Be somewhere else, probably

Be Mei?

1 year ago

Nino is talking differently, and seems to care more about Aria than Mei. He is likely not an illusion, as he killed the spirit, but he could have switched back to his chapter one personality. He is acting much more "Heroic," which fits in with his original personality, and his smile actually looks genuine. He seems to still remember Reed and Mei though, so it could be some sort of combination of the two? He is also seems to be trusting Reed a lot, considering the amount of questions he has asked.

1 year ago
Reply to  Lunk

Also, the spirit's hair after it starts to fall apart looks sort of similar to Suvillan's hair. It seems to be implied that Spirits used to be normal people, so this one could be Suvillan I, II, or III. 3 seems unlikely, as we seem to know what his ability was, and it doesn't really have anything to do with flower petals.

1 year ago

Reed: Follow but question him. You don't see why one spirit would kill another, but it's also suspicious that he would know where Aria is.

1 year ago

Reed: Punch Nino in the snout to prove real-ness.

1 year ago

Nino: kill Selene

1 year ago

Reed: Could it get anymore obvious?

1 year ago

Aria recognized the spirit because it smiled.

1 year ago

Five: Pinch Nino to make sure he's the real one.

1 year ago

I like the parallel between nino's stab here and his attempt to stab Kotori back on this page https://oceanfalls.net/p/1341