11 Mar 2023

Lune: Report Kaji's status.

  • Selene: ...Oh. You're concerned about that.
  • Selene: Ok, uhm, I guess you've never been drunk before, have you...
  • Selene: Don't worry, we can keep your beautiful innocence intact,
  • Selene: Since you have lil' ol' me here to tell you aaaall about it!
  • Selene: Anyways. It's different from person to person.
  • Selene: Sure, a glass of water after waking up may sober him up with less of a headache, but I doubt you need to be there to do anything, ultimately.
  • Selene: Someone used to drinking this much knows how to deal with it on their own.
  • Selene: Besides, if you're gonna pretend to not have seen anything anyways...
  • Selene: Then you don't wanna be there when he wakes up!


  • Lune: ...So you've already known about Kaji's drinking habits.
  • Lune: I guess it was only me who didn't.
  • Selene: Haha! You and our princely boy here.
  • Selene: But I stayed silent out of respect for Kaji's privacy, you know?
  • Selene: Still, like, I get it.
  • Selene: Humans already drown their sorrows with destructive habits.
  • Selene: Who's to say angels can't do the same?
  • Selene: That's why I wasn't surprised, and neither should you be.
  • Lune: But isn't it a bit sad that our world corrupted him like this?
  • Selene: Aww! I know how you feel. :(
  • Selene: Kaji's like a little brother you can't help but want to shield from the ugly side of reality, isn't he!
  • Selene: But... what if he's seen worse than what we've been through?
  • Lune: Including you too?
  • Lune: That... would be difficult.
  • Selene: Well, Kaji's a winged. And it's not like he's a kid.
  • Selene: He can get back up on his feet just fine.
  • Lune: Doesn't stop you from teasing him like a child, though.
  • Selene: Hehehe! I can't help it!


  • Selene: Anyway... I can't believe the captain's going rogue before my eyes.
  • Selene: Why, Ruit's dearest won't heed his word! What is the world coming to?
  • Lune: That's not it. Don't talk like that.
  • Selene: Hehe. I am actually surprised you decided to go off on your own...
  • Selene: Even if you technically did get permission.
  • Selene: So where in the world are you off to next?
  • Lune: Nowhere yet. Still looking over Icicle Bay.
  • Lune: I reflected over as soon as I heard about the disruptions... again.
  • Lune: Since this is the closest site to the barrier.
  • Selene: Ah, my Luna constructs come in handy once again!
  • Selene: Gosh, aren't I a genius for letting you go places just by thinking it?
  • Lune: Well, if there's one thing to count on you for, it's technological support.
  • Selene: You're welcome, you're welcome!
  • Lune: Although I can't begin to imagine how you've done it...
  • Lune: It certainly does work flawlessly.
  • Selene: I mean, if you want, I can explain eeeeverything to you, Lune.
  • Selene: It has something to do with your unique ability, the behavior of light, and a funny little thing called the refractive index.
  • Lune: No... thanks, but no thanks.
  • Lune: The details don't particularly interest me.
  • Lune: I didn't pick a scientific branch in the academy for a reason.
  • Selene: Boo, you military branchers get so easily spooked by fun numbers.
  • Selene: All you know is using your stabby swords for stabby business.
  • Lune: If you say so. Nerd.
  • Selene: Don't call me that! I'm too fashionable to be one.
  • Selene: By the way, Ruit's still talking to you - other you, and has no idea what's going on here. It's so funny!
  • Lune: Hm. I fail to see the comedy there.
  • Selene: No, trust me, it's a very comical ruse.
  • Lune: I'm not laughing, though?
  • Selene: I am. Hehehe!
  • Selene: Do you feel too bad about a little white lie to join me in my MIRTH?
  • Lune: White or not, it is still... dishonesty.
  • Selene: He trusts us to solve this, you don't have to tell him your every move!
  • Lune: Worry not, I'm not changing my plan at this stage.
  • Lune: But I still wish I could've done things a bit differently.
  • Selene: Eh! Is it really unforgivable to lie to the prince if you're just gonna act in his best interests, anyways? Maybe he'd be sad if he found out, buuuut...
  • Selene: He'd agree that ultimately, what's important is getting results.
  • Selene: And, you know...


  • Selene: I can tell that he's seriously concerned here.
  • Selene: Even though he keeps downplaying it, like he's holding back.
  • Lune: Most certainly.
  • Lune: He's always anxious about telling others what to do.
  • Selene: Gosh, it's exactly the same as whenever something's up with his arm.
  • Selene: He gets all coy about needing a refit or maintenance...
  • Selene: Even though he knows I don't mind! I made the damn thing, you goober!
  • Selene: I swear, he worries too much.
  • Lune: Yes. It's a bad habit of his highness.
  • Lune: That's why I suggested we venture out to quell his worries.
  • Selene: Yep! I'm telling you, it's the right call!
  • Selene: So you honestly shouldn't feel bad about anything. I sure don't!
  • Selene: And thankfully, self-governing is nothing new to me.
  • Lune: I'll be honest, though...
  • Lune: Choosing to act on my own is more uncomfortable than I expected.
  • Lune: I'm not used to this.
  • Selene: Hmm? But Ruit doesn't order you around that much in the first place!
  • Lune: Well. He tries his damnedest not to.
  • Lune: However, I'm often able to tell what he wants regardless.
  • Lune: The desires of a prince are orders, are they not?
  • Selene: Jeez, your dedication is something else!
  • Selene: Has he really never given you a direct order before?
  • Lune: None recently.
  • Lune: There is... only one that comes to mind.


"Kill Suvillan."

That was the most direct order his highness had given you.
It is also the only order of his which you've utterly failed to fulfill.

  • Lune: ...But it's nothing important.
  • Lune: Just that I may be too used to reporting my findings to another person.
  • Lune: I suppose I'm not well-suited in leading investigative missions.
  • Selene: Oh! Well, I was gonna saaaay... that person could be me!
  • Selene: After all, we're collaborating here!
  • Selene: Plus, acting as an overseer is practically my job title, hehe.

Lune: Search.

  • Selene: Now tell me, how's it going on icey bay?
  • Lune: Thus far... there's very little here.
  • Lune: That thieving problem was solved overnight.
  • Lune: So right now, the island is very calm.
  • Selene: Huh, doesn't sound like anything there has to do with the disruptions...
  • Lune: But, the former-thief-turned-citizen has already left the island, apparently.
  • Lune: She stayed at a local hotel for less than a day.
  • Lune: Other than that, nothing seems off.
  • Selene: Eh, she left her new residence that quickly?
  • Selene: Even though, as the mermaid spokeswoman told you,
  • Selene: Kaji pretty much secured her a job and everything?
  • Selene: That's something to keep in mind for sure!
  • Lune: ...But she is a winged.
  • Lune: I see no reason for such a person to be involved in crossing the barrier.
  • Selene: Hmh, still, I'd note that down if I were you!
  • Selene: We've got to keep all possibilities in mind, sister.


  • Lune: Well, for what it's worth...

Lune: Unlock room.

  • Lune: I will still pursue her trail, even if it may not lead anywhere.
  • Selene: Good! Let's not just assume winged don't care for our humanly affairs.
  • Selene: Quite the contrary, in fact!
  • Selene: For them, our wishes are the greatest resource.
  • Lune: That's a fair point.
  • Selene: Should I sail over and have a look around the place too?
  • Selene: Might take me a while, but I don't mind.
  • Selene: Or heck, I can send over an entire elite fleet anytime you want!
  • Lune: I believe that won't be necessary.
  • Lune: This island is small enough that I can cover it alone.
  • Selene: Hmm. Whatcha thinking, then?


  • Lune: Leave the physical travel to me.
  • Lune: And on your end, could you...
  • Lune: ...


You notice something.
Just a stray piece of paper under the table.

The room has already been cleaned, but it seems that someone missed a spot.

Lune: Inspect paper.

A child's amateur illustration.

It hasn't been long since it was drawn.

It seems unremarkable, yet, it is the most perplexing item you could've discovered here. You know these people. You know the artist. And you know very well that it is impossible for such an item to exist at this time.

After all those years, after what happened to her, this is...

  • Lune: Impossible.
  • Selene: Huh? What is?
  • Lune: ...
  • Selene: Lune?
  • Selene: You okay there?
  • Lune: ...Selene.
  • Lune: Tomorrow, when the memorial starts...
  • Lune: Could I come meet you face to face?
  • Selene: Huh? If we have time for that, then of course!
  • Selene: You don't even need to ask, you know! So... why even ask?
  • Selene: Seriously, is something up?
  • Lune: ...I'm fine.
  • Lune: I have something to share with you later.
  • Selene: ...Can't do it over the phone?
  • Lune: No.
  • Selene: Um, then... let another copy of you handle it?
  • Selene: You do know I could be face to face with a you right now, don't you!
  • Lune: That won't do.
  • Lune: Memories aren't shared if I'm active in multiples.
  • Selene: Oh! So you found something there?
  • Selene: Uh, but wait, doesn't this mean I have to wait for THIS specific you to travel aaaall the way back, just to merge again!?
  • Selene: Gosh, I forgot what a tangled web you weave!
  • Lune: Yes, but don't worry about that.
  • Lune: As soon as possible, I'll come to you myself as one.
  • Lune: And it won't be a meeting for leisure.


Because, for the first time in years...
You find yourself at a total loss of how to proceed.

For this matter, the advisor's support is more vital than ever.

Be Aria.
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holy shit

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holy SHIT

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"This... has turned into a difficult situation."

1 year ago

oh dear

Nino: Please tell me you haven't gotten amnesia again

Nino/Aria/Mei/Reed: Check surroundings. Can you tell where exactly you are and if the others are with you?

Party: Try not to panic. If you all are divided, do you have a way to communicate?

Nino/Mei: If you two didn't make it, then you need to meet back up with the others ASAP. Maybe you can try a different breach?

Aria/Mei/Five: Be sad.

1 year ago

Lune: Find test subject five and terminate them (keep their horn as a good luck charm) the fire rises your a big girl remember NO SURVIVORS

Nino: Be a chad bitch slap that wing'd fool and tell her dreams&wishes are about to become reality or else GET THE FUCK OUT OF THAT DEATH TRAP TEMPO TEMPO TEMPO Come on bro you're the hero right....

Parker O Randall
Parker O Randall
1 year ago

plot deepens

1 year ago

I'm imagining that in a separate universe at this exact moment, a boy named John Egbert has just laid eyes on the horror that is Caliborn.