24 Oct 2018

Nino: Say “THE SEA” as loud as possible.

You nearly say "THE SEA" as loud as humanly possible, but then you almost instinctively pause for a split second. You feel like the universe brought you to this very spot for a better answer than that. It would want you to answer with something thematic, something more appropriate, yes...

Something like...

  • Nino: THE OCEAN
Yeah. Like that. That satisfies a few unknown forces out there.

  • Kaji: Ya- ya what now.
  • Nino: Yes, from beyond the barrier!
  • Nino: I woke up with no memories in the darkest place of the other side... The HORRIFIC monster world!
  • Nino: Oh, the horrors I've suffered! I've seen it all!
  • Nino: From chases with bloodthirsty redheaded monsters,
  • Nino: To robberies by insane monster maids of shady monster inns,
  • Nino: And finally, getting almost killed by gorgeous divine ladies!
  • Nino: You know what the worst part is??
  • Nino: The fact that there is probably someone out there with a dark sadistic fantasy that includes all of what I listed.
  • Nino: Nothing I or YOU would want to be part of, for sure!
  • Nino: I don't recall how I ended up there, surely it was all too traumatic for me to remember how.
  • Nino: However, by some form of miracle I made it back here, and met this weird thief with whom I have ZERO relations.
  • Nino: Do you see just how much I'm in need of help?
  • Kaji: Holy fishfuckin' balls.
  • Nino: OH, WELL PUT, friend.
  • Nino: I couldn't have said it better myself.
  • Nino: Now, pray tell, dear seacop!
  • Nino: Won't you help me out here after hearing my sad, SAD, DEPRESSING story?
  • Meimona: Nino you STUPID SEA URCHIN.

  • Nino: Oh, psh, you?
  • Nino: What do yo-
  • Nino: Um.
  • Nino: W-what.

Kaji: be utterly confuzzled by the sudden turn of events

Unfortunately, Five is not a Kaji. What's a Kaji?

Five has found a curious clue in Five's search for Ludwig. It is one of Aria's arrows, no doubt! What is it doing here? Well, Five thinks it must mean Aria is here too!

And if Aria is here, then so is Nino. Five has done it. Five has surely found the way towards all of Five's friends!

Five: Take arrow

"But when Little Red Riding Hood noticed some lovely flowers in the woods, she forgot her promise to her mother. She picked a few, watched the fireflies flit about for awhile, listened to the wolves howling and then picked a few more. And then she noticed a familiar red shawl, she recognized it to be her mother's favorite shawl.
Little Red Riding Hood was mystified by the shawl being in such a place. She was so perplexed, so much that she failed to notice a dark shadow approaching out of the forest behind her.
Then, the shawl disappeared, leaving behind a mere tattered cloth.
Little Red Riding Hood was fooled by the spirit's illusion.
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2 years ago

Whats with the ????? text, is it something the Pre-Amnesia Nino would do?

2 years ago
Reply to  Guest

Could it be related to the red text from earlier in the story?