14 Apr 2019

Kotori: Ask

  • Kotori: Does she remind you of anyone?
  • Aria: Huh?
  • Kotori: Cinders, I mean.
  • Kotori: Does Cinders remind you of anyone.
  • Aria: Oh, umm...
  • Aria: She does, actually!
  • Aria: But, please don't laugh!
  • Aria: Um...
  • Kotori: Hmm?

  • Aria: This is embarrassing, but she reminds me of myself a little, I guess!
  • Aria: But, just a little!!!
  • Kotori: Oh, heheh. Figures.
  • Aria: Ahh, you laughed!
  • Aria: I just told you not to!
  • Aria: And, "Figures"??
  • Kotori: Sorry, sorry!
  • Kotori: That response was just so you.
  • Aria: God, what does that even mean?
  • Kotori: You're totally the type to self-insert.
  • Aria: I-I don't know what that means!
  • Kotori: Heheheh, don't worry about it.
  • Aria: Did you really just ask this to make fun of me. :c
  • Kotori: Oh, no, no!
  • Kotori: If anything, it means the ending you wrote to the story is so legit.
  • Aria: L-legit?
  • Kotori: That means it's like, honest! Passionate!
  • Aria: Oh, so it is like a compliment?
  • Kotori: Yeah!
  • Kotori: I learned that word from a friend.
  • Kotori: It is so useful.
  • Aria: I see...!
  • Aria: Then, why did you ask that question, Tori?
  • Kotori: Oh, uh.
  • Kotori: No reason, really.
  • Kotori: I was just wondering, I guess.
  • Aria: ..."Just wondering", she said unconvincingly.
  • Kotori: Huh??
  • Aria: That's right, you can't fool me.
  • Kotori: F-fool you?
  • Aria: I can see everything except NOTHING on your face.
  • Kotori: It was just a random question, so don't worry about it!
  • Aria: Tori...
  • Aria: It is obviously so something.
  • Aria: And I am really curious now! Why ask that?
  • Kotori: Ahhh, alright, fine!
  • Kotori: I'll tell you, but...
  • Kotori: But.
  • Kotori: Uh.
  • Kotori: Don't laugh.
  • Aria: Huh?
  • Aria: I mean, if you say so, I won't :?
  • Kotori: It's...
  • Aria: ?
  • Kotori: ...
  • Aria: ...What is it?
  • Kotori: ...You really can't laugh, okay!
  • Aria: O-okay, I won't!
  • Aria: So... What is it?

  • Kotori: ...I thought, maybe you'd say cinders reminded you of me.

  • Kotori: I mean, not like, in a weird way!
  • Kotori: It's just, like, some similarities? You know?
  • Kotori: ...Ahh! This was stupid!
  • Kotori: What was I thinking.
  • Kotori: Never mind it after all, you don't have to answer!
  • Kotori: You probably just won't get it anyway.
  • Aria: No, I-
  • Kotori: Never mind it!
  • Kotori: I should be going anyway, I'm sorry.
  • Kotori: I'll leave the book here.
  • Kotori: That's fine, right?
  • Kotori: You can just give it to me later.
  • Kotori: I think I need to return it to the library with the rest of the books soon, so-
  • Aria: Kotori!
  • Aria: Stop rambling!
  • Kotori: W-what?
  • Kotori: Don't tell me you're still thinking about what I said?
  • Kotori: You can forget it now!!
  • Aria: No! Um...

  • Aria: Kotori, are you just saying you want to be called a princess?

  • Kotori: .

  • Kotori: HUH?
  • Aria: Because, um, in the ending, Cinders is a princess!
  • Aria: A very pretty, graceful princess!
  • Aria: So you want to be like her?
  • Kotori: I- What!!
  • Kotori: No! That's so stupid!
  • Aria: If you want me to call you that, then I'll-
  • Kotori: NO!!
  • Kotori: Please never say that!
  • Kotori: Don't say stupid things, oh my god!
  • Aria: O-okay! Sorry!
  • Aria: But after thinking about it, I'll say yes!
  • Kotori: Yes...? What?
  • Aria: To your question.
  • Aria: I think you'd make a really pretty princess like her, Kotori!

  • Kotori: .
  • Kotori: I'm going.
  • Aria: H-huh? Wait!
  • Aria: Did I say something wrong?
  • Aria: I'm sorry if I did!
  • Kotori: No!!
  • Kotori: Uh! It's just time to go!!
  • Aria: Wait, wait!

  • Aria: Why are you in such a hurry!
  • Aria: You even forgot your stuff!
  • Kotori: Oh.
  • Kotori: T-thanks.
  • Aria: Where are you going?
  • Aria: To work?
  • Kotori: D-duh, yes!
  • Kotori: God, you're so d-
  • Kotori: D-d-d-d-
  • Kotori: Dense.
  • Aria: Are you... Okay?
  • Kotori: Yes!!
  • Kotori: I didn't notice the uh, the time.
  • Kotori: Would you look at it, the time!
  • Kotori: I really have to go now or I'll be late to, work. Okay!?
  • Aria: Oh, o-okay...
  • Aria: Um, are you upset at me?
  • Kotori: N-no.
  • Kotori: There's nothing to worry about.
  • Aria: Then... I'm sorry if today was weird or boring!
  • Kotori: No, it's okay!
  • Kotori: I just said, there's nothing to worry about.
  • Kotori: Today was... Really great. Really!
  • Kotori: Thanks for having me over.
  • Aria: Oh... Ok!
  • Aria: Then, if it's okay, will you visit again sometime?
  • Kotori: S-sure.
  • Kotori: I'll try to.
  • Kotori: If i can clear my schedule again.
  • Aria: Alright!!
  • Aria: Um, have a safe trip.
  • Aria: And good luck with work!
  • Kotori: ...Thanks.
You felt like you should, so you reminded Kotori, in the end, that you had no doubt that she would make for the prettiest and finest princess as the likes in fabled fairytales and even better, just to stop her from worrying. She was just mumbling incomprehensibly about the time and work though. Which was a little weird, but you hope you didn't say anything wrong.

You were pretty sure that the answer you gave was why she asked you the question! She can be so silly and worrisome sometimes.

Could be.

She could be. Past tense.

You should really stop remembering the past.

Kotori: Lament failure

Or else, it'll just hurt more.

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5 years ago

wowr these two girls are gay. i love this

5 years ago

Kotori: What failiure?

5 years ago

Cool to see we've found out the densest material in Oceanfalls.

5 years ago

Ocean falls site: make earthbound reference next update for earth day

3 years ago


1 year ago

I knew it