11 Apr 2019


  • Aria: I... see.
  • Kotori: This time, I think we should give up.
  • Kotori: I should be going back to work soon anyways...
  • Kotori: I don't have a lot of time left to mess around.
  • Aria: But...
  • Aria: So what?
  • Kotori: ?

  • Aria: So what, Kotori!
  • Kotori: W-what?
  • Kotori: Why're you suddenly fired up?
  • Aria: So what!!
  • Aria: We can just write a good ending!
  • Kotori: Just... write. What.
  • Aria: Yeah!
  • Aria: Cinders can just be happy!
  • Aria: We can write an ending where she does that!
  • Kotori: Oh. You're still thinking about the story.
  • Aria: Yes! I haven't given up!
  • Aria: You're being too defeatist about it, in fact!
  • Kotori: Huh, me??
  • Kotori: I'm just being realistic!
  • Aria: Again, "realistic" doesn't have to be so sad!
  • Aria: You're just giving up, I think!
  • Kotori: Well, it IS what's realistic in this case.
  • Kotori: And there's really nothing you can do about it!
  • Kotori: After all I described, you think you can still-
  • Aria: Yes, I do!
  • Kotori: How?
  • Kotori: Cinders is basically fated for a life of bad luck.
  • Kotori: Unless everything is different, the story can't be happy!
  • Aria: Why? That's so hopeless!
  • Aria: Are you saying outcomes can't be changed?
  • Kotori: Yes, if something is fated to fail,
  • Kotori: Then so it will be.
  • Kotori: The writing in this story clearly follows that.
  • Aria: You're too naive, Kotori.
  • Kotori: Huh, naive? Me?
  • Aria: Yeah! You're not thinking hard enough!
  • Aria: If you asked me what I thought,
  • Aria: Cinders can just leave - is what I would say.
  • Kotori: Just... Huh?
  • Aria: Isn't that a better ending?

  • Aria: I think you're giving up too early.
  • Aria: And, you're thinking the character should give up as well because of that.
  • Aria: I don't think that's right!
  • Aria: A good outcome comes from actions, it's not something set in stone!
  • Aria: So, I won't have Cinders just give up like the story wants her to.
  • Aria: She's going to act and keep trying!

  • Aria: For example, she can just choose to leave.
  • Aria: And then, she can go to a better place!
  • Kotori: ...
  • Aria: And then... Cinders then meets better people,
  • Aria: And makes a lot of great friends,
  • Aria: And, she's basically happy forever then!
  • Aria: There, see, I did it!
  • Aria: It's just hasty and vague ideas right now, but I did it!
  • Aria: She didn't have to give up this way!
  • Aria: And...

  • Aria: You don't have to give up either.
  • Kotori: ...
  • Aria: If you think what I came up with is bad, then... Say so!
  • Aria: But don't say a happy ending is impossible.
  • Aria: That's not like you at all, Kotori.

  • Kotori: Oh, all right.
  • Kotori: You're so fired up about this. I can't say no.
  • Kotori: I haven't thought hard enough before judging. Sorry.
  • Kotori: Maybe I'm really just out of it today.
  • Aria: I wish you'd be enthusiastic like me, too...
  • Aria: This is really not normal, you know!
  • Aria: You'd normally be saying this,
  • Aria: Telling me how the characters in these stories can still be saved.
  • Kotori: Yeah, you're right.
  • Aria: I'm sorry I got too fired up earlier.
  • Aria: To be honest, I kind of just... Mimicked you!
  • Aria: I'm not used to being the one who does this part!
  • Kotori: Heh, it's fine.
  • Kotori: I do like your ideas.
  • Kotori: You're right. It's not impossible to change it.
  • Aria: I'm glad you think so.
  • Aria: But if you're not feeling well, we can stop.
  • Aria: Sorry for getting so into it...
  • Kotori: No, it's okay!!
  • Kotori: Let's write a better ending together.
  • Kotori: You know, you feel way more optimistic than usual.
  • Aria: I think it's because...
  • Aria: Um, lately you're seeming more pessimistic.
  • Aria: So, I felt like I should be more of an optimist to help, I guess.
  • Aria: Sorry, I know it's a little weird, but I don't like seeing you be so down...
  • Aria: I don't know what's causing it, but I hope it will change for the better.
  • Aria: I won't prod if you don't want me to, but you can always talk to me if you want!
  • Kotori: Sorry. Don't worry about me so much.
  • Kotori: It's really alright, though.
  • Aria: Well, good! That's all that matters!

The two of you then proceeded to rewrite the story, with Kotori being in higher spirits than before.

And then, just when she was going to leave, she asked you that weird question.

  • Kotori: Hey, Aria.
  • Kotori: You really like this story and Cinders, don't you.
  • Aria: Yes! It is so sweet!
  • Aria: Except for the ending, of course.
  • Aria: But Cinders is so hardworking, I like her!
  • Kotori: Um, actually, I had a question about that.
Kotori: Ask
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5 years ago

mmm hype

5 years ago

KOTORI: Question. do it.

The One Guy
The One Guy
5 years ago

Kotori: "Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?"

5 years ago
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5 years ago

amazing! cant wait for the next update :00