24 Dec 2018

Aria: Just in case, confirm that you're on the right track.

You review your handy map, and carefully place down some mental notes on it.

You're supposed to keep heading east, as you were. You're not sure what's down south, and you will not talk about what's up north. It's best to avoid going north.

All in all the routes are pretty basic, and you're definitely going the right way!

Five interrupts your mental mapping process to alert you to something important.

  • Five: Up ahead... On road!
  • Aria: Ah, that's...
  • Aria: B-blood? Oh, dear.
  • Five: It must be... Ludwig's!

Ludwig: Be dead. (But... not really?)

  • Five: When Five and Ludwig were together...
  • Five: A spirit... Chased after Five!
  • Five: Ludwig saved Five... But...
  • Five: Ludwig... Was hurt by the bad spirit.

  • Five: And Five... Couldn't help. Didn't know how to help.
  • Five: Five is... Weak.
  • Five: ...Maybe if Five... Was stronger...
  • Five: Then Ludwig wouldn't be...
  • Five: ...

  • Aria: No, no. Calm down, Five.
  • Aria: Don't think like that! It's not your fault!
  • Aria: I shouldn't have left you alone, in the first place.
  • Aria: But we won't worry about what's past now!
  • Aria: It'll be okay, we're going to find Ludwig!
  • Five: But... Ludwig was hurt...
  • Aria: Even if he is wounded, I'm sure he's fine!
  • Aria: He's a very well trained dog.
  • Aria: He helped me a lot while dealing with bad spirits before.
  • Aria: So please don't worry or blame yourself, okay?
  • Aria: Nobody is going to be left behind as long as I'm here.
  • Five: ...O-okay!

You take a second to mentally update your mental map-notes.

Ludwig should be up ahead. Should be, you say to yourself, unconvincingly. You spoke earlier with confidence only to reassure Five, but deep inside, you don't really know if Ludwig is fine or not.

Well, for one thing, you should know that if Ludwig were to be attacked by anyone, he would never prove to be a weak foe! You should know best, because Ludwig has been carefully trained by you for years as your trusted life companion. He is a smart dog. Always alert to danger, and quick on his feet. And always a very, VERY, very, VERY good boy.

But alas, you find it hard to not worry for his safety, in the face of uncertain danger. You really, really hope Ludwig is safe. Surely you wouldn't be able to handle losing yet another friend now.

But your worry will not deter you.

Rather, it will steel your will towards preventing another loss.

You promised both yourself and Five that, from now on, nobody will be left behind. And you'll make sure to keep that promise.

Unbeknownst to you, your resolve sets aflame newfound inspiration in Five's soul.

Tonight, you became someone's role model.

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5 years ago

Yay! new website! I'm really excited for the future of Oceanfalls!

charley chapoozas
charley chapoozas
5 years ago

nino: try and take "boyfriend" from thief while she isnt looking

5 years ago

Nino: Take pride in new website

Charley chapoozas
Charley chapoozas
5 years ago
Reply to  BitesizeBird

Isn't that a bit uhh Meta????