30 Jul 2022

Nino: Answer Nino.

  • Nino: What will I run out of time to accomplish?

  • Nino: It seems that you do not remember right now.
  • Nino: So I do not, either.
  • Nino: But listen, and notice that the clock is ticking in the back of your mind.
  • Nino: Don't you feel an ever-present sense of urgency?
  • Nino: It's been eating away at you, ever so slowly.

  • Nino: My memories were reaped away...
  • Nino: But it won't stop me. There's still a way forward.
  • Nino: You're bound to remember, as long as you keep moving forward.
  • Nino: Don't foolishly fall into the trap of complacency.
  • Nino: If you don't hurry, this would all have been for nothing.
  • Nino: You shouldn't be wasting any time here.

  • Nino: If you leave everything up to such people...
  • Nino: It'll only end badly for them.
  • Nino: They follow you, but you do not follow them.
  • Nino: So do what you must to remember.
  • Nino: It's time for you to go.
  • Nino: ...That means it's my time, too.
  • Nino: You are me, and I am you, after all.
  • Nino: You know what it means, right?

  • Nino: No need to deny yourself anymore.

  • Nino: I only have...
  • Nino: ...Myself.
A strange, desolate feeling fills your heart.

It is as if you don't move now, then you'll never be complete.

Time, time, the only thing that never stops moving forward.
Yes, you must race this Unforeseen force to keep up, lest you miss your chances.

  • Nino: I only have... myself...


  • ...Nino...


It has been a while since you've heard a voice besides your own.

  • Nino...!
Who is calling your name?

Nino: Look around.

  • Nino: ...What is that...?
  • Nino: No, wait... who?

  • Hehe!
  • Nino, Nino, Nino!

  • I'm here to get you, Nino!
  • Come on!

Nino: Follow.

  • A... a monster...?

Hey! Wait!
What do you think you're doing!?

I said wait!
W-where are you going!?

You... you can't do that!
You can't leave!


Come on!
Everyone's waiting!!

Don't leave me...!

Nino: Wake up.

  • Five: Wake up, Nino!!!

  • Nino: OW!!!
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1 year ago

I wish I had a cape as cool as Ninos. Or a cape in general. Capes are cool.

1 year ago
Reply to  DZ4114


1 year ago

There's something about the fact that Five, who has stated that her home is with her friends, being the one that overpowers The Phantom in Nino's mind, despite the fact he is the embodiment of the only-have-myself mentality, that is just the chef's kiss of an amazing sequence. My heart.


Five: Yay! Nino is up! Inform Five's friends.

Nino: Kindly ask Five to not do that again, but then ask why she was waking him up.

Five: Apologize. Nino looked like Nino was having a bad dream. Also, Nino's and Five's friends are waiting for Nino. Hurry Nino along.

POV: Switch to the rest of the party for a minute to see what they're doing (and hear some funny banter).

Nino: Who knows what you will have whenever the end comes. It's naive to pretend that you'd know. But right now, it is far more naive to believe you "only have yourself". Now, you should go see your friends.

1 year ago

Nino: Alright, just to check, do you remember your dream, and also just in case, check your healing hands ability and stats. Just act normal and calm as you usually are, which you aren't so don't act calm or normal.

Nino: Are you still frustrated at yourself rejecting your "most useful" belief? Are you still in there?

Blade Artist
Blade Artist
1 year ago

Makes me wonder if he was the one supposed to murder the prince.

Nino: Crave morning pastries.

Lay's Chips
Lay's Chips
1 year ago

Nino: > Assure to Five that you're awake, Ow...

Nino: > Do you recall that dream you had at all?

1 year ago

Finally caught up with this story after finding it through the {S} Shatter animation on YouTube :3

Mei: Join in the fun of waking Nino up

anonymous person
anonymous person
1 year ago

Nino: Gently poke Five.

1 year ago

finally caught upppp>>>>
alright i had a few ideas after this
{}{i know i'm a bit late}{}
Time: Be Late
Late: Be Time
Late and Time: Be each other
{}{honestly i don't think it's possible to use those i just think they're funny}{}
Time: Race forwards
{}{we'll see}{}
Aria: Baked Goods Based Surprise Attack
Nino: Auto Pastrey
Reed: Be restless
Ludwig: Become relevant