19 Aug 2018

Nino: While you take a break from adventuring, why don't you explain your goal in clear, non-vague language?

YES, fuck the police! You'll have your breaks whenever you want, and you want one NOW!

Your goal is... Kind of hard to explain, so that's a difficult request. You're still not even sure how you'll accomplish it!

But hey, you can explain the reasons as to why you're seeking it.

You see, ultimately, accomplishing it will make the long awaited salvation for all of humankind come true! Once it is done, everyone will be free!! That's a great end result to justify all the means you'll never hesitate to take.

Although, as nice as it sounds, that's not really your main motivation.

It's more just a nice bonus result.

Nino: Maybe that friendly, curious fella behind you could help.

So to elaborate, your main motivation is-


Cut to Kotori for a 2X CLIFFHANGER COMBO. How's the search going?

Not... Very good. Nothing helpful has come up.

Kotori: What's with all the people here?

This jail happens to be on a road where travelers and merchants pass by a lot, and currently you're all looking around and asking these people for information.

Actually, Solis and Corona are the only ones doing that.

As for you, uh...

  • Kotori: ...Maybe it's time to give up.
  • Solis: Huh?
  • Kotori: Nobody's seen her.
  • Kotori: And you have found no clues of where she could have gone.
  • Kotori: I don't think I'll find her again.
  • Solis: Hey now, you're giving up way too early, aren't you?
  • Solis: Besides, you haven't been looking around with us!
  • Solis: Seriously, is something wrong?
  • Kotori: ...No.
  • Kotori: I just know it's impossible by now.
  • Kotori: Maybe this one is a dud again.
  • Solis: Dud...?
  • Kotori: I'll just tell his highness that the human escaped.
  • Kotori: Whatever happens then, happens.

  • Solis: Hey, NO.
  • Kotori: What- Ow!
  • Solis: You're NOT going to get away with weird cryptic words this time.
  • Kotori: What?? Let go of me!
  • Solis: You always do this, just mouth us off with one or two weird words, and then go off carelessly on your own!
  • Solis: I'm not having it anymore.
  • Solis: You're going to explain just why you're so defeatist about this.
  • Solis: And why you keep pushing us away from you.

  • Kotori: T-there's nothing to explain!
  • Kotori: I just know when to give up, unlike SOME people.
  • Solis: What's that supposed to mean?
  • Kotori: Why should I owe you an explanation for anything?
  • Kotori: AND why do you care? I'm the only one who's affected by failure here.
  • Kotori: Don't tell me, do you still LOVE me? Is that what this is?
  • Solis: What???
  • Kotori: Get over yourself, we broke up long ago!
  • Kotori: There's no more reason to care, is there?
  • Solis: No, dammit! Listen!

  • Solis: It's because you're my friend, you moron.
  • Solis: Not to mention, Corona's friend, too!
  • Solis: Could you please NOT force me to spell out mushy bullshit like this!
  • Kotori: ...
  • Solis: And what, do you think I'm incapable of moving on or something? Like I have to hate you just because we broke up?
  • Solis: Sigh, do you know how childish it is to think like that?
  • Kotori: ...
  • Kotori: Whatever! Stop insulting me!
  • Kotori: What does that old time matter now?
  • Solis: You're the one who brought it up!
  • Kotori: ...
  • Solis: Look, this is hard for someone like ME to say, but I'm forcing myself to do it anyway because you just don't get it.
  • Solis: We may not be in this together anymore, but I still want to help my friend. That's really all what this has been about.
  • Kotori: ...Urgh!!
  • Kotori: T-that really is so super mushy-bullshitty. Just shut up.
  • Corona: Uhhh, heeeey...
  • Corona: Soo, I found no sign of the human on my end!
  • Corona: And it looks like the same goes for you guys?
  • Solis: ...Great timing as usual.
  • Corona: Ummmmmmm? Rude but okay...?
  • Corona: Your faces are SUPER gloomy, the FUCK happened?
  • Solis: Nothing, just Kotori being difficult. AS USUAL.
  • Corona: Whoa, okay.
  • Kotori: ...Urghhhh.
  • Kotori: You two, listen!
  • Kotori: You should just be done with me now!
  • Kotori: I bring nothing but trouble, you idiots!
  • Kotori: Can't you see that??
  • Solis: I can see that you horribly refuse the help of friends just fine, yeah!
  • Corona: Whoaaa.
  • Corona: Y-you sure are fired up, hahaa...?
  • Solis: You're so goddamn ungrateful.
  • Corona: You should maaaaaybe put away those claws...
  • Kotori: I'm going to report back to his highness.
  • Kotori: Thanks but NO THANKS, for the help.

  • Kotori: I don't care what happens after that, and you shouldn't either.
  • Kotori: This one really is a dud, anyway.

Nino: Turn around.

-/-/-/-/->Nino: Don't look at it! It's bad!
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5 years ago

A "Bonus result" huh? yep Nino wants pure VENGANCE.

5 years ago
Reply to  anonymous

meanwhile Nino likes memes.comment image

3 years ago

I like Solis, he makes sense and is always mature, unlike some people :v