18 Mar 2023

Be Reed.

You are now Reed.
You've just managed to squeeze through a rift.

And someone's here with you.

  • Reed: ...Are you hurt?
  • Five: No...
  • Five: That's Five's question to Reed!
  • Five: Five fell, but Reed protected Five...
  • Five: Is Reed hurt?
  • Reed: ...No. Don't worry, this is nothing.
  • Five: Sorry, Reed...
  • Reed: It's fine.
  • Reed: Look. I can move around just fine, can't I?
  • Five: But, but...

Reed: Do something to reassure her.

  • Five: Whoa!
  • Reed: See.
  • Reed: Didn't I say I'm fine?
  • Five: Reed is... so strong!
  • Five: Reed can lift Five so high up!
  • Reed: That's right.
  • Reed: Nothing's going to hurt me.
  • Reed: So you have nothing to be scared of.
  • Five: Wow... Five can see everything from here!
  • Five: Snow, lots of snow...
  • Five: And a lot of red.
  • Reed: That's frozen water. Don't let the color scare you.
  • Reed: Hang on... is my disguise on, Five?
  • Five: Oh... yes!
  • Five: Reed looks like a monster!
  • Five: Just like Five!
  • Reed: Really? That's great.
  • Reed: It means we have fewer and fewer reasons to worry.
  • Reed: Because this way, I can get around the place just fine.

Reed: Analyze the situation.

The placement of the rift you exited from was rather unfortunate.
Right as you tried to take the first step forward into the other side, your foot landed on the secure support of thin air.

That is to say...

The rift was so elevated that you straight up just fell out of it.

And almost instinctually, you shielded Five and took the brunt of the fall. Good thing you held onto her strongly enough to be able to do that.

It's a lie to say it didn't hurt at all, but you can manage this much just fine.

Reed: What can you see? Do you recognize your surroundings?

Yes. You'd recognize these blood-like ice lakes anywhere.

You are somewhere in the snowfields of Hyouga, a dangerous area to be in.

The shade of the dome seems to be the darkest around here, which creates a perpetual nighttime effect in certain parts of the region. And so, it happens to be the most favored dwelling for dangerous, shadow-loving creatures within this world.

Reed: Inspect map.

It's also the correct place to be in, as it is in fact your original destination.

You came here prepared for the worst.

If you run into anything dangerous, be it hostile spirits, stray beasts, or even people, you'll be sure to protect Five from it. However...

  • Five: Reed, um...
  • Five: Where... did Nino go?
  • Five: Aria, Mei...
  • Five: Ludwig, and Boyfriend too.
  • Five: Where are they...?
Evidently, there are certain things you can't do for her right now.
This will be... difficult.

But it's not your first time being in this kind of situation.


  • Reed: ...I don't know.
  • Reed: It looks like we've been totally separated.
  • Five: S-so everyone is gone!?
  • Reed: ...
  • Reed: Aria should have ended up the closest to us...
  • Reed: Ludwig and Boyfriend, too.
  • Reed: Don't worry. I'll find them.
  • Five: Oh...
  • Five: Then, what about Nino and Mei?
  • Five: Nino, did Nino leave Five again...?
  • Five: Five wants to be with everyone.

Reed: Lament the fact that you told them all it'd be fine.

"Mom is gone."
"Dad, too."

"I know she said I can't call him that anymore. But..."

"They are both gone."

In all your previous crossings, the rifts had never behaved this way.

But rather than thinking this behavior is unusual, maybe you shouldn't have relied on your idea of "normal". Maybe, no one truly knows how the barrier works yet.

It looks like you made the same mistake again.

Your old habit of assuming you could trust your knowledge of anything... or anyone beyond your level, to be unquestionable.


And maybe it'd be foolish to assume you can just find everyone again, after what happened back there. Especially considering the fact that the distance between you and those two was nothing to scoff at.

"I'm scared, big bro."
...But you have no choice.
There is nothing worse than letting a child down.

That's why, you'd never allow yourself to give up this soon.


  • Reed: ...We'll look for them, of course.
  • Reed: And they too should be looking for us.
  • Reed: They won't just leave you behind.
  • Reed: So don't worry.


  • Five: Won't leave Five...?


  • Five: Maybe not Mei, but, but...
  • Five: ...Uwh...


Uh oh. Oh no. Oh no.
Please, please, don't let her start crying.


That's the last thing you know how to deal with.




Be Nino.
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1 year ago

Reed: turn around dumbass

1 year ago

Selene: die

1 year ago

Reed: Its just a dude in a fursuit. Take pity on them and laugh in their face. Tell them to stop LARP'ing its just sad and pathedic. They're not a real monster just someone in a costum. QUICKLY BLAST THERE ASS BACK TO YIFFING FURPILE HELL THEY CAME FROM BEFORE THEY PUT A DIAPUR ON FIVE AND COMMITE MANMADE HORRORS BEYOND COMPREHENSION.

1 year ago
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