10 Nov 2018

Aria: Get to Five ASAP!

  • Aria: Five?

  • Five: Aria...!
  • Aria: Oh my god, there you are!
    Aria: I was looking all over for you!!
    Aria: I'm so glad I found you!!

Five: HUGS!

  • Aria: Are you well?
    Aria: Did you encounter any danger?
  • Five: Oh... There was a... Spirit.
    Five: But... Five didn't get hurt.
  • Aria: I'm so sorry, I thought this road would be safe.
    Aria: Gosh, I'm, just, I'm so glad you're not hurt.
    Aria: What exactly happened?
  • Five: Five...
    Five: Fought back... At the spirit.
    Five: Even though spirit upset Five... a lot.
    Five: Spirit... Looked like Five's friends.
    Five: Five tried not to listen... To spirit.
    Five: Five fought back, and ran...
    Five: Five thinks Ludwig went on this same... Way!
    Five: But... Five couldn't go more because of hole!
  • Aria: Hole?

  • Five: Huh?
    Five: Hole is... Gone!
    Five: This road, um...
    Five: Road wasn't there before!
  • Aria: Oh, I see what it was.
    Aria: You must've encountered one crafty spirit.
    Aria: It tricked you into stopping with an illusion.
  • Five: Oh... So hole...
    Five: Not real?
  • Aria: Likely so! The spirits sometimes alter the place around you,
    Aria: To make it look like you have no way out.
    Aria: But none of it is real!
    Aria: Just as everything else that the spirit might've shown you!!
    Aria: So don't think about what you saw, alright?
    Aria: The spirits just, um, were playing a mean prank on you.
  • Five: Oh... Five knows!
    Five: People mustn't listen to spirit.
    Five: So Five tried not to, very hard.
    Five: But Five lost track of Ludwig, because of spirit...
    Five: Now Five doesn't know where... Ludwig is.
    Five: Five is sorry...
  • Aria: No, no, it's fine.
    Aria: As long as you're fine.
    Aria: You did good, managing to stay safe and not to listen to the spirits. You did the best.
    Aria: I promise I'll find Ludwig, don't you worry about a thing!
  • Five: O...Okay.
  • Aria: Well... What happened to the spirit that chased you, then?
  • Five: Oh, umm...

  • Five: ...
    Five: ......
    Five: It's... A secret.
  • Aria: Huh?
  • Five: Spirit... Faded away.
    Five: And Five was safe.
    Five: But Five can't tell Aria how!
  • Aria: I-I don't understand!
    Aria: Why not?
  • Five: Secret! It's a secret!
    Five: Five can't tell, Five doesn't break promises!
  • Aria: Promises? Promises with who??
  • Five: Can't tell!! Secret!!
  • Aria: Eeh...
    Aria: Okay, as long as you're fine...?
    Aria: I suppose, the spirit must have been slain if its illusions disappeared, though?
  • Five: No, Aria!! Five... Can't say!
    Five: And Aria... Can't ask!
  • Aria: A-alright, alright! Don't be so upset!
    Aria: I-I definitely want to come back to this later,
    Aria: But um, I'll leave it be, for now.
    Aria: Well hey, let me show you what I found, instead!
    Aria: It'll um, cheer you up!
    Aria: And then we can maybe come back to this when you're not upset-
  • Five: No! Five said Aria can't ask!!
  • Aria: A-alright, gosh!

  • Aria: Look, cheer up!
    Aria: Here's something nice I've found.
  • Five: Aria found... Map...?
  • Aria: Yup, but not just any map!
    Aria: This map will lead us to the human world!
    Aria: You'll be able to meet your friends there.
  • Five: Oh!! Really!!
    Five: Aria... Coming with friends, too?
  • Aria: Of course! I'm not leaving you!
    Aria: I'm so glad, it seems there's someone out there helping us escape.
    Aria: "You are not alone," the note says here.
    Aria: Isn't it nice??
  • Five: Aria... Is so Excited!
  • Aria: Oh heheh! Um, a little, I guess!
    Aria: It's just that this note says things I've always needed to hear, I suppose. It must be from someone who understands what it feels like to be in this position.
    Aria: I wonder who it could be.
    Aria: Surely, it's another human!
  • Five: Oh... Human?
  • Aria: Yes yes!
    Aria: I think, according to the note, there were other humans here like me, and they managed to get out and back into the human world safely.
    Aria: That's why, I think the humans must be ready for us to arrive in their world!
    Aria: I'm sure you'll be fine there too, Five!
    Aria: You have human friends, right?
  • Five: Y-yes! Five...
    Five: Five... Really wants to be with friends again.
  • Aria: I'll make sure of it, don't you worry!
    Aria: The note had other helpful things with it too,
    Aria: A good amount of cash, and a weapon for self defense,
    Aria: With all these resources, we're ready for whatever comes next!
    Aria: It's like whomever prepared these things knew exactly what we would need to get around, I don't think that's all by coincidence!
  • Five: Aria... Found the new clothing, too?
  • Aria: Huh?
    Aria: Oh, you mean this coat!
    Aria: It's just something I bought from a travelling merchant.
    Aria: I needed something to disguise me better, more than just my ability.
    Aria: And I happened to see a merchant with it on the way, and thought it'd be perfect!
    Aria: It's really comfortable and warm too, good bonus!
    Aria: And... It has a little hood with an opening for a horn, hehe.
    Aria: That'll work nicely with my disguise.
    Aria: Oh, sorry Five, I'm spoiling myself so much!
    Aria: When we get out of here, I promise I'll buy you plenty of nice things too!
  • Five: Things... Presents?
  • Aria: Yeah!
  • Five: For Five!!
  • Aria: Indeed!!
    Aria: So think of something you really really want, alright?
    Aria: I'll get you whatever it is and more, once we're out of here.
  • Five: Can be... Anything?
  • Aria: Of course! I won't complain, and I'm not stingy, don't worry.
  • Five: Okay... Five will think very hard, then...!
  • Aria: Don't worry about anything like prices, I will get you all that you want.
    Aria: Let's see, we're already on the right path, according to the map.
    Aria: So, everything is in order, I think!
    Aria: Come on, let's proceed, Five!
    Aria: Our next stop should be in the human world!
  • Five: ...Proceed...
    Five: Going... Already?
    Five: But Aria is... Alone?
  • Aria: Huh?

  • Five: Nino... Not with Aria?

  • Aria: O-oh, Nino! Of course!
    Aria: He just went on ahead.
    Aria: Come on, let's go.
  • Five: Went?
    Five: Went... Where?
  • Aria: ...
    Aria: When we found a way to the human world,
    Aria: I told Nino to go ahead, and that I would come and find you and Ludwig.
    Aria: So, we're going to find Ludwig, and then...
    Aria: Catch up with Nino!
  • Five: Oh... Okay!
    Five: Everyone really can go... Back to human world?
  • Aria: Yeah, every-
    Aria: Everyone.
  • Five: Nino, too?

Aria: Make sure you prepare for your disguise. Walls have ears.

  • Aria: Of course.
Aria: Just in case, confirm that you're on the right track.
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4 years ago

And unknown to her she’s actually telling the truth

3 years ago

I'm glad Aria is happy and excited again :D