25 Feb 2023

Nino: She can catch up, all you have to do is believe.

Birds certainly can fly against the wind, and ride the current to push forward. But could a winged that hasn't flown even once for years accomplish that much?

It's impossible for Mei to do anything right now.

Nino: Turn back. Save Mei.

Turn back?
But you have to keep going forward, don't you?

After all, you can't waste your fortification, and your destination is right here.

Nino: Let go.

But, hey, you know... that thing you said before?
About flowers growing everywhere else.

It's true.
You wholeheartedly believe in it.

So why are your actions not following through with your words?
Instead, you find yourself moving faster than you can think.

The barrier pulses, and so does your heart.
Panicked, palpitating in unison.

As if to say, "if you don't move now, you'll regret it forever".

Party: Divide.

  • Aria: N-Nino! Wait!
  • Reed: No! Don't let go!
  • Reed: We have to cross, it's now or never!
  • Aria: But... but what about them!?
  • Aria: We can't just leave them behind!

Reed: Weigh your options.

  • Reed: ...


  • Reed: ...Come on!
  • Aria: N-no!


  • Aria: Not without Nino...!

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1 year ago

Not without Nino...!

Lay's Chips
Lay's Chips
1 year ago

I waited two years for the whole party to be whole........... not like this I'm sobbingggggggg T_T