13 Aug 2022


  • Nino: Stop, stop! I'm awake already!
  • Nino: Ugh, who... what the heck...
  • Nino: Uh... Five?
  • Five: Yay! Nino finally woke up!
  • Five: Hello, Nino!
  • Nino: Augh, it's so bright.
  • Meimona: Heeeey, it worked!
  • Five: See! Five can do it!
  • Meimona: Good job, Five!
  • Aria: Aaah, even though I told you not to wake him up so forcefully...

Nino: Kindly ask Five to not do that again.

  • Nino: Please, don't do that again!
  • Nino: But, Five... you were trying to wake me up?
  • Meimona: ALL of us were!
  • Meimona: You were NOT responding though, lazybones!
  • Nino: Huh.
  • Nino: I think... I heard your voice in my dream, Five.
  • Five: Whoa! Really!?
  • Five: What did Five say in Nino's dream?
  • Nino: Uh...
  • Nino: You just called my name.
  • Nino: I think that's what woke me up.
  • Five: Oh...
  • Five: Nino, that's boring.
  • Nino: !?
  • Five: In a dream, Five wants to be cooler Five!
  • Five: Nino, anything can happen in a dream! Don't be boring!
  • Five: Next time, Nino must be creative, okay!
  • Nino: Five, it's not like you can control what you see when you sleep...
  • Nino: I don't even know why you were in my dream.
  • Reed: It's probably because she was shouting in your face.
  • Meimona: That's so rude, we all shouted a fair bit to wake him up too!
  • Meimona: So what about us, picky boy?
  • Meimona: Can't we ALL equally share your dreams? Hmph!
  • Reed: Please. Don't lump me in with that statement.
  • Reed: I'd rather not be in anyone's dreams.
  • Meimona: Cool boring input, thanks!


In your dream...
Those three were there too, weren't they?

But... it wasn't the same.

  • Reed: I mean, look.
  • Reed: If you two are okay with being in a guy's dreams, knock yourselves out.
  • Aria: O-oh.
  • Meimona: Nwah, what the heck! Shut up, Reed!
  • Aria: Suddenly, I'm kind of glad I was left out.
  • Aria: Err, I mean, no offense to Nino, but...!
  • Meimona: Euuuwugh, I didn't mean anything weird by that!
  • Nino: You guys are way too loud...
  • Aria: Sorry for waking you up so annoyingly!
  • Aria: But I'm glad you had a nice dream, Nino.
  • Nino: ...Uh... what makes you think it was nice?
  • Five: Because Nino didn't wanna wake up from it!
  • Aria: Yes, you were in such deep sleep!
  • Nino: I was?
  • Meimona: Yeah! You wouldn't wake up when we shook you around!
  • Meimona: Not even when we threw pillows at you!
  • Nino: ...You did what.
  • Aria: H-haha, I tried to stop them, I swear...
  • Nino: ...Uh, well, anyway.
  • Nino: It wasn't that good of a dream.
  • Five: Oh no... did Nino have a nightmare? D:
  • Nino: ...No.
  • Nino: Actually, I don't remember most of what I dreamt!
  • Nino: But it can't be a nightmare if Five was there.
  • Five: Oh!!! :D
  • Aria: Aw. I guess you only slept deeply because of fatigue, then!
  • Nino: Yeah.

Nino: Do you recall your dream at all?

That was a lie.
Yes, you do remember it very well.

But it is something far too strange to share. Saying you "don't remember" is much easier, and is obviously much more believable to these guys.

You silently wonder how much importance you should give to what was in it.

What you saw was... interesting. In your dream, who was that?
It's too easy to say it's you, just because of his appearance. And although he did share your memories and capabilities, something about him...

Seemed off.

Of course, you're not letting whatever he is order you around as he likes. No one controls your actions besides yourself.

But ultimately, he has proved one thing to you.
You both can agree on how valuable your lost memories are.

Nino: Just in case, check your healing hands ability.

Indeed, your ability does work in the way he's made you recall.

And... wait... what's this?

It looks like you've recharged the amount of healing you can do, with just one good(?) night's sleep! Although you had a weird dream, your body feels well-rested.

So if you run out of healing... you'll need to rest again, huh.

Nino: Ponder what that... thing, said.

Your dream, and what you've heard...
Well, it tells you that you probably do not have anything, or anyone to go back to, so to speak. That there is nothing, and nobody in this world who is waiting for you.
Which is... perfectly fine, of course.

And that concerns your "source".

If, somewhere in this world, you had a safe home, with all basic necessities filled... then why did you leave it? What does the monster world have to offer, that you'd depart from safety for? If this world was so unimportant that you'd leave it without a care, then it wasn't really home.

In conclusion, finding the "source" doesn't matter.

Nino: If that Phantom really was you, then are you really sure you want to remember?

Of course you do.

If the "source" doesn't matter, then the only thing that does is your "destination". You have to get there, to regain your memories, and get back on track.

The "you" in your dream isn't wrong about that part. If there's one thing he's gotten right, it's that you were distracted by everyone else from the most important goal - your memories.

What you must do now is set off towards recovering them.

So, it's back to the drawing board.

Nino: But Kaji did say you could lose yourself if your memories turn out to be undesirable.

Sure he did, but so what?
What does Kaji know about you, after all?

Spoilers, the answer is nothing.

Only you know yourself, and you don't want to lose your trust in that fact.

Giving up on moving forward isn't your style.

Nino: Why aren't you listening?

Huh? Hey, focus on what matters!

Kaji is irrelevant, so pipe down already!
You're not obligated to do anything besides what helps you.

Focus on what matters!

Nino: Who knows what you will have whenever the end comes. It's naïve to pretend that you'd know. But right now, it is far more naïve to believe you "only have yourself".

What's the deal with all these annoying thoughts!?
Look, you're not ignoring the others, but your goals do not entirely match up.

Thanks to them, you've gotten quite distracted from the fact that a part of you is missing. To make things worse, this started becoming your 'normal' state in their eyes. This incomplete you is what everyone else has accepted.

But as long as you know there's a way towards becoming whole...
You are not giving up on it.

In the end, why should their goals matter more than yours?

Seriously, one more off-course thought, and you'll...


  • Aria: Nino... are you alright?
  • Aria: Are you angry that we woke you up, after all?

Aria: Check up on Nino.

  • Aria: You haven't said much since then...
  • Aria: I'm sorry that they've annoyed you so much,
  • Aria: But I promise they only woke you up out of concern!
Oh. It's just Aria, huh.
Of course she'd go out of her way, apologizing on others' behalf like this.

Come to think of it.

She... is so very valuable, isn't she?


If your goal is in the monster world, then she's the most important person here.
...But to ask her to accompany you would be an incredibly tall order.

Just imagining how it will go sounds very ridiculous already.

"Hey, I know you've finally found your way to the world of humans, and barely escaped the danger of monsterkind, but how about we just waltz right back in there? I have something I urgently need to remember, you see."

"Thanks in advance."

Yeah, Aria is nice, but she's not that nice.
You'll need a different approach. Being straightforward won't do you any favors.

  • Nino: I'm perfectly fine, don't worry.
  • Aria: Really?
  • Nino: Yep.
  • Aria: Alright... that's good, then.
  • Aria: But if there's anything troubling you, I'd be happy to help!
  • Aria: I hope that I can lend an ear, at the very least...
  • Nino: ...Yeah, thanks.
  • Nino: There really is no problem though, so don't worry.
  • Aria: Alright!
  • Aria: Hehe, by the way... are you hungry, Nino?
  • Nino: Oh, now that I think about it,
  • Nino: We should get ourselves breakfast soon, huh.
  • Aria: Um, I'm already preparing something, actually!
  • Aria: I think it's a meal you'd enjoy a lot, hehe...
  • Aria: It'll be done soon, so make sure you don't snack on anything before then!
  • Nino: Oh, uh... okay?


With those mysterious statements, she scurries off.

Man, these guys sure have nothing to worry about.

Should you be envious of their ignorance, or thankful that you've woken up from yours?
Regardless, you have a lot to think about.

For now, you'll let them mess about as they like. There should be no interruptions if they're busying themselves away.

Aria: Return to the group.

  • Aria: This room really is something else, huh? We've got everything we need!
  • Reed: I'm thankful for the pajamas in particular.
  • Reed: They're unexpectedly comfortable.
  • Meimona: Well, our room's definitely better equipped than Kaji's!
  • Reed: Why do you know what that looks like?
  • Meimona: Ummm, reasons... hey, don't give me weird looks!
  • Meimona: Nino and I kinda just broke in there to borrow some stuff. That's all!
  • Reed: What the hell.
  • Meimona: We were adventuring, okay!?
  • Reed: Oh, sure, that makes breaking into people's homes totally acceptable.
  • Meimona: Yeah! Some crazy escapades here, ahhh... good times. B)
  • Reed: I was being sarcastic...
  • Aria: I think I like this little kitchen the most.
  • Aria: The hotel staff were kind enough to stock it in advance!
  • Reed: Oh, the kitchen... right, I was gonna make something.
  • Meimona: Ha, what, YOU? Can you even cook?
  • Reed: Yes?
  • Meimona: ...Really...?
  • Aria: I'll help! It'd be good to prepare enough breakfast for everyone.
  • Aria: In addition to what I'm already baking, hehe.
  • Reed: Nah, I didn't mean breakfast.
  • Reed: I just need a gallon of coffee right about now if I want to stay awake.
  • Aria: Oh... didn't you have a good sleep?
  • Reed: No. But getting some food with my coffee sounds cool too.
  • Aria: That's unfortunate. :(
  • Aria: Then let's see here, what'll be a good meal for five people...
  • Meimona: Oh, hey! Hey hey hey, Aria!
  • Aria: What is it?
  • Meimona: Heh, you should, heh heh, ahem...
  • Meimona: You should go make me a sandwich.
  • Reed: ...
  • Aria: Sure! What kind do you like?
  • Reed: Aria. Put that fifth plate back.
  • Reed: We're making breakfast for four only.
  • Meimona: Wait, no! It was just a joke!
  • Aria: W-why did the number go down?
  • Meimona: I was joking! Please count me iiin!
  • Reed: You get what you deserve.
  • Meimona: I can't cook a single thing to save my life, aaauh!

  • Nino: Guys. Pipe down.
  • Nino: I have something to say.
  • Nino: ...Hold on. Something smells really good.
  • Aria: That would be the muffins! Hehe!
  • Five: Yay! Muffins!!
  • Meimona: (Am I getting a muffin sandwich?)
  • Nino: Huh. Is that so.
  • Nino: Cool.
  • Aria: Um, don't you like muffins, Nino?
  • Aria: I'll make tea to go with them like last time too, so...
  • Nino: I'm not picky.
  • Nino: Whatever's there is fine by me.
  • Aria: Oh... a-alright.

Nino: Plan.

  • Nino: Reed, you're familiar with the monster world's layout, aren't you?
  • Reed: ...Depends on what you exactly mean by that.
  • Reed: More or less, I'd say yes.
  • Reed: Although it's not on the level of someone who lives there, I guess.
  • Nino: I mean, you have experience in crossing through rifts, right?
  • Nino: Actually, to put this in better words...
  • Nino: You're familiar with how that world's layout relates to this one's, yes?
  • Reed: Oh... yeah.
  • Reed: That's actually the best way to describe it.
  • Reed: I'm surprised you got it down so accurately.
  • Nino: I see. In that case...

Nino: Make an important decision.

  • Nino: Instead of waiting around for the docks to open,
  • Nino: Let's go to the capital right now.
Nino: Reveal your plan.
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1 year ago

i love this updateeee>>>>
and i can't wait for the next one>
tuesday, right?

1 year ago

I wonder what Nino is planning. Everything seems to point towards something dangerous…

1 year ago
Reply to  DZ4114

Particularly, something dangerous that is also incredibly selfish, manipulates his newfound friends for his own gain, and could potentially get somebody killed, all just for Nino to remember shit about himself.


Sorry for the incoming rant, but while he claims that the Phantom isn't him, and that he disagrees with it on most matters, he certainly hasn't shown it. It changed him, and not for the better. It said that Nino doesn't follow the group, but they follow him. It essentially encouraged Nino to use the group for his own desires, which he is very clearly about to do.

Nino already answered the question "do you want to remember?" He wants it enough to use and potentially abandon his new friends for it.

The new question he needs to be asked is "SHOULD you remember?"

1 year ago
Reply to  VB.Rainer

He never said he mostly disagreed, just that they didn’t completely match up, that’s all. He thought that the phantom had some points, but that pride he tempered also made him more resistant to the phantom as well, in a way.

1 year ago
Reply to  DZ4114

Also that image of, uh, Dream Nino is some good PFP material

1 year ago

Aria : Reveal the secrets of your muffin making recipe

1 year ago

Nino: Reveal your plan.

Literally everyone with half a brain: Object and point out flaws in this terrible idea.

Nino: Manipu- errr, persuade them.

Breakfast: Be ready.

Someone: Knock at the door.

Aria: Does anything else seem... off, with Nino? It's evident something is on his mind.

Nino: Fine then. If you're so certain of this path you're going down, go ahead and see where it takes you. When you choose to turn back, you won't be alone. Just remember: leaders have many directions for followers, but only tyrants enforce a one way street. You will understand that in time, when you truly only have yourself. Farewell, Phantom.

Pun Lord
Pun Lord
1 year ago

Crayon eating child and selfish brat: Eat all the crayons from other people because you desire to rely on yourself only, and get one over on Aria, how dare she try to help you by making you food and restoring your memory.

Mature, reasonable, and kind person: Pet ghostly doggy along with flying kitty, Five has 10 fingers and 2 hands, Otto give them both attentions.

Irrelevant: Feel a disturbance, preferably cruising to Nino’s location.

Is so very valuable: Take mental notes on how to create a witch out of sand.

1 year ago

Aria: Five is speaking gooder, so that’s a positive, but what if you need to decide between her safety or helping her find out what happened to her old life? Five’s also kinda acting like a younger Nino…

Nino: You’re probably gonna be trying to manipulate them, but they might not agree so easily. You’re going through this plan due to not having enough time of course, but can’t you just try to make a deal with Meimona in private to make you recover your memories in like an hour or two instead of going through this complicated process? If it works, you could ask for a vaguely defined goal of yours to be fulfilled by her blessing afterwards, considering if you get your memories back her luck would be proven to work. Also, considering your plan to go back to the monster world might upset humans, be done with everything you might have to do here, and know that now that they’re safe, everyone might not listen. And even if you convince them now, they might catch on later.

1 year ago

Also, Nino: The plan is to use the monster world’s mirrored layout to the human world to go quicker to the capital, but wouldn’t that cause unforeseen complications in the first place? Better find a way to convince them that it’s reasonable by pretending to be on their side and that it’s a good plan, but they would be pretty desperate, so refer back to plan “Lucky Recollection”. Besides… you probably aren’t going to go to the capital while you’re in the monster world aren’t you? Not without your pure mission unfulfilled.

1 year ago

Oh no Nino being hit in the head repeatedly has caused even more brain damage. It seems while dreaming he spoke with his with super-ego, and with his ID/ego nowhere insight(unless "normal" nino was his ID). Well it took completely over FUCK YEAH SOCIOPATH ARC BEGINS SOON TO BE NATURAL EVIL NINO CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT is going to be awesome. Is Five going to turn out like Nina in full metal alchemist I mean ludwig is a dog. Just think Fivewig with a tear in its eye looking deeply into her face and going A-aria. Is Nino going to be based chad by fooling an angel to be sacrifice to some evil deity/selfish deed. Will he manipulate and charm Aria into thinking Reed is really just tricking them into some trap to get Five to his father forcing her to kill Reed horribly for Ninos amusement.
Come on Nights turn oceanfalls into lord of the flies it would be quite interesting.

1 year ago
Reply to  Le4feon

I think caped Nino was just the part of his past instincts that represented the whole him, but not his ID. He wasn’t able to adapt to situations like Nino, but he was smart enough to use his brains to convince Nino and get him to become more like him, while still not being pure instinct. A shadow of the past, but not the true self. Anyways, the rest of the horrifying outcomes prayed for aside, Nino’s only god whom he believes in is likely himself. Transmutation may happen, but not the “A-Aria…” type. For now, Nino still seems to care a bit about the others, so this definitely isn’t the full limit to what will happen or the depths he’ll go, but despite Nino seeming to be more selfish, it feels like Nino’s more compassionate self may return, potentially both with and without his memories.

1 year ago

Caped Nino would be his super-ego. Its clearly how Nino views himself as perfection, the finest noble warrior. Better than the commoner riffraff with real goals, desires, wants and needs etc etc. The normal Nino we know now would be his ID. The Nino in the beginning of oceanfalls would be his ego. Ignoring all the other retardation I posted b4 it would be neat if Nights played around with Freud/Jung's theory of the mind. With Nino healing his mind by the route of "ego death" having completely lose of self-identity(who he was and his memories are not who he wants to be etc) and creating a new better persona. Would be a fun take on the coming of age/hero's journey troupes.

1 year ago
Reply to  Le4feon

Ah, sorry I misread that. Still, Caped Nino is very driven by both instinct and reason, considering don’t leave me, so I’d wager that he’s more of Nino’s shadow than anything else, or to be more accurate, Nino is the base psyche, a form of traits rapidly taking on a new persona based on the events around him, while caped Nino is the old persona trying to regain dominance, but accepted enough by Nino to not exactly be a shadow. The old persona regains more dominance the more memories or links to the past Nino regains, and only has a slight dominance in the beginning due to Nino’s total amnesia. Nino Pre-Decimate was a persona which was quickly built but then lost due to another amnesiac episode, but can still heavily influence things, as seen with Nino quickly taking to Five and Aria, and finding the penguin’s method of speech cute, before the “Stab Yourself” incident.

1 year ago

Nino within the cave would be similar to the ID, due to Nino basically running on mostly instinct, but it would be more likely for Nino to be in a blend of personas while in a near death state instead, due to him being more optimistic about his destiny similar the his Post-Amnesia self, while being apathetic to others, mirroring his Pre-Amnesia self. This Nino is a blend of Nino’s personas as well, obviously with his Pre-Amnesia side winning out, but with some traits from his other selves as well, being more open to social situations, even if just to manipulate others, being tied to his Post-Decimate self, while barely having any traits of his Pre-Decimate self, which was previously bolstered through mostly Kaji. In this state, Nino’s persona would be, 1. Pre-Amnesia (minus memories), 2. Post-Decimate, 3. Pre-Decimate.

1 year ago

Considering themes of body, soul, mind, and combination themselves, you probably made an good and skilled prediction considering Z. Lumen’s focus on researching and altering the bodies, minds, and souls within the world.