05 Mar 2023

Suvillan: Discuss with Corona.

  • Suvillan: I'm not certain, but...
  • Suvillan: I believe that I just felt a disturbance.
  • Corona: You mean by the barrier?
  • Suvillan: Yes. Perhaps a human dares intrude on my domain again.
  • Corona: Oh, jeez! Today of all days?
  • Corona: You're kidding me.
  • Suvillan: It was faint, so I can't say for sure.
  • Suvillan: But still...


  • Suvillan: ...I was under the impression that this matter was dealt with.
  • Suvillan: Was I wrong, Corona?
Whoa! He's mad! He's really mad!
You're his best friend, and he's THIS mad at you based on an unconfirmed hunch!?

What are the chances that a human really crossed the barrier again?
Furthermore, what are the chances that it's the same human from before?

That blonde girl with the blue eyes...


No, there's no way. That's a ridiculous idea.
If that human escaped, why would she ever think to come back?

If anyone did cross again, it's got to be unrelated to that last debacle.

So as far as you're concerned, none of what he's talking about was your fault. Not one bit. You'll certainly help investigate the matter again, but he's utterly misguided if he thinks he can just make you bear responsibility for it.

Regardless, you have to give his highness a satisfactory answer here. He must be jumping to conclusions if he's this unhappy already... not that he can do much to you anyway.

You're too important.

Ruit: Attempt to discuss the matter with Selene.

  • Ruit: Selene, what have you been telling people again...
  • Selene: Hahah, I don't know what that guy was on!
  • Selene: This one wasn't my fault at all... erm, for once!
  • Ruit: Alright, ugh...
  • Selene: So what's up, hmm?
  • Selene: Talk to me, ruru, I'm all ears.
  • Ruit: Do not address me that way.
  • Selene: C'mon, you were calling for Lune as soon as something came up,
  • Selene: Even though I'm right here!
  • Selene: What is it, something so bad that only she can know?
  • Selene: Can't you trust your advisor?
  • Ruit: No, well...


  • Ruit: I simply believe the three of us should discuss it together.
  • Ruit: That is all.
  • Ruit: So could you patiently wait for...


  • Ruit: Her... arrival...
  • Ruit: Um.


  • Ruit: Selene.
  • Ruit: Please stop touching everything.
  • Selene: Hehe.
  • Selene: Haven't seen your doodads in a hot minute.


  • Selene: Glad to see my presents are still in mint condition!
  • Ruit: I did not call you in to mess around...
  • Selene: Y'know, this archives room is basically the same as I last saw it.
  • Selene: It could use a makeover!
  • Ruit: No! No, no.
  • Ruit: Never again, please!
  • Selene: Why not!?
  • Selene: Isn't it boring looking at the same scenery all the time?
  • Selene: C'mon, lemme touch it up a bit!


  • Ruit: A no is a no.
  • Ruit: Put that down.
  • Selene: Aww, you're no fun.
  • Selene: Bet luney would agree with me if she were here.
  • Ruit: Please. I am already dying of embarrassment.
  • Selene: Duh! You used your grabby-kinesis to yoink an anime figurine away of all things! You only have yourself to blame for that, stupid.

Be Lune.

  • Barkeeper: Welcome! Just cleaning up, but I'll be with you in a minute!
  • Lune: It's alright.
  • Lune: I am not here as a patron.
  • Barkeeper: Wait... oh my!
  • Barkeeper: C-Captain Lune! Oh, so sorry!
  • Barkeeper: I thought it was just another customer!
  • Lune: It's alright, compose yourself.
  • Barkeeper: What brings our lady here?
  • Barkeeper: Things have gotten quite peaceful on the island,
  • Barkeeper: So there's nothing to worry about.
  • Lune: Have they now.
  • Lune: It just so happens that I have a few questions regarding that.
  • Lune: By any chance, were there any foreigners on the island today?
  • Barkeeper: Oh, yes! A few, in fact!
  • Barkeeper: I believe they're currently staying in the hotel, captain.
  • Lune: I see.
  • Lune: And Captain Kaji, is...

Lune: Check on the suspiciously-quiet Kaji.

He's sleeping? No, wait, he's... drunk? Or, wait, actually...

He's drunk and sleeping.

Wow. That's a sight you never thought you'd ever see.

  • Lune: He's... this drunk?
  • Lune: I didn't know Kaji had such a habit.
  • Barkeeper: ...Pardon me, Captain, but...
  • Barkeeper: I believe you weren't supposed to know of his, erm, tendencies here.
  • Barkeeper: But yesterday... Mr. Kaji did something great for the island.
  • Lune: I noticed that the posters of the thief are gone.
  • Barkeeper: Indeed! And all the stolen wares were returned.
  • Barkeeper: We're one less a felon, and one more a citizen.
  • Barkeeper: It's all thanks to Mr. Kaji.
  • Lune: ...I see.
  • Barkeeper: When he came in this morning, something about him seemed a bit different.
  • Barkeeper: I couldn't really tell you what it is, but...
  • Barkeeper: He seemed to be doing better than usual to me!
  • Barkeeper: This is also, uhm... less than the usual amount for him.
  • Barkeeper: So, um, even though he's in this state...
  • Barkeeper: I suppose I'm vouching for him here, captain!

Lune: Don't disturb him.

So he resolved Icicle bay's problem in his own way.

Apparently... Kaji's capable of converting a criminal's heart overnight.
It's easy to change things when there aren't any official records to speak of, huh...

It seems so unlike him to be this much of a hard worker, but his state speaks volumes of it. He's tired himself out. And, he's smiling in his sleep.

He must be having a good dream.

Normally, you'd be concerned that he's already out of commission this early in the morning, but perhaps this one nap's a deserved one.

  • Lune: ...As usual, the operations here are as unprofessional as ever.
  • Barkeeper: You're smiling, captain.
  • Barkeeper: Do you not mind it?
  • Lune: ...No. The informality is refreshing for once.
  • Lune: But someone ought to take him home.
  • Lune: So, barkeeper, hear me out.
  • Lune: Kaji isn't a drunkard.
  • Lune: And I was never here.
  • Barkeeper: Oh... yes, yes!
  • Lune: If Kaji happens to ask who helped him to bed later...
  • Lune: Let's say that was the trusty sea patrol, yes?
  • Barkeeper: Of course! My lips are sealed, captain.

Ruit: Discuss the matter with Selene. For real, this time.

  • Selene: You felt a disturbance?
  • Selene: So strongly that you spilled your overly sugary tea!? Whoa.
  • Selene: That's, uhm... concerning, I think? Depends!
  • Ruit: This one is not that intense.
  • Selene: Weeell, do you normally spasm and break stuff by accident when you feel one? Like, not sure what my frame of reference should be here.
  • Ruit: To give you an idea, let us see...
  • Ruit: This seems to be a crossing on an individual level.
  • Ruit: That is... someone, or some people, have left my world.
  • Ruit: It is but a few at most. Countable on one hand.
  • Selene: So it's not particularly a danger signal, is it!
  • Selene: But to think that anyone would cross the barrier now...
  • Selene: I wonder if it's just an accident again?
  • Selene: There was a report about a case like this recently.


  • Selene: Do you remember? A little kid wandered away from her orphanage.
  • Ruit: Ah... yes. I have discussed that intensively with Lune.
  • Ruit: Unfortunately, the news surprised me just as much as everyone else,
  • Ruit: Since I had never detected that child crossing the barrier at all.
  • Ruit: Otherwise, maybe something could have been done to prevent it in time...
  • Ruit: I wonder... is it too faint a presence to notice when a single soul slips through? And how many could I have missed, if that's the case?
  • Ruit: God. What a devastating idea.
  • Selene: Ah ah, don't get anxious now... look on the bright side!
  • Selene: That's how I got on restarting the "internal barrier" project.
  • Selene: As soon as everything is ready, and I can get my team of handy boys n' girls on it, we'll make something that prevents any crossings once and for all.
  • Selene: So you won't have to worry about anything anymore!
  • Ruit: ...Thanks. It is certainly necessary to continue those efforts.
  • Ruit: But, ultimately...
  • Ruit: That crossing was an accident on the child's part.


  • Selene: So this time... you think what you've detected is something deliberate?
  • Ruit: I cannot say for sure.
  • Selene: Humm. How alarmed should I be feeling about this...
  • Ruit: The sensation is a bit out of the ordinary, but the scale is not large.
  • Ruit: As I said, it is no more than a couple people, if anything.
  • Ruit: Although...
  • Ruit: The reaction I had to it is sharper than I would expect for that amount.
  • Selene: Oop! That's worth keeping in mind.
  • Selene: Just for the record, do you know what a large scale feels like?
  • Ruit: Of course.
  • Ruit: If I may remind you, Selene.
  • Ruit: In the past, I have felt what it was like for an entire army to invade our world in one instant. It wasn't the most pleasant.
  • Selene: Oh, during the breach...
  • Ruit: I could barely hear myself think through the flood...
  • Ruit: ...Until I cut them all down.
  • Ruit: But thankfully, this is nowhere near the same level.
  • Selene: ...


  • Selene: You know...
  • Selene: Sometimes I forget how seriously I should take you, until I remember how bloodily you solved that crazy little issue.
  • Ruit: Ah, Selene, I am not a violent person!
  • Ruit: Please, the misconception may be good for my image...
  • Ruit: But to have anyone believe that so earnestly is concerning.
  • Ruit: And worse... if it is you who thinks that way of me.
  • Selene: I know, I know, don't worry!
  • Selene: I'm just saying, I'd hate to be one of the people who decided to go against you that day.
  • Ruit: ...What can I say.
  • Ruit: The invasion was a direct threat to us.
  • Ruit: Of course it had to be decisively dealt with.
  • Selene: Well... I'm not calling you unjust.
  • Selene: What ordinary person could even judge a ruler, anyway?
  • Selene: But that's what happens when you get provoked.


  • Selene: Y'know, no matter how informal things between us are...
  • Selene: You are still the prince.
  • Selene: The thought that anyone could be your equal sorta disappears the moment I remember what rulers are like.
  • Ruit: Huh? Just because I am your ruler...
  • Ruit: It does not mean I have to see you as lesser.
  • Ruit: I do not and never will, Selene.
  • Ruit: Otherwise, being prince... would be an absurdly lonely experience for me.
  • Selene: Nooo, that's not what I mean!
  • Selene: 'Course you're my good buddy too, ruru.
  • Selene: But uh, hmm... how should I put this?

Lune: Enter.

  • Lune: Pardon the intrusion.
  • Selene: Aha! Perfect timing, Lune!
  • Selene: As this gal would put it, Ruit...
  • Selene: I'm "forgetting my place" too often here, aren't I?
  • Lune: ...
  • Ruit: Selene... that is fine.
  • Ruit: You are our friend before being a co-worker or an advisor.
  • Selene: "Our"?
  • Ruit: Yes! I believe I speak for Lune as well when I say this, no?
  • Lune: Hmm? Indeed.
  • Lune: Although I don't know what this spiraled from...
  • Lune: I'll tell you not to hold yourself to my standards, Selene.
  • Lune: They don't suit you very much.
  • Ruit: Ugh, no! Not you too!
  • Ruit: I have the same to say to you, in fact!
  • Selene: Pffft, you made it worse, Lune!
  • Lune: Oh.
  • Ruit: Look... you are not just servants in my eyes.
  • Ruit: The three of us have been together for so long on this path,
  • Ruit: And it is thanks to you both that I kept everything in place until now.
  • Ruit: How could I see you as lesser, when I owe everything to you both?
  • Ruit: You two... also have each other to thank, do you not?
  • Ruit: If not for Selene, Lune would not have come back to us.
  • Selene: ...Aaah! Gross!!!


  • Selene: Ew ew ew, disgusting!
  • Selene: Why're you so sentimental today!
  • Ruit: What?
  • Selene: It's ruining your cool exterior, your dorkness!
  • Ruit: W-what!? Is it?
  • Selene: Duh!
  • Selene: The three of us just got together in person, but you're already acting this sappy? Come on, it'll get old real quick if you thank us for every little thing.
  • Ruit: Oh no, will it...
  • Lune: ...I'm inclined to agree.
  • Selene: Yeah, see? Now quit being too obviously nice.
  • Selene: Seriously. It's making Lune embarrassed.
  • Ruit: Huh?
  • Lune: That's strange. I could've sworn Selene was the one getting flustered here.
  • Selene: H-ha! As if having my unobvious-genius-babe skills acknowledged is anything out of the ordinary...!
  • Lune: Ah. So you're saying we can all be sappy if it's towards you?
  • Selene: No! Shush! Shut the up!
  • Ruit: ...I am so confused.
  • Selene: Don't listen to her, uh!
  • Selene: I'm just saying, it's fine to literally order us around, okay?
  • Selene: It shouldn't be a big deal to do that. You're the prince, after all.
  • Ruit: But how else could I let you know that I appreciate what you do...?
  • Lune: Don't worry, we know.
  • Lune: Even if you don't explicitly tell us.
  • Selene: Mhm! The fact that me and luney are the first people you'd speak to about the disturbances says a whole lot already.
  • Selene: And you'd be right to trust us with it. I think, anyways!
  • Selene: We're an impeccable duo, y'know!?
  • Ruit: Hah... very well.
  • Ruit: As long as you are aware that your service will not go unappreciated.


  • Lune: So, a disturbance, you said?
  • Ruit: Ah, indeed, captain.
  • Ruit: I think you need a mission briefing to catch up.
  • Selene: Yup!
  • Selene: I'll leave you to it, Lune!

Lune: Answer phone.

  • Selene: And I'll get back to YOU, Lune!
  • Selene: Hehe, hello! I just got done talking to you!
  • Lune: Every time...
  • Lune: You're so easily amused by my copies.
  • Selene: Teehee. It's 'cause you bring 'em out much more frequently now.
  • Lune: Only because the situation called for it.
  • Selene: Sure, sure! Sooo, what's the latest on your side?
  • Selene: You meet up with Kajiboy yet?
  • Lune: Ah, about that...
Lune: Report Kaji's status.
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