06 May 2019


  • Aria: ...
  • Five: Aria!!
  • Aria: Oh!
  • Aria: Five! Don't just shout like that!
  • Aria: You scared me...
  • Five: But... Aria wasn't responding...
  • Aria: Sorry, I spaced out a little.
  • Aria: What is it?
  • Five: Five was thinking...
  • Five: When is Five going to see Nino?
  • Aria: Oh... Uh...

Aria: Panic a little but try to control it!

  • Aria: Umm.
  • Aria: Soon!
  • Aria: Yeah, soon, we just have to find Ludwig first...
  • Aria: And then, um, we'll meet up with Nino!
  • Aria: In the human world. Soon.
  • Five: Yay!
  • Five: When Aria and Nino get there...
  • Five: Five wants everyone to meet friends!
  • Five: Aria is kind, and loves stories...
  • Five: So Five thinks... Aria is a little like Sis!
  • Aria: :o
  • Five: And Nino protects friends...
  • Five: Nino is like Friend!
  • Five: Five's new friends... And Five's family...
  • Five: Would all get along!!
  • Aria: Wow, Five! I'm glad to hear that...
  • Aria: I think I'd love to meet them too.
  • Aria: They sound like nice people.
  • Five: Nino, meet friends too?
  • Aria: Y-
  • Aria: ...Yeah! He'd probably love to, I think!
  • Aria: But, you have to be patient about it, alright?
  • Aria: Like, REALLY patient... We'll be there soon enough.
  • Aria: So no need to ask or anything every few minutes. Okay?
  • Five: Okay!
  • Five: But when Five and Aria meet Nino...
  • Five: Aria has to tell Nino, Five was very patient!
  • Five: So Nino will be... Proud!
  • Aria: ...
  • Aria: Of... Course, yeah!
  • Aria: I will do that, of course.
  • Aria: But you really have to be quietly patient, alright?
  • Aria: Starting now.
  • Five: Okay!
  • Five: Five will try very hard...!
  • Aria: (Whew.)

That was close.

God, this kid. So enthusiastic. And so heartfelt, in a painful way.
You really want to make her happy, but...

You guess you'll have to brace yourself to eventually tell her the truth, when it's time to. You really weren't cut out for handling something as heavy as this.

Maybe it's fine to wait until a little later.

You have bigger fish to fry right now anyway!!! Survival is no doubt going to be quite hard, even with the help of the mysterious letter from before.

Suddenly, Five shouts.

She alerts you to something up ahead.


Aria: Look ahead.


Aria: Rush.

Five: Alert.

  • Five: W-Wait!
  • Five: B-behind-

Aria: Pause.

  • Five: Behind you!!

... --- --..--



Aria: Dodge!
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5 years ago

Aria: Dodge!

5 years ago

Aria: Kill it!

5 years ago

Aria: turn around and shake its hand.

Echo Calypsus
Echo Calypsus
5 years ago

Aria: Duck, Duck now!

5 years ago

Aria:Get grabbed, pull out an arrow!

5 years ago

'-.-- --- ..- .----. ...- . / -... . . -. / .- -... .- -. -.. --- -. . -.. / - --- --- .-.-.-"