27 Dec 2018


  • Five: ...
  • Five: Aria... Five thought. Of something.
  • Aria: Hmm? Something?
  • Five: Something... To buy!
  • Aria: Oh, right!
  • Aria: That's very nice! What is it?
  • Aria: A toy? New clothing? You name it!
  • Aria: I'll get it for you as soon as we're in a better place!
  • Five: ...Five wants....
  • Five: A weapon.
  • Aria: Ah.
  • Aria: Wait... HUH.

  • Aria: W-WEAPON??
  • Five: Yes!
  • Five: Like Arrows... Like Aria!
  • Five: Or like Nino.... A sword!
  • Aria: Oh, my god, FIVE!
  • Aria: I know I said anything, b-but!
  • Aria: I didn't mean like this!
  • Aria: You don't need that!
  • Five: Mmmh! But, Five wants a weapon!
  • Five: Then Five... Can fight!
  • Aria: No! No way!
  • Aria: You don't have to be doing anything like that!
  • Five: B-but! Mmmmh!
  • Aria: W-why do you want something so dangerous?
  • Five: ...

  • Five: Five... Doesn't like it.
  • Five: Nino... Aria... Even Ludwig, always protect Five.
  • Five: But Five... Doesn't want to be useless. Five wants to fight too.
  • Five: Aria will be troubled...By Five, if... Five is useless.
  • Aria: Oh, no no no, Five!

  • Aria: Don't say that! You don't trouble me, not at all!
  • Aria: Please, don't even think it!
  • Aria: Those are bad thoughts. It's helpful to me to just have you around!
  • Five: But that's... Not right!
  • Five: Five can do more help!!
  • Aria: No!! You don't need to!
  • Five: But...
  • Aria: No buts! It's really, really fine with me.
  • Aria: It'll all be alright, I'll fight for you whenever necessary.
  • Aria: Please leave everything to me for now.
  • Aria: And then... We can forget all about having to fight.
  • Aria: All the hard times here will end, once we're in the right place.
  • Aria: So just stay safe with me, okay, Five?
  • Five: ...Mmmh.
  • Aria: Aaah, please don't look so sad.
  • Aria: I don't want you to be in danger, or to feel bad!
  • Aria: Look, take your mind off of those thoughts.
  • Aria: I know what will cheer you up.

  • Aria: Do you like fairytales?
  • Five: Fairytales?
  • Aria: Yes! Like, fictional stories about princesses of fantasy.
  • Five: Oh... Five knows!
  • Five: Sis... Used to read stories... To Five.
  • Aria: Oh my, how nice!
  • Aria: Then, what stories do you like?
  • Five: Five likes... Little Red Riding Hood.
  • Five: And... Snow White!
  • Five: But... Five doesn't know many stories.
  • Aria: I see. Those are nice choices, though!
  • Aria: I liked to read such stories too!
  • Aria: And I, um, had a friend who liked them as well.
  • Aria: Ludwig likes them too, actually!
  • Five: Oh!! :o
  • Aria: I got into the habit of reading aloud to him, ever since he was just a little pup. And, I guess it kind of became a routine, hehe.
  • Five: Then Five... Wants to tell Ludwig stories, too!
  • Five: Is it okay... For Five?
  • Aria: Of course!

  • Aria: Once we find Ludwig, we'll all read stories together.
  • Aria: So, say, do you want me to tell you his favorite story?
  • Aria: I think it'll be better than walking silently!
  • Five: Oh... Yes!
  • Five: Five wants... To know!
  • Aria: All right, let me recount it.

You recall the day you read a magnificent tale of a fictional princess. Her story details her life, and how she moved perpetually between both rags and riches in a heart-poundingly turbulent manner, all throughout the tale.

It was titled "The Forgotten Princess of Cinders".

That day, you were waiting for a friend to visit.

A scheduled meeting. Though those occasions were few, they always made you nervous. There was always much more to hide than usual.

And yet, fortunately, overt curiosity was never pointed your way.

Aria: Narrate.
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4 years ago

give five a gun 2k19

4 years ago

Five (in the most monotone voice): Pew

4 years ago

i absolutely love the relationship between aria and five. it's the most adorable mother daughter thing ever and i love it

cant wait for the next update!.

4 years ago

Five: Listen intently to Aria's motherly story voice.

Joseph Longacre
Joseph Longacre
4 years ago

Aria: Give Five a stick to use as a weapon

4 years ago

I just. Can't. This story is... good. Too good. The browser tab is just taunting me. Screaming silently every time I look to the top of my screen, that there's no more of the story left to read.
I regret finding this. I wish I found this like 5 years from now on, when I FUCKING HOPE this story will be complete in all its glory. For now I'm forced to deal with the nagging feeling in the back of my head, feeling that there's no story left for me to read. And updates will only be able to help so much, because even an update that would have as much new pages as there are overall already wouldn't help me sate this relentless appetite for a GOOD STORY.
This is like finding Homestuck. God, I'm lucky I found Homestuck during the last big pause, I didn't have to suffer like this. Except this is in no damn way Homestuck. It may share some things with it, but this is just, somehow better? The story feels slightly simpler, and I think that's an improvement. ===>

4 years ago

Oh wow, I've finally gotten current with this! It's really good so far! Five is adorable! X3

4 years ago

I just found this, and seeing that it's been a month since the last update... how am I supposed to wait?

I don't know if I can do this!

vinny boy
vinny boy
4 years ago

Just caught up.. hyped for the next one!

4 years ago

Boyfriend: Funny scream

4 years ago

It has been more than two month... Does something happened ?

vinny boy
vinny boy
4 years ago