25 Feb 2023


  • Ruit: Oh.
  • Ruit: Pardon me.


  • Ruit: My hand slipped.


  • Corona: Woah.
  • ????: My word!
  • ????: Your highness, you alright!?
  • ????: Ah. Seems it was a bad call to drag him to the public this early, commander.
  • Corona: Huh? The hell are you talking about?
  • ????: Clearly, you've cut his highness' rest short with your antics.


  • ????: But you still insisted on conducting this meeting now!
  • ????: Uuueh, what am I even a spokesman for? You never listen to me...
  • Selene: Hah!? Watch it, Minos, do you know who you're talking to?
  • Minos: Even if you're the royal advisor, I-I shouldn't have agreed...
  • Headmaid: My prince, are you feeling unwell?
  • Ruit: I'm alright.
  • Ruit: Don't make a fuss.
  • Minos: No, n-no, this must be my fault!
  • Minos: M-my proposal must've been too shabby for his highness...
  • Minos: And now, he'll have my head for this great offense!
  • Selene: Hahahah, he'll do what? This guy?
  • Minos: Advisor, please don't make this any more difficult than it already is!
  • Selene: Take it easy, ahaha!
  • Minos: Huh!? If anything, you're way too lax...
  • Selene: Of course I am!
  • Selene: Stressing like that makes your hair fall out, you know?
  • Minos: T-to think you still talk that way in front of his highness...
  • Headmaid: Sir... our prince does not judge others that harshly.
  • Minos: No way! There's nobody who hasn't heard the rumors by this point!
  • Minos: Prince Ruit's standards are the highest...
  • Minos: And he deeply detests anyone who wastes his time!
  • Selene: Pffffft!
  • Headmaid: Again, you're under the wrong impression...
  • Minos: My apologies! Please forgive me, prince!
  • Minos: Spare my foolish self for presenting something so useless before you!


  • ????: Commander, you know for a fact that the prince's constitution isn't fit for frivolity, don't you.
  • Corona: Hah? You playin' dumb or what, Misha?
  • Corona: Don't act like you guys weren't excited to see him out and about too.
  • Corona: So remind me, who's the one that set up everything here?
  • Corona: Oh right, Oyuki. AKA, not me.
  • Misha: That... is not wrong.
  • Oyuki: Well, might I remind you who's the one that convinced his highness to respond to my invitation letter? The only one with such an influence on him, in fact.
  • ????: Chill out, hey...
  • ????: Corona just wanted his highness to have a good time!
  • Oyuki: Yet she didn't notice that he's feeling under the weather?
  • Oyuki: And now she's stuffing her face without a care like a child!
  • Oyuki: Our prince cannot be entrusted to someone so irresponsible, Lady Marisol.
  • Corona: Do you got nothing to say to me besides nagging my every move?
  • Marisol: This is so unproductive...
  • Marisol: Don't look for someone to throw the blame on!
  • Corona: Yuh, you hear that? Quit insulting your guest.
  • Oyuki: Insulting? I'm simply stating the facts.
  • Oyuki: It's simple truth this is quite unbecoming of one of your status, commander.
  • Corona: Suvi's not a baby.
  • Corona: If he's not feeling good, he'd just have told me, stupid.
  • Oyuki: W-what did you just call me!?
  • Corona: Stupid?
  • Oyuki: You dare... with that lowly language...!
  • Suvillan: ...Be quiet.
  • Suvillan: You are all so very loud.


  • Ruit: ...Raise your head.
  • Ruit: I'll have nobody killed today.
  • Minos: Really!? S-so I'll be spared...?
  • Ruit: ...Yes? Uh.
  • Ruit: I don't... normally give such violent orders, so calm down.
  • Ruit: But do excuse me.
  • Ruit: I must take my leave early.
  • Ruit: Reschedule this meeting as you see fit, Selene.
  • Selene: Hummm? Can do, but what's up with you?
  • Ruit: Come with me for now.
  • Ruit: And please summon the captain, as well...


  • Suvillan: I'm well. There's nothing to make a fuss about.
  • Suvillan: But I feel that something is off.
  • Suvillan: So, do excuse me for a moment.
  • Marisol: Huh? But you just got here, your highness...
  • Suvillan: Don't make me repeat myself.
  • Suvillan: I'm only going to say this once.
  • Suvillan: Corona, you come.
  • Suvillan: And the rest, stay.
  • Suvillan: The festivities can wait...


    Because this is an urgent matter.
Suvillan: Discuss with Corona.
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1 year ago

Woah cool

1 year ago

i love minos

1 year ago

this page goes so hard its unreal

1 year ago

i wonder if reed doesn't know that these two absolutely KNOW that their barrier is bein crossed by the Barrier Crossing Gang™

Null + Cuboid
Null + Cuboid
1 year ago

Minos is very epic

1 year ago

Oh shoot they know...