21 Oct 2018

Nino: Ask why she lifted a fucking mountain

  • Meimona: Hm! Nice try, but I'll never believe that!
  • Meimona: Even if he's been friendly to others, Boyfriend still loves ME. That's all that matters.
  • Meimona: So stay away from my Bee-Eff!
  • Nino: Screw you, you're not even a good cat owner!
  • Nino: Boyf- I mean, the cat looks like he's suffocating whenever you hold him!
  • Meimona: Back off, maybe he LIKES it!
  • Nino: That's not how it works!
  • Meimona: Why are you so hung up on Boyfriend?
  • Meimona: I said I'd give you literally anything else in the world.
  • Nino: Damn it. Okay, here's a deal.
  • Meimona: If it involves me giving you Boyfriend, then forget it.
  • Nino: No, no, just hear me out for a second.
  • Nino: Remember the memory thing I mentioned before?
  • Meimona: That thing that sounded very important? Noooo.
  • Nino: I don't appreciate the sarcasm.
  • Nino: Look, I have like, a weird amnesia thing.
  • Nino: I was going to look around the town and see if it helps me remember stuff.
  • Nino: How about we um, do that together? That's the favor I want.
  • Meimona: Hmmm...
  • Meimona: Okay, I don't mind, but...
  • Meimona: You know I'm wanted there, right?
  • Meimona: Soooo it'll be hard for me to do that if you don't like getting chased by sea cops.
  • Nino: Sea-what now.
  • Meimona: Police! Cops! People trying to catch me, it's no biggie.
  • Nino: Well, as long as I'm not involved?
  • Meimona: Sure! It'll be out of your hair.
  • Nino: Anyway, I wasn't done yet with the deal.
  • Nino: Here's something enticing for you.
  • Meimona: Oh...?
  • Nino: If you somehow help me remember anything- and I mean ANYTHING,
  • Nino: Even like, what I had for dinner 2 days ago-
  • Nino: I'll stop bothering you about the cat.
  • Nino: BUT, if you don't make me remember a thing, I get the cat.
  • Meimona: ...No.
  • Nino: Think about it, seriously! Good deal, right?
  • Meimona: No!!!
  • Meimona: You're bad at deals! As expected from a human!
  • Nino: Fuck. But you said you OWE me one!
  • Meimona: Yes, I owe you ONE THING that isn't Boyfriend.
  • Meimona: God, I should be less nice to people, this is stupid!
  • Meimona: Just ask me for like, a big bag of money and be done with it.
  • Nino: No! Urgh, look, what if I help you loot every single store in the town?
  • Meimona: !
  • Nino: You like money, huh?
  • Nino: Want to do some "temporary borrowing" together? Wiiink?
  • Meimona: It doesn't sound half-bad...
  • Meimona: But you look like you'd stink as a thief. And you look like a lawful snob.
  • Meimona: AND you ARE doing all of this just for Boyfriend.
  • Nino: Nuh uh, nooooooo.
  • Nino: I just really want to remember things!
  • Nino: God, like, maybe I used to be a rich noble dude and you make me remember that, then I give you like 50% of my forgotten fortune.
  • Nino: Or I could get you, heh, a REAL boy-boyfriend, how about that?
  • Meimona: I can't have a real boy-boyfriend, you dunce.
  • Meimona: Don't you know the first thing about Winged?
  • Nino: Have you ever tried to GET one?
  • Meimona: No! That is so human of you to say, stop it!
  • Meimona: Look, Boy. Something smells FISHY.
  • Nino: That's the sea.
  • Meimona: Haha, very funny! I'm not giving you Boyfriend.
  • Nino: Fine, fine, look, I'll stop.
  • Nino: Would you still come with me to the town? As repaying the favor?
  • Meimona: Ehh... Fine.
  • Meimona: I shouldn't have owed you anything, ugh.
  • Nino: More like you should've kept a better eye on your pet, like, oh, you know, like GOOD pet owners do???
  • Meimona: Shoosh! I-I take good care of my Boyfriend!
  • Meimona: I just misplaced him while hiding some loot!
  • Meimona: I care about him so much that I shook up the entire town looking for him earlier, that's how you know I'm a GOOD owner!
  • Nino: Is that what you were doing with the mountain top??
  • Meimona: Huh? Oh.
  • Meimona: I was looking if Boyfriend was under there.
  • Nino: Why would he BE THERE?
  • Meimona: Sometimes I hide things in those kinds of places?
  • Meimona: Umm... They're good hiding spots?
  • Meimona: I know! That's why he wasn't there when I looked!
  • Nino: Why did you look if you KNEW he wouldn't be there?
  • Meimona: I didn't know back then but I do NOW!
  • Meimona: What is this, a police questioning?
  • Kaji: AH-HAH, GOTCHA.

  • Meimona: !
  • Nino: !
  • Kaji: Busted, in the act!

  • Nino: WHAT the fuck.
  • Meimona: OH SHOOT, It's the COPS, Boy!
  • Nino: Cops??????
  • Meimona: Sea cops!
  • Kaji: This gon' be the last time ya smell this salty sea freedom, thief. Ya got nowhere to escape to!
  • Kaji: An' wow, workin' with a human? Yer one nasty winged.
  • Meimona: I wasn't doing anything illegal this time!
  • Meimona: And I'm not with this human, or any humans!!
  • Kaji: Then who's kid is this, what in hell.
  • Kaji: OH, no, wait, I know!
  • Kaji: It's an accomplice, lads! Yer BOTH goin' down, then!
  • Nino: Wait, I have nothing to do with uh, this!
  • Meimona: Nin- I mean, Boy, shut up and listen.
  • Meimona: You got any weapons?
  • Nino: I- Uh, I... A sword.
  • Meimona: Pull it out and fight!
  • Nino: WHAT?? NO??
  • Nino: UH, SEA COPS, LISTEN!!
  • Nino: I have NO relations with Mei- I MEAN,
  • Nino: This random girl I just happen to be standing next to!
  • Kaji: Nice try kid.
  • Kaji: Warty, get yer gun.

  • Nino: OH, no no NO NO-
  • Meimona: What are you FREAKING OUT for!!
  • Meimona: You're SCARING Boyfriend! IF you'd just get your sword-
  • Kaji: FIRE, fire, FIYAH, I SAY!
  • Nino: DON'T SHOOT ME-

  • Kaji: With EXTREME prejudice!
  • Warty: A̴̴̸͜͞Ą̴̢́A̵̧͡͝͠A̕͝A̶̛A͏̵A̴͜͝͏Á̛͘͜͡Á̸̧̛̕A͏̢̕͜A͘͜

Warty: A̴̴̸͜͞Ą̴̢́A̵̧͡͝͠.


  • Nino: I'M ALIVE.
  • Meimona: It's just a net you friggin' puss-in-boots!
  • Nino: OH, my god.
  • Meimona: Sorry for the language, but get a hang of yourself!

  • Warty: A̴̴̸͜͞Ą̴̢́A̵̧͡͝͠.
  • Nino: I thought the grim reaper was about to claim my soul.
  • Meimona: Well that WILL happen if you don't GET YOUR DANG WEAPON OUT, SERIOUSLY!
  • Meimona: Do you WANT to go to jail?
  • Nino: Why do I have to go to jail, I'm not the CRIMINAL here!
  • Meimona: Well tough luck, they think you're with me!
  • Meimona: Which you are, technically!
  • Nino: What, no I'm not!
  • Kaji: Dam'n it, kid, shut da hell up 'bout that!
  • Kaji: What's yer deal!
  • Nino: Wait, listen!
  • Nino: I really am not involved here!
  • Kaji: A likely story! Let's get 'em, ladies n' gents.
  • Kaji: Thievin' lass is priority, weird kid comes second.
  • Kaji: Don't screw it up 'gain!
  • Nino: Dang it, you said I wouldn't be involved in your thieving, Mei!
  • Meimona: Not by MY choice you wouldn't.
  • Meimona: We can get through this, it's okay! Just listen to me.
  • Meimona: And get your weapon out.
  • Nino: ...Wait.
  • Nino: I don't have to listen to you.
  • Nino: Who says I have to fight with you?
  • Meimona: Huh??

  • Nino: When I can instead fight you! Hah!
  • Meimona: Wh???
  • Kaji: Wat in fuck.
  • Nino: Leave me alone, Mei- I mean, weird thief.
  • Nino: I'm no criminal like you.
  • Meimona: Wh- Wh- But-
  • Meimona: What are you doing??
  • Nino: ...I'm turning on you, jeez.
  • Nino: Catch on already.
  • Meimona: Huh?? But-
  • Meimona: But I was going to do something nice for you!
  • Meimona: I'm not a bad person, why would you turn on me!
  • Nino: Who's to say I was ever on YOUR side.
  • Nino: You have something I want, AND you're a criminal, to boot.
  • Meimona: Oh, no no NO!
  • Meimona: Not Boyfriend!
  • Meimona: Why're you such a big homewrecker for a little cat!
  • Kaji: This is confusin'.
  • Kaji: Kid, the hell's yer deal?
  • Meimona: He's a jerk is what his deal is!
  • Kaji: Actually, now that I look at ya closer...
  • Kaji: Ya look positively noble.
  • Kaji: Yain't from these parts here, are ya?
  • Nino: Oh, no no.
  • Nino: I'm merely a helpless citizen, you see, dear cop?
  • Nino: I'm so helpless that I don't know where I came from!
  • Kaji: Da fuck.
  • Meimona: You come from jerkland, you jerkbeef face!
  • Nino: That is not true, and not even a REAL place.
  • Nino: No, my story is BIGGER.
  • Nino: And the most HELPLESS thing you'll ever hear.
  • Nino: The sea cops are going to be on MY SIDE once they hear it.
  • Kaji: Fucks sake kids, it's SEA PATROL!
  • Kaji: An' well, where'd you come from, weirdo?
  • Nino: I came from...
Nino: Say “THE SEA” as loud as possible.
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5 years ago

More evidence that Nino may be noble.