17 Aug 2022

Nino: Reveal your plan.

  • Reed: ...What?
  • Aria: ...
  • Meimona: Huh... ummm?
  • Reed: Are you still half-asleep or something?
  • Meimona: Ooor did you forget like everything from yesterday?
  • Meimona: Nino, if the ports are closed, we can't enter anywhere!
  • Meimona: And we don't even have a ship, dummy!
  • Nino: Don't judge so hastily.
  • Nino: I wouldn't have said anything if I didn't have any plans.
  • Nino: Right... there's still a way forward.
  • Nino: Let's take a shortcut by crossing the barrier twice.
  • Meimona: Wuh?
  • Aria: What...?
  • Nino: These two worlds are connected, after all.
  • Nino: If we can cross the barrier at a good point from here...
  • Nino: Then we can travel to a point close by the capital, but from the other side.
  • Nino: And if we cross again, we'll end up in our destination.
  • Nino: That means we can enter the capital, even if the docks are closed.
  • Nino: In addition to planning, this does depend on a fair bit of chance, if my understanding of a rift's unpredictability is correct...

Party members: Be dumbfounded.

  • Nino: ...But I have a feeling that luck isn't going to be a problem.
  • Nino: Ultimately, sea travel restrictions don't have to hold us back.
  • Nino: We can simply take another path though land.
  • Reed: ...
  • Meimona: ...
  • Aria: ...
  • Nino: ...Well? What's wrong?
  • Nino: Isn't this doable?

Party members: Object and point out flaws.

  • Meimona: Umm... Nino, it's not like I can't help, but...
  • Meimona: I've never been to that world before!
  • Reed: Why is this the first thing I hear outta your trap in the morning.
  • Meimona: And... yeah, good point, Reed!
  • Meimona: Like, where's all this coming from, anyway!?
  • Meimona: We had something good going on yesterday!
  • Aria: Yeah... Nino, why are you in such a hurry?
  • Aria: There's no guarantee this kind of plan would work out so well.
  • Aria: It sounds like unnecessary trouble to me.
  • Nino: I wasn't asking either of you.
  • Nino: I'm asking Reed.
  • Meimona: Wuh.
  • Aria: Um...

  • Reed: ...
  • Nino: Reed, everything about you confirms that this is perfectly doable.
  • Nino: Does it not.
  • Aria: B-but, even so...
  • Reed: ...Alright. I won't lie.
  • Reed: What you said is actually what I would've done if it were just me here.
  • Reed: But that's not the case right now.
  • Reed: Meimona and Five aren't a problem, but...
  • Reed: It's not easy to pull off these stunts if I'm with two other humans.
  • Reed: So, get real.
  • Reed: That's a very risky plan to attempt with everyone here.
  • Nino: Risky, huh.
  • Reed: More risky than finding Five's home lab.
  • Nino: Haha, you sure about that?
  • Reed: ...Yes?
  • Reed: Nino, I've probably been the most impatient about getting out of here.
  • Reed: And yet, I'll be the first to tell you to give up on this.
  • Nino: So you're saying you'd agree if the risks weren't there.
  • Nino: That's great, Reed!
  • Nino: We already have a method to remove everything you're worried about.
  • Nino: Right, Aria?
  • Aria: ...Uh! M...me?
  • Nino: Yeah, you.
  • Nino: Couldn't you disguise us and yourself pretty easily?


  • Aria: ...
  • Aria: ...I...
  • Aria: I can do that, but...
  • Nino: See? There's already a very simple solution.
  • Nino: It'll be smooth sailing if we have Aria's handy disguise on hand.
  • Aria: But...
  • Aria: ...
  • Nino: What is it, Aria.
  • Nino: You don't want to help?
  • Reed: Hey, cut it out already.
  • Reed: We can wait two days just fine.
  • Nino: Cut what out? Was there a problem with anything I said?
  • Reed: Come on, you really didn't think about it?

Reed: Point out the obvious.

  • Reed: This is someone who lived there for years in fear.
  • Reed: And she finally just got out of it.
  • Reed: But you're asking her to willingly go back there, just like that?
  • Nino: ...Yeah?
  • Nino: That's what we need, after all.
  • Meimona: Nino, that's a little insensitive...
  • Nino: Oh! Well, well, I see what your problem is.
  • Nino: So this is something you don't want to do, Aria?
  • Aria: Um...
  • Aria: To be honest... not really.
  • Aria: I was glad that we could take it easy for a little while...
  • Aria: So I think it's fine to play it safe and wait!
  • Aria: There's no reason to rush at all!
  • Aria: Especially if we might get tangled with the law again.
  • Nino: So that's how it is.
  • Nino: Sorry, Aria. I didn't mean to pressure you at all!
  • Aria: ...Oh!
  • Aria: As long as you understand, it's fine!

  • Nino: Then I guess we would have to leave you behind.

  • Aria: ...
  • Meimona: Whoa, whoa, wait!
  • Meimona: Why on earth would we do that!?
  • Reed: The hell are you saying, moron!


  • Reed: I thought I told you to cut that shit out.
  • Nino: Huh? Why are you so upset?
  • Nino: It's what Aria wants, isn't it?
  • Reed: No. You know exactly what you're doing there.
  • Reed: Don't even pretend.
  • Nino: I'm seriously just following her wishes here.
  • Nino: I mean, what can we do if she doesn't want to come along?
  • Reed: Shut the hell up.
  • Reed: Who said the rest of us are going to go along with your idea?
  • Reed: If you want to do something stupid by yourself, by all means, go ahead.
  • Reed: But don't speak for other people.
  • Nino: Oh, now this is funny.
  • Nino: As if you're not speaking for Aria right now.
  • Reed: ...!
  • Nino: Hypocrite.
  • Aria: Stop it!

Aria: You have to settle this yourself.

  • Aria: Stop, you guys... it's okay.
  • Aria: Please don't talk like this to each other.
  • Meimona: Seriously...!
  • Meimona: Speaking up for someone isn't the same as speaking over them...
  • Five: Um...
  • Five: Nino and Reed... not getting along?
  • Aria: No, no, Five. Don't worry.
  • Aria: It's okay.
  • Aria: We're all working together here.
  • Meimona: Yeah, we can't forget that part...


  • Aria: It's okay.
  • Aria: You don't have to say anything on my behalf.
  • Reed: I didn't mean to do... ugh, whatever.
  • Reed: Aria, just, say what you're thinking.
  • Reed: Better yet, give this reckless idiot a piece of your mind.
  • Meimona: Right, don't just sit in silence looking so uncomfortable!
  • Meimona: We don't want to make you uncomfortable!
  • Aria: ...Sorry for bothering you, guys.
  • Aria: Nino, can I talk to you... alone?
  • Reed: ...
  • Meimona: ...

  • Nino: Absolutely.


They all seem pretty shocked. Reed in particular is giving you a mean look.
Well, meaner than his usual.

However, that's not a problem in the slightest.
Things are going about as well as you expected, after all.

This plan is not an issue to an expert on crossing the barrier like Reed, or to a neutral entity like the winged Meimona. It's also not an issue for a little monster like Five, and obviously, it's not an issue for you.

You're the one suggesting this, after all.

In fact, this is not a selfish plan. It is a plan that benefits everyone here.

Nino: Follow her outside.

However, the only issue lies with the one human who is most familiar with monsterkind, and thus, the one who would want to avoid that world the most.

But you can change her mind. You're the best at talking people into doing what you want. She also happens to be an easy one to steer in the desired direction.

With no interruptions, this should go smoothly.

  • Aria: Nino, if I help you out...
  • Aria: Are you a hundred percent sure that this will work out well?
  • Nino: A hundred? Eh...
  • Nino: Best I can do is seventy.
  • Aria: Wow, wow, wow...!
  • Aria: Look, even seventy percent isn't that good of a chance here!
  • Aria: I'm sorry, but I...
  • Aria: I just... painstakingly got out of there.
  • Aria: And now, I can't imagine going back in so easily.
  • Aria: I think Reed could tell, since he's the one who helped me leave...
  • Aria: He had a rash way of expressing it, but I think he's really just worried.
  • Aria: I mean... wouldn't it be nicer for us all to wait here a bit more?
  • Aria: To be honest, this really feels like a lot to ask from me.

Nino: You're probably gonna be trying to manipulate them, but they might not agree so easily.

Why, who do you think you're observing here?
Quit doubting his skills.

Aria in particular is a piece that can be moved with one simple sentence.

  • Nino: Who said that you were obligated to follow me?

  • Aria: ...
  • Aria: ...Oh... I just...
  • Aria: I-if everyone wants to go, then I... I have to, as well!
  • Aria: I can't hold them back...
  • Aria: Oh, and I don't want to separate from Five.
  • Aria: My promise to her is similar to yours, so...


  • Nino: Well, I won't force you to come along by any means.
  • Nino: You don't have to join if you don't want to, you know.
  • Aria: ...
  • Nino: But, that said... I would really appreciate any help you can offer.
  • Nino: The illusions you provide are extremely valuable, Aria.
  • Nino: I don't think anyone could match you when it comes to that.
  • Aria: Oh...


  • Aria: Well... Nino, I...
  • Aria: H-haha, maybe I don't mind it so much, I...
  • Aria: ...I think, but...
  • Nino: It's fine, Aria! No pressure at all!
  • Nino: Really, seriously, you can just stay behind if that's what you prefer.
  • Aria: N-no!
  • Aria: Wait, wait, just... promise me something.
  • Aria: You're going to make sure that everything is safe, right?
  • Aria: At least... as safe as possible with our capabilities.
  • Aria: Can I depend on you for that, Nino?
  • Nino: Yes, of course.
  • Nino: That's a given, you know.


  • Aria: Okay, then...
  • Aria: Haha, sorry... the atmosphere got kind of serious.
  • Aria: I think... I'll also help out.
  • Aria: Um, if that's alright with you.
  • Nino: Why, you're more than welcome to!
  • Nino: Thanks, Aria.
  • Aria: Haha...
  • Aria: Don't mention it.
Aria is such a kind person, right down to her roots.
It's astonishing, really...

The ease with which you can talk this personality into doing anything.

Obviously, without a disguise, you wouldn't be able to get anywhere at all. If she had adamantly refused, your entire plan would've crumbled. She is a necessity to bring, who doesn't actually get a choice in going or not - just the illusion of one.

Pun completely intended.

Nino: Don't you think that was harsh?

Certainly, in some ways.

But you don't actually want to hurt her. This is all for a good outcome.

To see if the monster world could re-awaken your memories. To benefit Reed, who's been impatient about continuing his search of the professor. Also, to take a roundabout that bypasses potential human security checks, lowering the chances of Five's disguise causing any issues along the way.

See? This change of course solves so many problems!

Now, Aria may understand if you laid this out to her, but there's no reason to do so. As long as she does what you need, it'll work out well for both of you.

After all, it's the destination that matters.

  • Aria: ...Nino.
  • Nino: Hm? What is it?
  • Aria: It makes you happy that I agreed, doesn't it?
  • Aria: Are you glad?
  • Aria: I'm glad if you are.
  • Nino: ...Uh.
  • Nino: Yeah, I am...?
  • Aria: Hehe. That's good, then.


  • Aria: It's easy to take advantage of me, isn't it?
  • Nino: ...
  • Aria: I'm... well aware of that fact.

Aria: Does anything seem off with Nino? It's evident something is on his mind.

It does.

And you know what it might be... you think.
Ah. What an irritating treatment this is.

It's even more irritating that he doesn't recognize it.

Right. You have to speak your mind, or he'll never understand.

  • Aria: Really, the moment you laid out your ideas,
  • Aria: I realized you'd need me for it to work out.
  • Aria: Then, I wondered... how were you going to persuade me?
  • Aria: As it turns out...
  • Aria: You only had to choose the words that frighten me most, hadn't you?
  • Nino: ...
  • Aria: Haha... don't worry.
  • Aria: I won't refuse to help! I really won't... because you're correct.
  • Aria: I don't want to be left behind, nor hold the others back.
  • Aria: You've flawlessly shown everyone my weakness.
  • Aria: But now... are you simply going to move forward?
  • Aria: Is this really okay with you?
Nino: Well? Do you plan on explaining yourself?
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1 year ago

the updateeee

1 year ago

this man really be testing my patience here. also jfc it moves

good update NIghts

1 year ago

Nino has forgotten one simple thing. Every lioness has the eyes of a predator.

Aria: Calmly but firmly assert yourself and what you've observed.

Nino: The path of manipulation will not work here, but an honest answer might.

Aria: Cautiously express your concern and offer a hand. You've seen the best of Nino, but he doesn't have to let the worst of him overtake that.

Nino: Well? Do you plan on explaining yourself, or will you continue this madness? You earned their trust and loyalty just last night, but you destroyed it all in five minutes.

Aria: The boy you knew isn't here right now, but there's still a chance he's in there somewhere. Please, do not give up on him.

Nino and Aria: You are being watched. Do not panic. Go back in the room.

Reed, Mei, and Five: Attempt to listen in on Nino and Aria.

1 year ago

>Aria: This isn't the Nino who gave you hope and saved your life. It's like there are two of them. He hasn't always been this way.

>Nino: This is who you are. It's not like there are two of you. You've always been this way.

>Entire Plan: Crumble.


1 year ago

Aria seems to have grown… this is good, but what pushes her on?

Nino: You fool. You have destroyed most of your chances to do anything. You could have simply explained your reasonings for your actions, explain the necessity, and you could have easily convinced them. You could have run away alone to fulfill your goals. But instead, you have managed to fail in 2 ways. One, you have made them aware that something is different about you, through a lack of consistency, and Two, you failed at using a more efficient means to progress. Even if some argue on the destination vs journey, you need to prepare for how to get to every destination, if that is what’s most important. If you keep letting pride get in your way, as with you letting Kaji get the initiative upon you earlier, your mission will just become more difficult. To remain consistent, just act confused until she is too frustrated to pursue you any longer, and be more permissive and return at least partially to your normal self.

1 year ago

Most importantly, do not fail. You aren’t relying on solely yourself, you are failing with others. Your bizarre, absurd cacophony of thinly-veiled threats and offerings, their trust in you fading, and you are deceiving yourself about your true intentions, that you are doing this for others instead of yourself. If you want to forge a path, forge it well. You must be stoic, and calm, because in this state, the illusionist with her illusory facade of a weakling, something which you should’ve tried to emulate somehow, will likely detect YOUR falsehoods. No pun intended. Afterwards, whether you succeed or fail, act befitting a way that you likely acted in the past. And by that I mean act how they thought you were some time ago, not like how you currently are. Anything you have shall only be good as you are, such as charm, and if you continue like this your own pride shall doom you, if not time. Fight both, and conquer them to serve you, and you shall be free to do as you will. As you must.

1 year ago

On another note, Nino now is Suvillan

1 year ago

Aria: Wait, what does Nino not recognize?

1 year ago

it was physically bad for me to read this page, but when Aria suspected something, like a mountain fell off my shoulders

1 year ago
Reply to  Slid

Don’t worry, the mountain’s probably gonna come back heavier soon.

1 year ago

Nino: You are based, keep pressuring your friends into chaos

1 year ago

This probably is just a aesthetic choice but Aria from my memory had a hood(?) or scarf that was shown in the Unite image I don't know I just thought it was a little weird. But there is a chance it's a subtle hint that before the event's of ocean fall Nino had known Aria in some point of time and they were allies. (It could also have been her mother or just like Nino a different version of Aria.) I am a idiot that is her hair. But still the way it's called reunite still feels weird to me. And how it shows (Past?) Nino.

1 year ago

Nino: Further insult Reeds intellect and manhood, call him a coward for not wanting to enter the monster world its perfectly safe with Five and Aria.
Nino: Hug Aria and tell her she's important to you and how you just really want to help Five. get really close to her face put your hand beside her face on the wall.
Nino: Let everyone know that with (y)our guardian angel the lovely Meimona everything is going to be fine.
Nino: Tell Five in private to always let Reed know how much you love him and how special/nice he is.


Pun Lord
Pun Lord
1 year ago

Everyone: You know, for all of your observation skills, you should play more attention to how others’ eyes move and observe you.

1 year ago


5 months ago

nino is kind of an asshole